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Scattered or Slacker, It’s Saturday

I’ve never been so popular the whole town would chase me.

I pause in our viewing of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) to make my Scattered Saturday post.  I had been going to do a Saturday Running Commentary, and we took a nice walk, making a Pedestrian Post perfectly eligible.  But I thought waiting till later in the day and posting during a movie would be fun, too.

My run was actually very good, even though I woke up with a headache.  I had coffee, Gatorade, and water before the run.  The headache did not slow me down but neither did it go away during the run.  You’ll have that sometimes.  After writing a few post cards, Steven graciously agreed to go for a walk with me.  We first walked to First Source Federal Credit Union to deposit a check, going by way of some construction at the end of our street, so we could check the progress.  I think it’s going to be a while.

We cut through Meyers Park to get to the post office.  Before I mailed my cards, I noted on the bulletin board a program at the Herkimer County Historical Society to be given by Sue Perkins, society director, on Wednesday, June 20 (preview of coming attractions).  I told Steven I would like to go.

“What’s it about?”  he asked.

“I don’t remember, but Sue Perkins, Historical Society, that’s all I need to know.”  I later noted in the paper it is about how Herkimer used to look vs. how it looks now. I am quite interested.

After the post office, we stopped at Basloe Library, then went home.  A short time later we left again to pick up a prescription of mine at The Medicine Shoppe in Illion, with Steven making a quick foray into Ilion Wine and Liquor.  My headache still had not gone away, so I laid down for a while when we got home again.

I guess we did not do such a lot to make this a really good Scattered Saturday post. Maybe more of a Slacker Saturday?  No matter. There are movies to be watched and wine to be enjoyed.  Happy Saturday, everyone.



I Would Rather Write

Well, I ran this morning and I was going to do a Running Commentary, a fairly profound one, because I Wore Blue and Ran to Remember.  That is a thing I found out about a few years ago:  Wear Blue, Run to Remember.  Then again, sometimes those posts come across as an ego thing:  Look at ME!  I ran to remember!  I am ALL about the Veterans!  Anyways, it wasn’t that great of a run.  Not necessarily worthy of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

I’m thinking I cannot say anything deep about Memorial Day, certainly nothing better than what others have said.  What I will do instead is give a quick shout-out to a local business, after sharing with you a few of my tribulations as a would-be novelist.

As my day wore on today, I was not getting a whole lot useful done, especially not beginning the new novel I wanted to.  Yes, I have many novels I have started and not finished.  I would, of course, like to finish one of those. First I have to find it!  You have no idea what a mess my house is.  I would have to spend a month cleaning before I found and could continue work on an already-started novel.  To clean or to write?  You know I would rather write!

First I couldn’t find a notebook with that many blank pages.  Above all, I wanted to avoid writing my new novel in multiple notebooks which I would certainly lose track of. That is what happened to my previous attempts.  Maybe I could go to a store and purchase a new notebook.  I love having a new notebook.  Then I found the last new notebook I had started a novel in (not a very good one). It was a BIG notebook, and I had only started ONE novel in it.  This could work.

But not in my living room.  I wrote a few post cards, which I had not done on Saturday as usual, and I walked to the post office with them.  A walk often helps stir the creative juices.  What it stirred in me was the desire to NOT write at my own house.  I wanted to GO somewhere.  All the libraries are closed for the holiday.  Also, I wanted a beer.

Finally I decided to go to Asteroga Ale House, a handy 10-minute walk from my house.  I got a beer and sat at a table that got nice natural light from outside.  Alas, I could not get a Sam Adams draft, which is a fine thing to drink on a patriotic holiday.  I got a local IPA instead, opened my notebook, and discovered that the lovely pen I had clipped to the spirals was gone.  Dammit!  I searched through my purse and did not like any of the pens I found.  I wrote a few paragraphs regarding my search then told myself it was merely an excuse and tried to get to work.

In fact, I don’t know that it was entirely an excuse.  Tools can make a real difference in creative endeavors.  I may write a whole blog post about that, although I daresay I have touched upon the subject already.  Be that as it may, I actually got quite a bit done.  I started by jotting down vague ideas, then moved to more concrete ideas, and ended up writing a list of character names and some definite notes about those characters and how the plot is going to go.

I shan’t type anything more specific about it, though, because if you talk about something too much, you no longer feel you have to write it.  That is a well-known phenomenon.

In the meantime, I highly recommend Asteroga Ale House as a place to go and have a beer or two (or other beverage or even food), whether or not you have a novel to start.  They are located at 122 W. Albany St., Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-219-5578.  I am back home now and wondering if I ought to have another beer.


Going Italian at Asteroga

So I started running again Monday, did zippo on Tuesday, and was determined to do something today.  I told my husband, Steven, that I could go for a run by myself or he could go for a walk with me.  Being a nice husband, he said he would go for a walk with me.  It was quite sunny when I got home from work, so I first took a shower and put on a cool outfit. By this time, Steven was quite hungry and wanted to end out for pizza.  I felt pizza was too fattening and I really wanted to walk.  We compromised by walking to Asteroga Ale House for food.

It was quiet in the place as we walked in, and we got a seat at the bar.  Surprisingly, there were two people we knew sitting at the bar too, so we had a nice visit while we ate.  We both got a glass of Chardonnay and looked at menus.  Steven decided on a bowl of Italian Wedding Soup while I got an Italian Chicken Wrap sandwich.  Yummy!  While we ate, we talked about frozen vs. fresh meatballs and chicken broth.  I contended that fresh made was better but pre-made could do in a pinch.  We also discussed shoes, the mall, and work.  I do like to have a nice conversation with dinner.

It was not even too late as we walked home, getting a little more exercise.  I know, we would have gotten more exercise without the stop at the Ale House.  One can’t have everything after all.  And I am going to consider this a pretty good blog post for a Wuss-out Wednesday.

Asteroga Ale House is located at 122 W. Albany St., Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-219-5578.  You can Like them on Facebook.



May Day Run?

I unexpectedly ran today.  I had my work-out clothes in a bag in my vehicle, thinking to go to the YMCA in Mohawk for my usual arms and abs followed by elliptical.  Then I stepped out of work into the warm air and thought, “I can’t waste this!”  It was nice and cloudy too, just the way I like it.  I left the workout clothes in my vehicle for another day, got dressed in a running outfit — shorts and short sleeves, woohoo! — and set out.  Full disclosure:  the outfit in my bag would have been fine for running, but I figured this way I already have the bag packed for next time.

Oh, the bare sidewalks! Oh the breeze that did NOT torment my sinuses!  Well, yes, the warmer temperature does make my spring allergies immediately kick in (it’s either placebo effect or really, really fast pollens), but that is not the same as the pain brought on by a bitter wind.  I got set to enjoy myself.

Of course I did not.  I have not been running in weeks (too lazy to check my running journal and see exactly how long) (well, that fits: too lazy to run, too lazy to check).  I have taken walks and gone to the YMCA, but not as consistently as intended or recommended.  In fact, I haven’t done anything since Friday.  In my defense, oh never mind my defense, explanations are tiresome.  But my body was not happy with me right away.

I grimly told myself that this was the difference between a smooth elliptical machine and pounding on the pavement.   Just endure, I thought.  One must get through runs like this to get to the good ones.  I have not run up the hill to Herkimer College in a long, long time.  I want to get back there one day!  Today, obviously, was not that day.  I decided 15 minutes would be OK, although I would try for 20.  Twenty minutes seemed good for the first run in a long, long time.

I thought about how I have been going for long walks on some of the days I do not go to the YMCA.  Walking, I thought longingly.  How pleasant would that be?  I would go further and longer!  Why wasn’t I walking?  I had really missed a bet this time!  But I kept running, at least the middle-aged shuffle I call a run.  I reminded myself that this was the pace I can keep up for just about as long as I decide to.

By the end of the run, I was picturing a calendar and counting in my head if I ran 20 minutes, then added 10 percent every week, how soon would I be ready to run a 5K?  What if I ran 22 minutes?   I left out a week and got confused.  Then I wondered when I might find a 5K in the area that I wanted to run.  I also wondered if I would be able to get a blog post out of this run.  I could call it May Day Run.  Isn’t May Day what ships call when they are about to sink?  Appropriate for the way I was running!

I made it for 23 minutes.  Perhaps I could have gone further, but there was no point in killing myself (oh, YOU can probably see a point to it!) (you know who you are).  As it was I was damn tired.  My cool-down walk was more pleasant than the run, but I was ready to stop that by the end, too.  I stood on the deck to do my stretches and noticed some daffodils in my yard.  Yay, daffodils!  I had been hoping all day to see some May flowers.


Spring Into Wuss-Out Wednesday

Let’s see if I can finish my Wuss-out Wednesday post before my ride to rehearsal gets here.  Rehearsal is for Spring Into Murder, the interactive murder mystery dinner theatre at Morning Star Methodist Church in Ilion, NY on Saturday, April 28.  I’ll try to get a number for tickets, in case any local readers are interested.  In the meantime, I thought I would write about spring.

WHAT SPRING????  you may well ask.  I ask it too.  My thermostat said it was 41 degrees out this afternoon.  I am in desperate need of exercise, so I went for a walk.  I love to walk and thought I might be able to write a decent Pedestrian Post about it, but I’m afraid it was a depressing walk.  Everything was brown and crappy-looking.  We are over half-way through April, for heavens’ sake.  Would a few flowers, maybe some green spouts, buds on the trees be too much to ask for?  Apparently so.  Additionally, I have some things on my mind which I will not bore you with (Freudian typo:  I started to put “now bore you with,” which tells me it is boring of me to mention them at all, so sorry).

When I got home, I thought I saw a tiny flash of yellow in my back yard.  Was it… could it be… it WAS!  A crocus!  I rejoiced. Then I got my Tablet and took a picture:

Note the brown grass. Tsk, tsk.

Then I took a better picture:

It does my heart good.

I went out front, to see if there were any more crocuses.  There were not, but I saw some green stuff that might eventually be tulips and lilies of the valley.

I think this is the tulip.

I think these are lilies of the valley.

As you can also see, I have some yard work to do.  There are lots of last year’s leaves still to be raked, and some garbage to be picked up.  It isn’t my garbage; it blew there in one of the recent wind storms.  At least nobody came along and dropped a house on me.

While I was out front, I took a picture of what the sidewalk plow did to us, and to almost everybody else in the village.  I had wanted a “before” picture of that, so when I fix it I can see what a good job I did (or not, let’s be honest).

You know, I think those are new cracks in the sidewalk as well. Damn!

Look at me, I’m over 400 words!  I think that’s fine for a Wuss-out Wednesday!  Now I’d better get ready for rehearsal.  There is nothing like a little murder to perk things up midway through the week.


Another Tuesday Trudge

Apparently I am always tired on Tuesday.  Other days as well, but Tuesday offers the charm of alliteration.  I am going to begin living a healthier lifestyle in hopes of having more energy and being less annoying.  Then again, I think energetic me can get pretty annoying as well, if I recall my young and bouncy days.  Well, I can’t worry about such things.

As part of my healthy plan, I am trying to exercise more.  I went for a long walk today after work.  I would have liked to run, but the puddles were enormous.  It rained all night and into the morning, and was warm enough for snow to melt all day.  There are flood watches all around, but my basement is dry so far, knock wood.  Anyways, I didn’t feel up to splashing through the puddles, especially as I suspected some ice would remain underneath.  I came home and put on my flood boots.

I put my Tablet in a canvas shoulder bag, thinking to take a few pictures, as I neglected to take pictures for a previous Pedestrian Post.  Then as I walked, I didn’t feel like taking any pictures.  I plodded along, wading through puddles, stepping around snow banks, and appreciating patches of dry, bare pavement.  I didn’t look up much, because I was keeping an eye on where I was walking.  Some of those puddles looked deep enough for “turn around, don’t drown,” till you got right up to them.

Since I was walking so slowly, I don’t know how much exercise I really got.  A good, brisk pace would have burned more calories.  Well, one can only do one’s best.  I’m sure some readers are currently saying, “And that’s the best blog post you can do?” (You know who you are.)  I guess it is.  I tried for a real post yesterday. I’ll try again tomorrow.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


Teeny Tiny Steps

It was another crappy day weather-wise in the Mohawk Valley.  We were relieved that Steven did not work till 11:30 this morning.  I should have taken some pictures when the sun was still up, but I can’t think of everything.  I did walk to the post office, since the mailman (yes, ours is a man) did not see the post cards and letter I had attached to our mailbox, so I will attempt a short pedestrian post.

Sidewalks were not consistently plowed, and I was soon out on the road, left side facing traffic, OF COURSE.  There was glare ice under the snow, so I walked very slowly, taking teeny-tiny steps.  Earlier I had seen on Facebook a post from Rock City Runners asking if anybody was braving the weather to run.  A few were.  I, alas, was not.  As my feet slipped out from under me, I realized this was the right decision.  If I had been running, I would not have remained upright.

A neighbor stopped at a stop sign offered me a ride, but I told her I was good.

“I need the exercise,” I said, which was quite true.

“You’re a brave woman!”

I was flattered.  The paths through Meyers Park were not plowed, what a surprise, but the road around it was.  I could see the ice shining at points.  I laughed at myself for the teeny-tiny steps I was taking.  I had been singing “I Will Survive” while Steven and I had shoveled the driveway (aided by a kind neighbor with a snow-blower, by the way).  I kept singing it, teeny-tiny stepping in time to the music.  It did my heart good to sing about being a strong woman, although I assure you my husband has NOT tried to break me with good-bye.

I purchased more post-card stamps after I mailed my stuff, enjoying a brief chat with the fellow behind the counter.  I did not realize or had forgotten that post-card stamps are now Forever, like first-class, so I felt happy to purchase a hundred.  Lots of postcards!

I walked up Main Street to get home.  I confess, I did not enjoy my walk as much a I usually do, because of the ice.  However, I did not land on my ass.  I’ll call that a win. Maybe I can start running again soon. Happy Saturday, everyone.