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Tardy Tired Tuesday

I knew yesterday morning I would be late for this post, and when I thought of this title, I didn’t mind so much.  Anyways, I mean to make Wednesday’s post today, on Wednesday, by my clock if not by my WordPress timestamp (why does my computer not recognize “WordPress” as a word?  According to the website, it powers a good percentage of the internet) (but I digress).

I had two rehearsals last night so left the house prior to 5 p.m.  I might have been able to type in something, but I felt too flustered.  I left my second rehearsal early, because I was feeling ill so went to bed without getting on the computer at all.  I am still not feeling 100 percent, so we can call this a blogger’s sick day as well.  Tomorrow I have two rehearsals again. Oh dear.

One might be tempted to point out to me that I am too old to burn the candle at both ends.  Well, the joke’s on that know-it-all, because I could NEVER burn the candle at both ends.  Oh, I’ve tried.  I’ve always tried.  There are just so many good things to do sometimes!  Additionally, one must work for a living, overtime if possible, because, you know, money (not that I’m one of those money-grubbing individuals, but sometimes a little extra comes in handy) (but, once again, I digress).

I see I am over 200 words.  As usual (and how embarrassing that it has become SO usual), I apologize for a foolish post.  Undaunted, but feeling a little silly (that is a quote from a friend), I drive on.  Happy Tuesday/Wednesday, everyone!


Not an Anniversary Dinner

It is my blogoversary.  At least, in my notifications, WordPress wished me a Happy ANNIVERSARY.  I could swear they called it a blogoversary in year’s past.  Anyways, I have been publishing this blog for seven years now.  Yay me, I guess.  I would like to say something profound about it, but I am having a Tired Tuesday.  I feared that I would.

I thought of doing, not exactly a cooking post, but a What We Had For Supper post.  Steven had a craving for Chinese food.  Rather than sending out for delivery or even pick up, I suggested I go to Hannaford and pick up some frozen stuff we could pop into the oven.  I was pretty sure they had some Chinese appetizers, and appetizers are what we like best.

As I was driving home, I thought to myself, “OK, don’t let Steven throw away these boxes before I make my blog post, because I won’t remember exactly what these were.”  Sometimes my husband gets a little too enthusiastic about cleaning up, a quality I definitely do NOT share.  And now it is time to hang my head in shame, because guess who threw the boxes out?  Yes, I did.  Do I remember what I fixed?  Not exactly.

The standout were Potstickers, that I remember.  I had to cook them in oil in a pan, then add water, cover, and steam.  That is obviously a little more complicated than just putting it in the oven, but I was up to the challenge.  It was worth it. Yummy!  The stuff I put in the oven was a little complicated, too, because of course out of three things, none were the same temperature nor the same amount of time.  Also, I do not own three flat pans that fit conveniently on my two oven racks.  Oh, the trials and tribulations!

By now I suppose any new readers are wondering how in the world I managed to make seven years’ worth of blog posts if this is the kind of material I write.  I confess I sometimes wonder myself.  But what are you going to do on a Tired Tuesday?


Musings on a Miserable Meandering Monday

I started writing a pretty good post while on break at work today.  Now once again I cannot get to my dashboard on WordPress and it is just so frustrating!  I don’t even know where to go to ask them what to do about it.  Additionally, I am stressed and overwhelmed through my own damn fault so there is no point in bitching about it but it has a real dampening effect on my posting abilities.  That is probably a run-on sentence.

Where was I?    In my dining room, on my lap top, watching the clock, because I have to go to a rehearsal for our murder mystery, and trying to get a post done. I thought I was so smart, writing something while I was at work today!  All I would have to do was type it in, hit Publish and go.

If only I had finished it.  Which, truth be known, I should have been able to do right now.  What on earth is wrong with me that I cannot?  Some would say I could do it, I CHOOSE not to.  I suppose it could be true, but sometimes attempting to do something is so mentally painful as to become physically painful and then, well if you want to call it a choice, I call it a sensible choice.

The question now is: is it noticeably less painful to make a foolish post as I am doing than it was to attempt to finish the other post?  I can’t say.  However, it is shorter (the other was running into some length and I wanted to add at least three more paragraphs).  I shall sign off now and promise to do my damnedest to finish that other post for tomorrow.

I wish you all a most un-miserable Monday.


What’s This All About?

So, here I am, trying to make my blog post for the day. And WordPress won’t let me get to my dashboard!  It keeps saying I can’t get there from here (or words to that effect).  It won’t even let me get to any of my posts, from where I can usually get to said dashboard  (I was going to use “whence,” but you can’t say “from whence,” the expression is “whence,” and that didn’t seem right to me).  Then it lets me get to the “new and improved” posting experience, which I have hitherto avoided.

At least, I think that is where I am.  I could be typing all these words in to no effect.  Oh the pain.  Yet, how appropriate for Lame Post Friday.

It has, in fact, been more like a Saturday for me, because I am off from work.   I had some Mohawk Valley adventures.   I was all set to to a Scattered Saturday post on a Friday.  Alas, I could not.

After being unable to make my blog post, I had a rather amusing exchange on Facebook with a cousin of mine who has a blog.  Hachland is the blog.  Check it out (now he’ll KNOW I wasn’t hating on him) (oh, it’s a long story; I’ll write a blog post about it on a non-lame day perhaps).

The question is, can I link to Hachland from this posting experience?  Can I actually post this blog?  Oh, dear, I hope so. It may be lame, but at least it’s a post.


What’s This All About?

So there I was, on trying to write a blog post. And it was not going well. So I left WordPress and went to Facebook, an ever-present help in times of trouble. I went to the Facebook page of the place I was trying to write about. From there I clicked onto their website and read some more about them, made a couple of notes, clicked back to Facebook, checked my notifications (only one), read down a few new statuses, kept scrolling, said oh yeah, blog post.

I came back to and clicked on an icon I had not clicked on before. Now, it seems, I am using the new editor. Will it make it any easier to write a post? So far I must say, I am not a fan. For one reason, there is no word count at the bottom. How can I know when I have met my self-imposed minimum of 200 words without a word count? You needn’t think I’m going to count them myself. I rarely do the math.

And what about the post I abandoned earlier? Don’t worry, I saved it. I intend to finish it, but I don’t imagine I will be able to do so today. It’s not Tired Tuesday yet, but I sure am tired. I’m hoping this nonsense will count as a Middle-aged Musings Monday.

I feel I should perhaps add that this is not the only writing I have done today. Earlier this evening I worked on an article I intend to submit to Mohawk Valley Living, my favorite magazine. And when I first got to I added to some comments I had made to another blogger, Return of the Modern Philosopher. So I’m afraid I used up the words that were in me today on frivolous things other than this blog. I hope nobody feels dissed.