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I Was Gonna Make Espresso!

Alas, it seems I can’t get through the week without missing at least one blog post. Yesterday I just couldn’t do it. I am not sure I can do it today, either, as I sit on my couch sipping chamomile tea and wondering if I shouldn’t call in to work. I am suffering stomach problems but do not wish to burden you or gross you out with details.

The sad thing, to me at least, is that I managed a half hour walk when I first got up. I used the Map My Run app on my phone (it isn’t just for running, it turns out) (and I still feel a little weird using a 21st century word like “app”) and shared the results on Facebook. Won’t that be a little assymetrical, going for an ambitious (for me) walk then missing work? Come on, chamomile tea! Be a miracle cure!

In the meantime, I am afraid this will have to do for my Thursday post, or rather my excuse for not making a Thursday post. Hey, it’s kind of a lame excuse, and here we are on Lame Post Friday! It! Could! Work!

Side Note: “It! Could! Work!” is from the glorious Mel Brooks movie, Young Frankenstein. If you have not seen it, do.

P.S. It Is also a Non-Sequitur Thursday Post.

Blog Before Bed

I didn’t see any hump.

I do enjoy a four day week after a three day weekend. Those of you who work weekends and holidays, don’t hate on me. Hate on the people who don’t have to go to work at all! Just kidding. It is not good to hate on anything, even lima beans (yuck!) (incidentally, autocorrect changed “lima” to “Liam.” Who could hate on Liam Neeson? Dat’s crazy talk!).

In case you haven’t noticed, this is going to be one of my foolish posts. I just wanted to post tonight instead of tomorrow morning. I also already fixed my lunch. I might try to sleep in till five tomorrow. What a decadent thought!

Getting back to my four day week, I should feel happy that I have made it halfway through with so little problem. However, I am mostly noticing how once again I am getting very little done. This seems to be a recurring theme in my life as well as in this blog (then again, it is a blog about my life, so what do I expect?) (And why does autocorrect officiously change “lima” to “Liam” but let a legitimate typo like “expevt” stand?).

I feel it is good to keep foolish posts short, so I will sign off now. Counting this morning’s post as Tuesday, I am up to three days in a row!

There Are Worse Things Than A Lame Blog Post

Here it is, Lame Post Friday once again, and I cannot believe how lame-brained I feel (is lame-brained hyphenated?). Then again, why should it be the least bit surprising, given how un-brainy I feel most of the time these days. Yet I shall try to find something reasonably entertaining to post.

OK, I just spent about ten minutes trying to add a picture of my Johnny Jump-ups to this post, and my Tablet will not cooperate. How frustrating! Illustrations always pep up the post. I hate to take even more time as my meager brain power further fades, but perhaps in my Media Library…

Pretty, yes?

I swear I took a more recent photo but damned if I can find it! Never mind, let’s get back to the post. I have a busy weekend planned. I spent a good part of my breaks at work making lists of things to do. I think I did one of them so far. Oh dear.

My Friday evening has not been such a much either, but there are worse things. Then again, one can almost always think of worse things that could happen. It is unwise to do so, however, because they might. Remember what happened to Igor and Frederick in Young Frankenstein.

“It could be worse. It could be raining.”

I can’t find a picture of the right scene, so this one will have to do. Now it is in my Media Library, so I can use it on a Wednesday some time. Waste not, want not!

RIP, Frau Blucher

Some celebrity deaths hit you harder than others. Sometimes it is because you feel a personal connection or great admiration for them as a person. Sometimes you were just hoping to see them soon in another movie or TV show. It was the last mentioned reason when I heard today that Cloris Leachman had passed away.

Ah, the ’70’s!

I loved Leachman as Phyllis, first on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, then on her spin off. To this day, I know all the words to the theme song of the latter.

One of our favorite artists.

It was in the ’90’s that I heard Leachman was doing a one-woman show about Grandma Moses. Steven and I would have loved to have seen that but did not get the chance.


Of course one of Leachman’s finest performances is as Frau Blucher in Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein. I did an homage to her in a murder mystery once with the line, “Say it! He! Was! My! Boyfriend!”

I say, thanks for the laughs, Ms. Leachman. Rest in peace.

Maybe they are in heaven sharing a laugh right now.

Monsters after Migraine

I look like one and feel like the other.

I am at the end (I hope) of a day long migraine but do not want to miss making a blog post. I thought I could manage a Throwback Thursday Post then thought it had been a while since I did monsters. How about Throwback Monsters? It! Could! Work! (That is a quote from Young Frankenstein, in case you didn’t know.)

“This is a good boy!”

I can tell I am getting old, because I can remember when Young Frankenstein was in theatres, and now it is an old movie. Perhaps we could substitute the term “vintage.”

“Who me? Old?”

Here is an even more vintage monster, my favorite, Nosferatu. He is scary, yes.

“Swimming, anyone?”

My post is becoming increasingly random as I just look for monsters and put them in. I say it is better than spending the entire post whining about my migraine. Is it? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Well Enough for Mid-Week Monsters

It never fails that when you let yourself off the hook one day because you feel bad, the next day you feel worse!  On the brighter side,  I feel differently today from yesterday.  I don’t have a headache; I’m lightheaded.  All day at work, that seemed worse.  However, now that I am home and busily tapping into my Tablet, I see that I can deal with it.

Do you suppose if I had actually started to make a blog post yesterday, I would have succeeded?  I guess we’ll never know. Why am I even asking; I hate hypothetical questions!  Anyways, I had not thought to make another post about Not Writing but perhaps indulge in a Mid-Week Monsters post.

None of my dates ever actually called me a monster.

I am feeling pretty happy it is mid week.  At the end of my work day, I felt like doing a fist pump and yelling, “We made it over the hump!”  Dammit, I should have a picture of the Hunchback of Notre Dame or Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein.  Unfortunately,  I am only up to finding pics in my Media Library, not searching the internet for something new.

“What are you looking at me for?”

When all else fails,  throw in a picture of Nosferatu.  Regular readers know he’s my favorite.

“This is a good boy!”

Here is the only picture I have of Young Frankenstein in my Media Library.  How remiss of me.  Perhaps I can remedy the lack in future Monster posts.


The Brain That Wouldn’t Blog

It has not been a particularly Monstrous Monday, so I’ve got that going for me.  What I do not have going for me is much brain power.  What’s that all about, head?  Now is where I usually share the picture of The Brain from Planet Arous, but how predictable of me.  Perhaps I could come up with something different.

Nice side eye.

How about The Brain That Wouldn’t Die?  You can’t see her brain, but she does have one.  It is also known as The Head That Wouldn’t Die, although I think either title is something of a misnomer.  However, I suppose both are catchier than The Brain Whose Maniac Boyfriend Wouldn’t Let Die.  This is why I don’t have a job writing titles for Hollywood movies.

“We want to eat your meager brain!”

Zombies can help demonstrate my current state of mindless.  I am not really up on zombie lore; do they feed on brains or flesh?  If it is brain, they would starve to death on me.  Perhaps I could find a book at the library and find out before I actually meet any zombies.

“This is a good boy!”

And here’s a fellow that got gypped in the brain department.  Igor got the brain for Frederick Frankenstein’s monster from somebody called Abby Normal.  If you’ve never seen Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein, I highly recommend it.

So now I have rattled on for some 200 words. Not bad for a chick with no brain.


Where’s Gene Wilder When You Need Him?

When in doubt, go for monsters, that’s my motto.  I was so determined to write a real post while on breaks at work today, but once again, it just did not work out.   Being in rather a sad way brain- and spirit-wise (and also pressed for time), I look for pictures.  Having no luck on Facebook, even on my go-to pages, I looked at what we have downloaded on our laptop, hoping my dear husband, Steven, had downloaded something new.  I think this one must have been there a while since it is from one of our favorite movies.

“This is a good boy!”

I feel a little bit like Peter Boyle in this shot:  in need of some TLC.  For the uninitiated (and I feel sorry for any who are), this is Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein, starring the wonderful Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle (plus a number of other wonderful actors).  Dr. Frankenstein is attempting to tame the monster with love.  Does he meet with success?  Ah, that would be telling, and I did not include a spoiler alert.  If you haven’t watched the movie, I advise you to watch it.  If you have watched the movie, watch it again!  It’s fun!

I don’t know, I kind of liked the title Grave Robbers from Outer Space.

This is the other download that caught my eye.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is NOT the worse movie ever made!  It holds my interest and entertains.

Well, this is frustrating.  I was looking for a picture of Ed Wood, or of Johnny Depp playing Ed Wood in the movie of that title, to round out my post.  However, my laptop is refusing to download anything.  What the hell, computer? Oh, I suppose it is operator error as usual.  That is the story of my life, Operator Error!  I even made a typo on “Error” just now but corrected it (I hope). We’ll call this a Non-Sequitur Thursday and drive on.

I have to get to rehearsal for The Tempest, you know, that play I’m in with LiFT Theatre Company in Little Falls. Maybe I can write about that tomorrow.



Dinner Before Movie

How about a quick cooking post.  Never mind why; I’ve had kind of a stupid day, but I will not burden my readers with that right now (no promises for the future).

Steven suggested sending out for food, but I REALLY wanted to cook something.  But something not too long and involved, because I was hungry and it was already late.  We had some bacon (somebody gave Steven a coupon).  I suggested bacon and eggs.  We did not have much bread for toast.  Oh dear.  I was not up for a run to the store.  I looked in the refrigerator for inspiration.  I saw some hot dog buns.   And grape tomatoes. Well!

“I’ll cook some bacon, toast a couple of hot dog buns, cook eggs with broken yokes and make sammiches,” I said.  “With tomatoes.”

Steven readily agreed.  He even helped me keep an eye on the bacon while it cooked.  Why does bacon take so damn long to cook, anyways?  I put mayonnaise on the buns when they were toasted.  I love mayonnaise.

Our BET (Bacon, Egg, Tomato) Sammiches were delicious. And I was SO pleased with myself that we did not send out for food.  Of course I love to support the local economy and we have some delightful restaurants that deliver. However, sometimes one must save money and consume fewer calories (bacon and mayonnaise notwithstanding).

Now we are on the movie-viewing portion of our evening.  We are going to watch Young Frankenstein.  We would have watched it soon anyways, as a favorite Halloween movie.  Sadly, we watch it tonight in tribute to the recently departed Gene Wilder.  What a comic genius. Really, not a bad end to my Saturday.  Hope to see you all on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.


Wrist to Forehead Run

Sometimes in the middle of a run, I flash on Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein. It is the scene where he makes the momentous decision to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. He sits bolt upright and stares at the audience with the eyes of a madman.


I said those words to myself on Sunday, towards the end of my Wrist to Forehead Run. I had been determined to run, not blow it off for two weeks like I did after I ran on April 12. For one thing, my Saturday run had gone so well (perhaps you read my blog post about it), I feel I could be forgiven for thinking “I got this.”

Of course I didn’t “got this.” Every step of Sunday’s run was an effort. When it started out that way, I thought, I just need to get warmed up; it’ll get easier. A block and a half later, I thought, if I write about this I can call it “Wrist to Forehead Run.” That amused me as I pictured myself running along, the back of one wrist on my forehead, the other arm flung back in a dramatic gesture.

“Woe is me!”

That’s a good trick for a runner: think of something amusing and distract yourself from how much running can suck. Of course running does not always suck. If it did, I would find another fitness activity. And there are rewards to running, even when it does suck. For example, silly mental images which are amusing. The ability to write a blog post about it. And never discount the satisfaction of being able to say, “I did it anyways.”