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Leading a Scattered Saturday

Did you see what I did there with the headline?  I used the word “Leading” because my blog is All Leading Ladies All The Time (I don’t promise it actually will be, but then we all know there is no proof in advertising) but indicated that it will be one of my normal Scattered Saturday posts.  Scattered Saturday, for the uninitiated, is when I give a brief overview of my gyrations thus far, usually because I want to get my blog post out of the way and get back to, well, gyrating.  In fact one of these days, I may actually use the title “Now Back to Gyrating.”

We slept in till six o’clock this morning, which was quite delightful after rising at three all week.  After some coffee and a little breakfast, I wrote a few postcards.  The sun was bright and beautiful although the temperature was still chilly, so I walked to the post office and took a long way back.  Oh, it felt good to walk.  I could do a Pedestrian Post.  Maybe I will, sometime in the next few days.

Shortly after 8 a.m. I left the house for more adventures.  First a stop at the ATM, then on to the Friendly Bake Shop in Frankfort, NY, which I wrote a blog post about on a previous Saturday.  I got donuts for my next stop and a loaf of bread for Steven and me.  My next stop was Ilion Little Theatre, where we had to paint and one member was building me a short set of stairs with a landing.  Our theatre activities could also make for a blog post or two.

Actually, I think it is more like three or four, because we didn’t just stay at the theatre.  I made stops at Ilion True Value Hardware and the Rummage Sale at the Episcopal Church I mentioned yesterday.

After we finally finished for the day, I went to Hannaford in Herkimer for groceries and cold medicine for Steven.  I forgot to mention: Steven did not join me for any of my adventures, because he is sick with another cold.  Oh dear!  He has to get better!  He’s in Leading Ladies!


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