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Too Tired Today

So I was kind of proud of yesterday’s post:  pictures, commentary, local stuff…  But perhaps I flatter myself. No matter, today’s post is going to be foolish.  I am tired!  Yes, it’s Tired Tuesday!!! (fanfare, please)

No, I never thought it was Friday; I just like this picture.

We got lots of snow today, and more is falling.  I had to brush off my car after work.  I drove home and parked in the street while I shoveled the driveway.  More accurately, I removed one layer of show.  I did not hit bottom and I knew more was to fall.  But one does what one can.  I did not take too long about it but still had to brush off my windows when I went to park my car.  At least I backed in, so I have a better shot at getting out tomorrow.

Preview of coming attractions.

This was not today; it was the results of a previous storm.  I hope this is not what we wake up to tomorrow, but, as the great Fats Waller said, one never knows, do one?

“What is it? I’m a little busy here.”

And I throw in a picture of Nosferatu just for good measure.  I did mention this is Tired Tuesday, did I not?  Just as an aside, my laptop is acting up lately.  It keeps going blank for no reason.  It turns back on, then I have to log back in, bring up WordPress again, and most of my blog has usually been saved.  It happened a few times during my typing of yesterday’s opus.  It happened once so far today. I’m going to quite while I’m ahead.  I hope to see you all on Wuss-out Wednesday.


Typing on Tired Tuesday

Yes, I have used this picture before, but it is SO what I am feeling today.   Yes, I made it through Tuesday. It was not a terrible Tuesday.  It was definitely a Tired Tuesday.  I have done everything I intend to do today except make my blog post.  So here it is.

We had another rehearsal for Who Shot JS? the murder mystery to benefit the Herkimer County Historical Society.  It is sold out.  Woohoo!  We’re a hit and we haven’t even done anything yet!  At least, we have done a lot, regarding writing, rehearsing and getting ready, but the ticket-buying audience has seen nothing yet (as in, “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”).  This is going to be great.

Tonight’s rehearsal was at the Herkimer Elks Club, where the performance will be.  After rehearsal, two other cast members and I went into the bar and had a drink.  Yes, I drank and am typing.  One glass of Cabernet Sauvignon!  Sheesh!  We chatted up several Elks.  My friend Kim and I are considering joining the club.  You know how I love to be in the club.

Well, now that I have put one picture in my blog, I feel I should put in another.  I wonder what I can come up with.

Seriously, watch this movie.

OK, here it is, another movie trivia question.  What movie is this from and what is the dialogue involved?  I think regular readers will find it very appropriate for me.


Only Tuesday?

I wrote a post while at work today (yes, Boss, while on a break) (oh yeah, like my boss reads my blog; I don’t think he even knows I write one).  And I just can’t post it.  It may be all right as stands, it may need editing, I may not use it.  I just can’t work with these things right now.  Yes, my dears, it is Tired Tuesday.

How is it only Tuesday, anyways?  When I look at all the things I have to and want to get done this week, it seems such a ridiculously short period of time.  Then I see how far away Friday and my fun weekend seem and I say, damn.  Of course one must fight the prevailing attitude to despise the week and only enjoy the weekend.  What’s that all about anyways?  We have seven days a week.  Why would anybody choose to be happy for two of them and miserable for five?

Oh dear, now we are getting into some half-baked philosophy, which I usually reserve for Lame Post Friday.  The subject of “choosing” happiness is a sore  spot for me anyways.  We can’t always choose how we feel.  Sometimes, I say, you just have to feel that way until you don’t feel that way any more.  For example, right now I feel tired.

However, I would like to write something other than “I’m tired” in this blog post.  I can give you a brief update on the novel.  It is not going well.  I’ve written a couple of scenes and partial scenes.  They are all very well, but they do not seem to lead anywhere.  I think I need a little more “because of this, then that,” if you see what I mean.

There, how’s that?  Three paragraphs about how tired I am, then four sentences about my novel, which tell you absolutely nothing about it.  I really gotta love writing a blog. Hope to see you all on Wuss-out Wednesday.