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These Things Happen

It wasn’t that I am a bad blogger this time (although I may be a bad blogger; let us leave that discussion for another time). Yesterday was really, truly a Blogger’s Sick Day. After having a marvelous evening and getting home a little before midnight (an unprecedentedly late bedtime for me) (at least in recent memory; never mind my misspent youth), I woke with a truly dreadful headache.

I had not overindulged in the wine at our after theatre dinner and hoped the headache would respond to treatment.  After all, it was Saturday!  I wanted adventures! I tried hydration, aspirin, my heated face thing, naps, a hot shower, and an ice pack (I did not use heat and ice at the same time. I wonder if that would work).

I thought the second nap had helped, so we went out to get some food.  Partway through our late lunch (which really tasted good), it became clear that I was not better, and nothing was going to help.  I guess it was a migraine.  Sometimes putting a label on something can help you bear the pain.

Back home, I could not even watch a movie through the nausea.  In my defense, it was a tense, disturbing movie, which can be wildly entertaining, but my stomach couldn’t take it.

So here I am, up before 6 on a Sunday, typing in a whiny excuse about why I didn’t make a Saturday post.  These things happen.  I hope later on to blog abput a better Sunday.


Missing Mojo on Tired Tuesday

I had a vague idea of making a Running Commentary post today.  It was another reason to get myself out the door and moving.  I seem to have lost my running mojo without taking an extended break from it, as I have in the past.  I have run both weekend days every weekend within recent memory, until this past weekend.  Once again I have to ask, What the Hell, me?

Oh let’s be honest, I have lost all kinds of mojo lately: running, writing, housework, theatre… do I have any other kinds of mojo?  Unfortunately I do not see how I can write about my missing mojo without sounding like a whiny baby.  I don’t know why I worry so much about sounding like a whiny baby,  especially since that is what I must sound like more often than I admit.

Where was I? I sat down with my Tablet with all good intentions of making a Running Commentary post.  I guess the road to bad blog posts is paved with good intentions.  So here I am with yet another foolish blog post.

I point out to my vicious inner critic that I did run today, and for further than I thought I would (not a vast amount, but I did demonstrate perseverance) and I did a load of laundry.  And now I have done a blog post of at least 200 words.  Wasn’t I saying earlier this week that I must learn to write despite whatever is wrong with me?  It is true!  Mojo or no, I shall persevere!


Whiny Babies Need Love, Too

I never feel quite right having a Lame Post Friday when I have to work on Saturday.  As a co-worker sensibly pointed out to me, it is still Friday; they can’t take that away from us.  But I think most Monday through Friday workers can understand how I feel.  People with different schedules are perhaps rolling their eyes and thinking I am a whiny baby.  Well, what if I am?  Whiny babies need love too, you know!

But I must not spend my entire post whining.  How tiresome, even for me.  Anyways, tomorrow is Halloween.  I LOVE Halloween!!!  Steven and I will stand on our front porch to greet the trick or treaters.  After that we shall watch scary movies.  Maybe even something I can write a blog post about (I love writing blog posts about cheesy horror movies).  Work-schmurk!  Tomorrow is going to be a fun day!

Tonight is also not without reward.  I am currently watching my beloved SnappedSnapped, for the uninitiated, is a documentary-style show about female murderers.  I do love a true crime documentary. Snapped is not one of your classier shows, like 20/20 or Dateline, but it’s not a re-enactment-fest like Deadly Women or Lethal Kin, although those re-enactment-fests can be kind of fun too.

So I guess this is my lame blog post for the day.  I whine, I anticipate, I watch television.  This is Friday night at my house.  Hope you’ll tune in again on Saturday.