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No Skulls for Spunky

Ever since we brought our new little friend Spunky home we’ve been meaning to get him a harness.  It is so much more comfortable for a little dog to have a harness than a leash on a collar, or so it seems to me.

As a side note, I’m making this post on our tablet, using the stylus and typing one letter at a time. It’s kind of fascinating, because the computer tries to guess what my next word will be.  It gives me three choices at a time, and I can click on the right one as soon as I see it.  Like some foolish bloggers game.  I think I’m losing. Perhaps  Steven will let me use the laptop soon.

Ah, on the laptop now and back to composing the post.  It isn’t really such a much as posts go, so I thought the paragraph about the tablet might add a little interest.  I SO prefer typing with all ten fingers.

Tractor Supply in Herkimer has a sign on the door that well-behaved dogs on a leash are welcome, so we grabbed the leash and our pooch and headed on over.  We quickly found the pet section and began looking at harnesses and collars.  I found a size small harness and tried it on Spunky.  I don’t think he was impressed.  We saw a similar dog with his people while we were there.  They called him Oliver. He was quite interested in sniffing Spunky, although Spunky was more interested in sniffing a display of treats.

As we looked to see if there were any other harnesses to try, I saw a collar with skulls on it.  I was certain Spunky would like a collar with skulls on it.  In any case, I would like to walk a dog with skulls on his collar.  Would you believe they did not have that collar in size small?  I was indignant.

“Don’t they think small dogs would like to be bad-ass?”  I asked.  “No skulls for Spunky!  Hey, that”ll be the title of my blog post today.”  I always say, waste not, want not.

I paused in writing this midway through the fourth paragraph so we could take a short walk with Spunky and test the new harness.  It certainly does seem more comfortable for him, although it is such a warm day I can’t say it was the most comfortable walk for any of us.  Lots of people were out enjoying the day, which is bright and sunny, just the sort of June day lots of people love.  At one point, we crossed the street to avoid a larger dog who looked very interested in us.

“Does he want to play or is he saying, ‘Oh boy, lunch!'” I asked the dog’s person.  We were not close enough to find out for sure.

We were glad we went for a walk, and even more happy to be back in our house in front of fans with cold drinks.  And while my post may not be such a much, I comfort myself with the reflection that I avoided Wrist to Forehead Sunday, and I think my headline is kind of catchy.


Spree Enough for Me

Yesterday I wrote about our visit to Tractor Supply Co. It was only the first stop on our Sunday Shopping Spree in Herkimer, NY.

We also went to Rite Aid to pick up a prescription re-fill. Steven and Tabby waited in the car. A hardware store may welcome pets on a leash, but I felt sure a drug store would feel differently.

When I came back out, I handed Steven my prescription and walked over to T & J Fruits and Vegetables, which is handily located next door. I quickly found the green peppers and chose one. I glanced at the other produce but did not purchase anything else. I was tempted by some Roma tomatoes but was skeptical of my actually using them right away. I knew there was every chance I would throw them in the produce drawer saying, “I’ll make a salad this week,” and failing to follow through.

Our last stop was Vintage Spirits for a bottle of white wine for dinner. Also, I wanted to cook with wine (sometimes I even put it in the food) (I read that on a t-shirt somewhere). They don’t mind if Tabby comes into Vintage Spirits. We didn’t take too long anyways, because I knew just what I wanted.

So I guess I can’t really call it a shopping spree: dog food and trash can (see yesterday’s post), prescription, green pepper, white wine. Oh well, I don’t usually do that much shopping anyways. I’ll call this a spree. If anybody wants to argue semantics with me, feel free to make a comment. I’ll nod and smile.

Tabby Likes to Shop

I don’t usually plug chains. I don’t think they need any help from Mohawk Valley Girl, and in general they lack the local flavor I enjoy. However, one shops where one can.

Our local Aubuchon abruptly closed recently. I have written posts about them, because they are so helpful and nice there. I guess I should say “were.” Now where were we to go? We decided to try Tractor Supply Co., which recently opened in Herkimer, NY. We brought our dog, Tabby. They used to let dogs go into Aubuchon, so we had hopes it would be the same. Imagine our delight, when we approached the store, to see a sign saying pets on leashes were always welcome.

We found the dog food Steven had bought at Aubuchon fairly easily. Then we looked for a new trash can to put our recyclables in. I asked the cashier. She pointed. We walked right by them (as we subsequently found out). Then we got separated. I backtracked and found the trash cans. Now all I needed was Steve. I kept walking.

“I lose more husbands this way,” I said to a clerk.

“That happens a lot in here,” she said. I guess it could easily happen, losing one’s husband in a hardware store. That is, if one and one’s husband indulge in the traditional gender roles. In fact, I use the losing husband line in any store where I lose track of Steven. I find it amusing.

I tried yelling, “Marco!” but he didn’t call, “Polo!” Full disclosure: that’s not my joke; I heard it from my brother. I tried calling Tabby, figuring dogs have better hearing. Then I saw Steven had found a clerk who was bringing him to the trash cans. He even showed us which one was on sale, so, bonus.

I noticed Tractor Supply also has the kind of potting soil I like for my container garden, so I feel hooked up for spring. Everyone we spoke to was very nice. A very pleasant shopping experience. Tabby gives it an enthusiastic tail wag.