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No Scatter to my Saturday

Yesterday (Saturday) morning, when I was making Friday’s post, I had a headache.  I thought to myself, “Look what I can do with a headache!”  I was making a note to myself that I can so post under adverse circumstances.  Well, who knew that headache would blow up into a full blown migraine (oh, YOU probably did) (you know who you are).  It was the sort of headache where I could not do anything else but have a headache, if you know what I mean.  It faded to manageable proportions eventually but left me too drained to do much besides lie on the couch and watch Cold Justice, my new favorite show.

The other bad thing about yesterday was that I did not have any Mohawk Valley adventures to blog about, unless you call walking to the local lab to have them take a couple of vials of blood.  It was a 12-hour fasting blood test, and I had not even had any black coffee, which I understand is allowed.  Maybe that was my problem, although I would think the coffee I had while making my blog post would have cured it.

In short, yesterday was a true blogger’s sick day, with yours truly unable to even type a whiny post about how I could not make a post.  And today’s post is really, really lame.  However, technically, this is not today’s post but Saturday’s post.  I still have time to redeem myself with Sunday’s post.  Preview of coming attractions:  I have rehearsal for Morning’s at Seven at Ilion Little Theatre.  I hope to bring my tablet and take a few pictures.  A little illustration always livens up the post.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.



Cross It Off the List

I guess I’ve already used the title “CRAP! I Forgot to Write my Blog Post!” In my defense, I’ve been busy. I’m having people over tonight and my last minute nature has asserted itself in full.

It really should not have been such a problem. It’s not a big party or a theme party or even really a party. It’s a few friends hanging out on my deck, weather permitting, in my living room otherwise. A few snacks, a few drinks, a few laughs. What could possibly be the problem?

I did not even foresee a problem this morning. I got up early (but still a little later than my work-day rising time, yes!) and took a long, easy paced run, taking plenty of mental notes so I could do a Saturday Running Commentary. I wrote a few postcards, as I like to do on a Saturday, and walked to the post office with my dog Tabby, which she likes to do. I could have done a Pedestrian Post.

When I got home, after checking Facebook and talking to a few family members on the telephone (you can’t rush into these things, my mother always says), I made a list of everything I wanted to get done. Yes, write a blog post was on the list. It was a long list. I did a couple of things and paused for a snack. Had to keep my strength up, after all.

My list, other than blog post and novel, which are on every to-do list I create, consisted of cleaning chores and cooking chores. I had some semi-ambitious cooking plans so thought I might do a cooking post. As I ran hither and thither around my house attempting to clean, I thought I might do a cleaning post.

I guess my astute readers have by now guessed I am doing a Why I Didn’t Write a Blog Post Today post. On the brighter side, now I can cross Write Blog Post off my list. Hope you’re all enjoying your Saturday.