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Blood, Sweat and Blog Post

I was going to have Manic Monday today. I wrote two sentences of it before work this morning. Then I couldn’t bear to write instead of studying my lines (I’m sure you are tired of me saying I think I mentioned the play). I spent the rest of the day alternately thinking about my lines and hearing that song about Manic Monday playing in my head. With occasional breaks to obsess about various props and costumes I have yet to deal with.

The most notable non-acting task I had today was to locate some fake blood I was sure I had leftover from some Halloween make-up I purchased in October. I had purchased the make-up to be a witch in a scene from MacBeth I appeared in. I’m sure I wrote a couple of blog posts about it. If I’m not too manic by the time I finish this, I’ll include one of those ping-back things.

Busybody, the play I’m in now, is a murder mystery/comedy. Hence the need for blood. I was quite sure I knew where my blood was. Naturally I forgot to look for it the first three or four times I said I’d bring it to the next rehearsal. I remembered it while I was at work today so wrote myself a note. I confess to feeling a little disappointed that nobody questioned the sheet of paper with BLOOD scrawled on it casually placed near my workspace.

Imagine my chagrin when I located the tube of blood fairly easily only to find it had dried out. I hadn’t even opened it! What kind of crap did they sell me? This is what I get for not going to a reputable dealer. As I practiced my abject apology for my director and fellow cast-members, I kept looking. I seemed to remember that I also had a few of those little blood doo-dahs you bite down on, so it looks like you’re bleeding from the mouth. Could we utilize such a thing? At least I wouldn’t be showing up empty-handed.

I stopped practicing the abject apology when I discovered the blood. I had forgotten: I bought two make-up kits in October and only used one. This one was not even open and in addition to the bite thingies (I’ll be damned; my computer considers “thingies” a word), there was a nice tube of blood not dried out.

Well, that wasn’t too bad of a story for my blog, was it? Ooh, look at the time, gotta go!

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