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Scattered Sunday? Or Time to Swoon?

I don’t see why I should not have a Wrist to Forehead Sunday post.  We’re all stuck home, trying not to spread Covid-19 (such a comfort to call it by a name not shared by a beer or a typewriter).  Nobody can reasonably expect me to have a real Mohawk Valley Adventure.

In fact, I did leave the house, but I hope not in an unsafe fashion.  I went for a nice run this morning.  Later I went to a big box store (no need to name names) for yarn.  Then I went to Little Falls to take a walk along the canal.  I hope to write about it for Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  I hope they like what I will come up with.  In any case, it was a pleasant walk.

After walking and taking a few pictures,  I returned to Herkimer to buy groceries.  I observed a few bare shelves, but I managed to get most of what I was looking for.  I was exceptionally happy to return home for the bra off, sweatpants on, movie watching portion of the day.

I have been enjoying my day but feel a bit guilty about not making a good blog post.  Shall I swoon onto a handy chaise lounge,  posed dramatically with the back of one wrist to my forehead?  I shall decide as time goes on.  I wonder if I could manage a selfie of same for tomorrow’s blog post.


I Did Not Mean Pea Soup

What a perfectly dreadful day and I am not going to apologize for bitching about it!

But at least I will try not to continue bitching.  I had plans for after work, namely getting some Mohawk Valley adventures in before the bad weather starts, both for blogging purposes and to write something for Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  First I had a dreadful headache all afternoon, which got even worse as it got closer to quitting time.  Well, my head doesn’t feel quite so bad now, but the weather!  Yikes!  There is flooding in various places, a fog you can hardly see through, and it is still raining.  It seemed quite irresponsible to go anywhere.

Full disclosure:  I went somewhere.  I went to a big box store that needs no plug from Mohawk Valley Girl.  I needed yarn.  Let’s be reasonable:  if I am going to be stuck inside for the weekend, I have to do SOMETHING.  Clean my house, you say?  I SAID BE REASONABLE!!!  I intend to watch either true crime shows or monster movies and crochet.  I might bake something if it gets too cold in here.  It may not be a weekend worth blogging about, but I expect to enjoy it.

As I left the store, I said to two different people, “This fog is as thick as peanut butter!” Imagine my disappointment when neither responded properly with, “You mean pea soup.”  Of course I would have said, “You eat what you like, I’ll eat what I like!”  Luckily, I was not on an iceberg about to crash, but if I was I would certainly have yelled, “LAAAAND HOOOOOOO!”

Anyways, this will have to do for my Friday Lame Post.  If you are a local reader, stay off the roads if you can.  If you cannot, PLEASE be careful!


Lame Post While Cooking

It is Lame Post Friday and I am just not up to writing much yet.  Also, I have not done much to write about.  Cut me a break, I’m still convalescent!  It has reached the point where I have kind of given up on feeling better and am determined to start going about my business as usual.  This is usually the time in any illness or injury where, perhaps not surprisingly, I begin to actually feel better.  I’ll keep you posted on when that happens.  In the meantime, I need a post.

I ventured out of the house three times today.  Twice to take a short walk with the dog (that is all he seems to want) and once to buy yarn.  I finished the afghan I was working on and since the last afghan I finished was an end cuts one, I had not much yarn to begin a new project.  I waffled back and forth, because there were one or two things I could have done.  Then I said, oh hell, just do it.

So I’ve been sitting here knitting a prayer shawl and watching Snapped, when I looked at the clock and thought, Hmmm.  Dinner.  I shall pause while I go start it.

That didn’t take long.  I just put two pieces of chicken in the oven after putting spices on them.  It is Steven’s recipe.  I don’t know what spices he uses (it may vary), but I used garlic powder, salt-free lemon pepper, onion flakes and Salt Free Essential Spice from the So Sweet Candy Cafe in Utica, NY (couldn’t resist given them another shout-out).  I set the timer for 20 minutes, when I will flip the pieces.

Later on, I’ll cook some potatoes to mash.  Mmmmmm…  mashed potatoes.  Sounds wonderful.

So that’s my lame post for today.  Happy Friday, everyone.


Was it the Wine?

So there I was, having a completely Wrist to Forehead Sunday, when Steven came home, poured me a glass of wine, and suddenly everything looked a little bit better.  Was it the wine or the husband?  I try not to look too closely into these things (it was the husband).

I am typing rapidly (TRYING to think rapidly, but let’s not ask for miracles) so that we can move on to the movie watching portion of the afternoon.  We plan to watch Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.  We watched a different version of that one some time ago, and I wrote part of a blog post about it. I thought I could complete the blog post with a compare/contrast kind of thing (preview of coming attractions) for Movie Matinee Monday.

Steven just ordered some food from Carney’s Corners in Herkimer, NY (just to throw in a shout-out to a local business). I suddenly realize how hungry I am, now that I have to wait 20-25 minutes (according to the woman on the phone).  Well, one can’t always have instant gratification.

Additionally, I am working on yet another afghan.  I ran out of pink for the one I was working on so started a new one.  This one will be red, white and blue; and I expect to run out of white.  I really must learn how to make smaller things, so I can use up the odds and ends of yarn one inevitably saves.  I suppose I could do that at any time, since I have purchased numerous books about knitting and crochet. But I don’t think I should do it on Wrist to Forehead Sunday, do you?