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Deep Fried Fun

I often spend Sundays cooking something fabulous for dinner. I like to cook with wine, and the therapeutic benefit of chopping vegetables is not to be denied. This past Sunday, however, I was otherwise occupied.

I believe I mentioned being in Harvey at Ilion Little Theatre and that we had a matinee on Sunday. It went very well. We had a perfectly delightful audience who rewarded our efforts with copious laughter.

I suppose the operative thing to have done would have been to throw something in the crock pot that morning. Anyone who thinks I did that is crediting me with a great deal more foresight and ambition than I actually possess. I did have a misbegotten adventure with peanut butter cookies (and wrote a blog post about it), but my culinary activities went no further.

So Steven and I were starving as we left the theatre. Sending out for food was in order. What to get was the question.

First we had to find a place that was open. I had noticed one local place abruptly went out of business, and we knew another had suffered a fire. Some places are closed on Sundays (and it’s funny how sometimes you don’t notice that till after you’ve perused the menu and decided what you want).

We finally settled on Yetty’s in Herkimer, NY (thought I ought to mention NY, don’t know that I had to). Yetty’s has excellent pizza, pasta and other dinner choices, but I was into appetizers. I love to make a meal of appetizers.

Appetizers are problematic, though, vis a vis my weight loss goals, because so many of the choices are deep fried. I might add that deep fried is one of my favorite flavors. I feel very virtuous for avoiding deep fried foods most of the time. I’ve even been doing really well this past week and was down a couple of pounds. With that positive reinforcement I wanted to be, you know, reinforced, and not fall off the diet wagon at the slightest bump in the road. On the other hand, I felt we deserved a reward for a play well done (as I mentioned earlier, Sunday’s audience especially loved us).

As you probably guessed by the title, I said to hell with it. We decided on calimari, one of my favorites; chicken tenders, one of Steven’s favorites; and homemade chips, which Yetty’s does exceptionally well.

The delivery man was very nice, especially when Tabby ran out to greet him. He said she was probably smelling his dog. He told Tabby she couldn’t go with him, as it seemed for a moment she was inclined to do. She took this in good part and returned to the house when we called her. She almost immediately wanted to go out back. I think she wanted to bark about it to one of her friends across the back fence.

It was a very good meal for just about the amount of effort I wanted to put in. Yetty’s is located at 109 Mohawk St., Herkimer, NY. Hours are Monday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to midnight, Sunday noon to 11 p.m. Delivery is available every day from 11:30 a.m. to close. Phone number is 315-866-4201.

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