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Time for Scattered Saturday

It is time for a Scattered Saturday post.  I feel it is better than waiting till tomorrow and hoping to make two posts (never a sure thing, however early I make the first post).

I ran this morning, making a long enough run to keep myself confident for the Reindeer Run 5K, a mere week away (yikes!). I even had some good in-head narration for a Running Commentary blog post.  However, that was not to be.  I shall instead try for a Scattered Saturday.

Our friend Kim picked up me and my husband Steven shortly after noon.  We went to Herkimer Original Cheese, where we sampled and purchased some yummy stuff.  We went to the Mohawk Reformed Church, where we bought some used books and jewelry.  We stopped at Side Streets for a drink.  We went to the Lutheran Church on Henry Street in Herkimer for a vendor fair, bake sale and basket raffle (Steven won something!).

Our last stop was at Valley Wine and Liquor in Herkimer, where we sampled some wine and also purchased some.  We adjourned to our house for a libation and to make plans for further Mohawk Valley Adventures next week.

I realize I can make better blog posts about these stops.  Perhaps I will at some later date.  For now, I shall return to enjoying my Saturday. Happy Weekend, all.


Prayer Shawl and Pork Dinner

All week as I drove by Trinity Lutheran Church, on the corner of German and Henry streets in Herkimer, NY, I had been noticing a sign for a Roast Pork dinner on Oct. 14 from 4:30 to 6:30.  I did not think I would go, though. Pork isn’t really my favorite, we’ve been eating out too much anyways, Steven probably worked till 6:30 or something stupid… etc. etc.

Then today, as I drove by on my way home, I remembered something: I needed a prayer shawl blessed.  Father Abe, the pastor at the church in Chadwicks that I go to, when I go to church (I CANNOT remember what saint or saints the church is named for; my bad), is having some health problems. I heard about them two Sundays ago, when I went to church.  Father Abe has blessed a couple of prayer shawls for me for other people, so I thought it would be quite appropriate for me to bring one to him.  I did not feel I could ask him to bless his own prayer shawl so was wondering what to do.

I could only hope the pastor would be at the dinner.   I thought I would have the best chance if I showed up early, so shortly after 4:30, I walked to the church, which is very close to where I live. Oh, did it smell good!  I began to re-think my dinner plans.  I walked in and explained to the lady at the table what I wanted.  Another lady who I knew from Coffee with a Cop was standing right there and introduced me to Pastor Ann.  She blessed the shawl with a lovely prayer.

When they asked me was I also going to eat, I said I may return with my husband, if he was into it.  He only worked till 5:30, as it turned out.  He was totally into it.

We had a WONDERFUL dinner!  Roast pork, baked potato, squash, roll, apple sauce and dessert.  YUM!  On the table were little cards that said, “Save the date: next dinner Nov. 11, 2016, Ham and Scalloped Potatoes, Trinity Lutheran Church, 443 Henry St., Herkimer, NY”.  I took one, saying I would write a blog post and mention it.  I will also save the date.