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Short on Substance, Long on Santa

Can’t see much, can you?

This is not a current picture of my front porch, although said porch is lit up as I type.  This is a picture from last year.  I’ll try to get out and take a picture sometime this week, so we can compare/contrast.  I’m afraid today is Tired Tuesday, or as I sometimes call it Itsonlyfreakin Tuesday (only I don’t always say “freak”).  It is not so bad to be back at work, but I think the amount of dust in the air is what is making my sinuses to miserable.  Sorry, I didn’t mean to make it Whiny Baby Tuesday.

I was quite happy to find out that my lovely husband Steven had gotten our front porch decorated.  According to WKTV’s Jill Reale, today was the operative day to do so.  Steven said it was still quite cold when he was working on it, but he did not want to put it off till later.  At least it wasn’t raining.  My bunions say it may rain tomorrow.   They are at least as accurate as your average meteorologist.

This is the merest fraction of our Santa Claus collection.

Inside our house is not decorated yet, but I reach into my Media Library to give you a preview of coming attractions.  We like Santa Claus.

Isn’t he fine?

And here is a close up of our best Santa, a present from my Mom, who found him at a second-hand store.  How I love a vintage Santa!

So this post is short on substance but long on Santa — ooh, what a good title!   For all I keep promising better blog posts, the slump continues.  I actually tried to write something today, but it just would not come off my pen.  I hope my kindly readers will forgive me. At least the pictures are fun.  Happy Tuesday, everyone.


What’s My Problem, Anyways?

I had not meant to have a Non-Sequitur Thursday this week. I had big plans for a Mohawk Valley adventure on my way home from work. And I was going to walk my dog. Either one should have provided sufficient material for at least a short post.

And then it started to snow. Oh, I know, we Mohawk Valley residents are used to snow. We just drive on, sometimes without fully cleaning off our cars (don’t shake your finger at me; I was talking about you!). It wasn’t even supposed to be that bad. The storm was to pass NEAR us, sending us some snow, but nothing to worry about. “Enough to shovel” was the way Bill Kardas put it on WKTV News.

I had somehow gotten the impression snow was not even predicted to start until late afternoon or evening. At work, my co-worker said he thought it was supposed to start around noon. I looked out the window.

“How about ten?” I suggested, pointing. It was in fact about ten minutes before ten (I keep close track of what time it is at work). I continued to watch the snow fall all afternoon (I work facing a window).

Another co-worker arriving in the afternoon said the roads were not too bad; just a little “greasy.” I think Fats Waller said it best: Life sure ain’t easy when you’re fat and greasy (life sho’ ain’t easy when yo fat and greezy, to be more accurate).

I gave yet another co-worker a ride home prior to my adventuring. Before I dropped her off, I had put my vehicle in full 4-wheel drive and decided to go straight home. I’m still not sure why it seemed so bad. It was just a lot of snow, not even a real full-fledged storm such as we central New Yorkers weather with such tough-minded pride.

Still, I drove home slowly and was happy to be there. I went outside and shoveled what had accumulated so far. Admittedly, it was not much, and it was still coming down quite steadily. But I felt I should do something to lighten Steven’s load tomorrow. If Steven decides to shovel tomorrow. He may leave it for me on Saturday, which would be fair since he has done the lion’s share of the shoveling this winter.

Perhaps I have reached Winter Fatigue or I am suffering from that Seasonal Affective Disorder (OK, one of those I just now made up). But not to worry. We are resilient here in the Mohawk Valley. I’ll be out and doing stuff soon, snow or no snow! I’ll be sure to write about it here.