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Mature Woman Undergarments?

It is a well-known fact that if you spend too much time talking about your troubles they only get worse.  For one reason, people get tired of listening to you.  Then instead of sympathy you get eye rolls and, worse yet, advice.  And the longer you have been complaining, the less sympathetic the advice becomes, especially from the people that were not all that sympathetic to begin with.

The preceding paragraph was me trying to talk myself out of having Wrist to Forehead Saturday.  It is just about reaching the point (if it hasn’t already) when somebody tells me to put on my big girl panties, which is quite the confusing mental image, if you ask me.

In the first place, my panties as well as most of my clothes, have gotten smaller ever since I went on the South Beach Diet (not as small as I would like them to be, but let’s not open that can of worms). Oh, I know, by “big girl” they mean “grown woman,” and they don’t mean a growing waistline.  I wish they would say what they mean.

Additionally, at whatever size, “panties” does not conjure up images of toughness and the ability to handle things. I almost never call them “panties” anyways; I call them underwear.  In fact, they come in all shapes and sizes.  You’ve got your briefs, your hip-huggers, your bikinis and your thongs.  I suppose any of them could be “panties,” although the word brings to my mind the cute, lacy ones.  You try leaving the house wearing nothing but lacy underwear and see how far it gets you!

And another thing, what is with “girl”?  Shouldn’t that be “woman”?  It has been a sore point with feminists everywhere that in our language at least,  females remain “girls” throughout adulthood while males cease being “boys” and become “men” at least at some point.  At least when you’re talking about them; how some of them act is another can of worms we will leave for another day.

So, did we all enjoy that?  I started out to whine and instead dissected a commonly (over)used phrase.  I can’t help feeling I could make this a better post with a little more time, thought and effort, but, well, we’ve talked about the daily posting thing before.  We’ll just have to live with this one as is.

As a final note, and because I often over-share:  I’m trying to put off doing laundry for a little longer, so today I’m going commando.


More About My Underwear

This isn’t really a post about underwear, but I thought that would make a catchy title. So I guess that makes this a Non-Sequitur Saturday. It could be worse (it could be raining) (somebody always has to say that, you know).

I was going to have another Scattered Saturday post, but looking back I see those posts haven’t gotten a lot of Likes. I guess I’m kind of a positive reinforcement junkie, because I like the Likes. I was about to feel a little sheepish about that, but in fact, why not? I publish a blog for people to read. Naturally I want to write something people will enjoy reading. Writing is an act of communication, after all. Perhaps I should solicit more comments on my blog. Points to ponder.

In comments yesterday the idea came up of doing a poll on how bloggers dress while blogging. Just underwear, commando, naked… For the record I put on a delightfully cute outfit (although perhaps I flatter myself) prior to beginning this post. Um, I did not put on the outfit specifically to blog in, but because people MIGHT be coming over to my house later. Also, I prefer not to spend the entire day in sweats (although I have been known to do so).

My outfit, in case you’d like to know, consists of a denim jumper, white turtleneck and man’s sweater. I got the jumper at the Thrift Store in Ilion, NY recently. The sweater is grey with black and white, purchased at JC Penney in Potsdam, NY well over 20 years ago (purchased by myself for myself; I bought a lot of men’s sweaters back in the day). And on my legs some extremely colorful legging-type pants which I just purchased yesterday. I just bought the bra and underwear yesterday, too. Oh the joy of new undies!

Hey, look at that, I did mention my underwear. Guess it’s not such a Non-Sequitur Saturday after all.

And if anyone would like to comment on what they are wearing or share any thoughts about my underwear, please feel free.

Or I Could Write a Better Blog Post

I feel less ill than I felt yesterday, yet more ill than I felt this morning. However, I am not making this post to whine about my ills (although, as I pointed out yesterday, a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved), but to tell the rest of the story I began yesterday. I think that will work for Lame Post Friday.

To re-cap for those just tuning in: I was at work. I was supposed to do laundry after work but had forgotten detergent and quarters. I called my husband Steven on my first break. I laid out what I saw as my options:

“I can go home, upset the dog, get the detergent and quarters, get a late start on the laundry. That would have the advantage that the detergent definitely would not be frozen.” With the weather we have been having lately, that is a concern. “Or, I can go to the ATM and get some money out.” After all, it was payday, there should be money in the bank. “Or, I can go to Wal-Mart, buy socks and underwear, and bag laundry till next week.”

“Do that,” Steven said. Do I have the world’s best husband or what?

I called my house a few hours later, leaving a message I hoped Steven would get on his lunch break. I told him I was going straight home and to bed after work. I would go commando and find some socks somewhere for Friday. It’s not that I need to inform my husband of my every move. Only I was sure he expected me to stop by his place of employment and say hi after I had purchased the underwear.

I hope none of my followers are hitting the “stop following” button because I’ve been talking about my underwear. This isn’t usually that sort of a blog. I’m sure I’ll feel better tomorrow and write a nice blog post. Happy Friday, everyone.