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Thirsty or Non-Sequitur, It’s Thursday

So I had a real post yesterday and I am not going to continue the trend.  I’m exhausted!  Never mind what all I did after work (and work wasn’t easy).  I ran around, I wrote some stuff,  I did some housework.  I did not work out.  Don’t judge me.  Oh, what do I care?  Go ahead and judge me!  I’m pathetic!

Oh dear, that sounded suspiciously like whining.  I apologize.  I recently made the observation that we do not have the luxury of giving in to despair. I guess I don’t even get to be too tired to make a blog post.   Well, too tired to make a good blog post.  But perhaps I can rouse myself enough to say something reasonably entertaining.

“Do you need a shave?”

Looking through my Media Library, I find a picture that mentions Thursday, which is today (that’s two days in a row of me knowing what day it is, for anybody who is keeping track).  It reminds me of a thing in my high school.  Some girls started this thing of running a hand along a guy’s face and saying, “Have you shaved?”  I was, of course, too shy and geeky to do such a thing myself, but I witnessed it on several occasions.  The practice stopped when a guy grabbed for a girl’s leg and said, “Have you?”

“Who were you expecting me to dance with, Deborah Kerr?”

I was looking for a related picture when I remembered:  It is Non-Sequitur Thursday!  I can be random as well as silly!  So here is Vincent Price dancing with a skeleton.  Who doesn’t love Vincent Price?  If you just raised your hand, you are probably reading the wrong blog.  However, I will not judge.  Love whoever you like!

This is what I’m waiting for!

To make another non sequitur, I go from monsters to flowers.  I am waiting and waiting for things to begin to bloom around here!  Today at work, I overheard some guys saying things like, “I keep hoping it will snow,” and “I can’t wait till it’s winter again!”  Eventually I called over to them, “Say, are you fellows doing some of that there sarcasm thing?”

Speaking of Thirsty Thursday (see first picture), I think I’ll have a glass of wine.



Fay Wray, Can You Help Me Now?

Tired Thursday just does not have the same alliterative charm of Tired Tuesday.  And yet, I am just as tired.  Well, we all know what I do when I’m tired:  I make a blog post anyways!  I’ve been trolling my monster and movie groups for new pictures, but I am having no luck and really want to get this post made.  I wonder if there is anything in my Media Library I haven’t used lately.

I’ve always had a thing for tall guys with long hair, but this is ridiculous!

I forgot to mention that my clever husband Steven got our DVD/Video player working again.  Movies may be in my future!  I have not seen King King with Fay Wray in a long time.  Steven got me the Jack Black version recently and we have never watched it.  Oh, we rented it back when it was first available (wow, was it really so long ago that there were still video rental places?  Why yes, a quick check tells me 2005!  How the time flies!).  That was the only time I saw it.

Is it really better than Dr. X, do you suppose?

I found and downloaded a new picture after all.  Thinking of Fay Wray made me think of Mystery of the Wax Museum, another one of my favorites.  Wray plays an intrepid girl reporter who cracks wise.  I just love an intrepid girl reporter.

Yes, this is how I feel much of the time.

I went to my Media Library and added the first movie picture I saw, because I like to include three pictures.  We don’t have The Blob on DVD or video, so I guess One of These Things Is Not Like the Others (remember, from Sesame Street?)  Then again, that makes this a Non-Sequitur Thursday, doesn’t it?  And over 300 words, which I deem sufficient for a blog post.  Happy Thursday and I hope to see you all on Lame Post Friday.


I Did Not Plan to be Tired

Regular readers know that I am almost always tired on Tuesday, hence the Tired Tuesday post.  Today was even worse, because being the first day back at work after a four day break, it was also my Monday.  I feel guilty complaining about it.  I am sure many will judge me:  you had four days off, you bum!  What have you got to be tired about?  Well, I am definitely too tired to have THAT argument in my head again.

My day was brightened somewhat this morning when I realized it was, in fact, Tuesday, meaning I only have a four day week.  I enjoyed my four day week last week.  Perhaps I could do the same this week.  One thing I was resolved on:  I was going to handwrite a blog post during breaks so that I could go to the library after work and make my blog post on a real computer, not my Tablet.  Additionally, I could easily check all my emails (I have a few different accounts), at least one of which I had to answer.  Oh, and Facebook message a cast member of Secrets at Suiter House.  Just to show you what a full plate I had.

Naturally, things did not go as I planned.  They never do; I’m not even sure why I bother to make plans, but never mind that now.  First, I was too tired to write anything.  Then I got a message from my husband, Steven, that the laptop was ready for pick up TODAY, not Friday as scheduled.  It obviously behooved me to call and change my pick-up appointment to today, and to drive to New Hartford (NY, not CT), and get the laptop.  Then I could skip the library.  Although, now that I think about it:  the library is closer, and I could have gotten out more books.  I like books.

Of course it took longer than expected to accomplish this, and traffic is often a problem in that area.  However, I mustered what patience I could, and now I am sitting on my couch, typing my blog post into the laptop. I checked my email, answered what I needed to, sent the message I wanted to, and even looked at Facebook for a bit (don’t judge me).

I’m thinking this is a foolish post, even for a Tired Tuesday.  There are a lot more interesting things I could write about than my stupid computer problems.  If only I wasn’t so tired!  Let that be a lesson to me —  oh wait, this is a lesson I have told myself many times and I haven’t learned it yet:  Have blog posts written in advance, so in case of just such an emergency, I will have only to hit Publish.  Waaaait a minute!  That sounds suspiciously like Plan Ahead.  What did I say earlier about making plans?


It’s Not Thursday, Either

During my lunch time at work today, I sat and wrote in a letter to a friend (YES, I still hand write and snail mail letters, we’ve been over this before) about all the things I wanted to get done after work.  I did not even remember my blog post until the next paragraph.  I wrote, “Crap! I’ll never get all this stuff done!”  Boy, was I right!  I got a few things done, some working out better than others, of course.  Now I am hurrying to get my blog post done before Steven gets home.

You probably guessed this is going to be a Tired Tuesday post.

Yes, I use this one a lot. It is one of my favorites, featuring two of my favorites.

Unlike Bela, I never thought it was Friday today.  I never even got my hopes up for Wednesday!  At times like these, I remind myself that I am the one who wanted a job with weekends off.  Well, I do like my weekends off, so I will put up with Tired Tuesday and all the rest.  I only hope my blog readers will put up with me.

I am sitting on my couch, freshly showered and in sweats, half looking at my local news.  Some schools are closing for tomorrow ALREADY!  They never did that when I was a kid!  Oh dear, now I sound like a tiresome old-timer.  In the first place, who cares what I didn’t have?  Even I shouldn’t care any more, because that was then and this is now.  Times change, me, get used to it or die.

“I bid you velcome.”

And here is a picture of Bela looking decidedly more cheerful.  I see he is holding a candle.  Perhaps the winter storm heading this way hit his area first and they lost power.  Oh, I hope that does not happen to us.

This is turning into a kind of a non-sequitur post.  I am supposed to save those for Thursday.  My only excuse is, you guessed it, I’m tired!  Happy Tuesday, though.


Apparently I Can Still Write a Little

You know how I say writing begets writing?  That the more you write, the more you will write.  Well, that is true, I suppose, but, you know what, after you write and you write and you write, sometimes you get tired.  That is where I am at.

Oh, I wrote today.  First I started a letter to my friend, Marsha, whose birthday is coming up. I intended to go to Huckleberry Letterpress in Little Falls to get her a card, which I still have reasonable hopes of sending out in time to arrive not too awfully late.  I also wrote a bit on my novel.  That makes 19 days in a row of working at least a little bit every day on it.

After work, I drove straight to Little Falls and had a lovely visit at Huckleberry Letterpress.  The couple that own it are so nice!  I got a nice card for Marsha and enough material to write my (late) article for Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  After leaving Huckleberry, I walked up Main Street and found The Sandwich Chef.  I thought a cup of tea would taste awfully good, and I was write.

While I sipped my tea, I worked a little more on my letter to Marsha, telling her a little about Huckleberry and the Sandwich Chef.  I took a few notes about the Chef as well.  I told the lady I would probably write a blog post about it (um, hopefully a better post than this one).

I got home, grabbed my laptop and went to work.  I wrote an article about Huckleberry Letterpress.  I wrote a shorter one about The Sandwich Chef.  Steven read both and said they sounded OK.  I emailed them out.  Phew!

Then I thought, “I can’t write any more!  I can’t do a blog post!  IT!  WON’T! WORK!”

But I see now that it did.  Happy Wednesday, everybody.


Bette and Joan on Tired Tuesday

I’ve got the I CAN’T POST THAT disease,  also known as the Type It In Backspace It Out disease.

They look how I feel.

When in doubt, post a picture.  I confess to not being a great fan of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? although I adore both Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, as well as old horror movies.  You may ask me, what’s that all about? But I will not have a good answer.  After all, one can’t like everything.

“I can just about spit in your eye!”

I may not have that quote right, but here is Davis in a movie I thoroughly enjoy, Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte, which ironically enough (given my enjoyment of one and dislike of the other) was originally titled Whatever Happened to Cousin Charlotte?  I read all about it in a wonderful book called The Divine Feud by Shaun Considine.  Ooh, now I should find a picture of Crawford in a movie I like, preferably horror.  How about Straitjacket?

The caption is not a line from the movie. Also, Miss Crawford did not appreciate being referred to as a “broad.”

I may flatter myself, but I think this is turning out to be a not bad silly post. I haven’t even mentioned my headache (that was one of the lines I typed in and backspaced out, as mentioned earlier) (oops.  Well, go ahead and judge me for whining).  I’ll keep it short and end with another favorite picture.

She really lost her head over that movie.

Happy Tuesday, everybody.


We’ll Call This Wuss-out Wednesday

“Oh shame! Oh degradation!”

I open with this picture from Dirty Work at the Crossroads, the melodrama that my husband ,Steven, directed at Ilion Little Theatre some years ago, because I am, as I was on stage, hanging my head in shame.  In the play, it was because the villainess in yellow was about to expose my deep, dark secret.  Right now it is because I am making yet another foolish blog post.

In my defense, it is too cold for any Mohawk Valley adventures!  Actually, that is not strictly true today.  It was supposed to get up to 21 degrees.  That is practically a heat wave.  I could have gone for a nice walk or even a run, if only I had had enough oomph.  And here we come to the ugly truth about me.

Too cold for adventures, I tell you!

I had meant to write something while at work today.  I thought I might wax eloquent about things I MIGHT do.  Kind of a Preview of Coming Attractions.  Instead I worked on a letter to a friend, wrote a few more notes on my new novel, and worked on cryptogram and crossword puzzles.  Um, I did all this while on breaks, so any co-workers reading this don’t need to go squealing on me to the bosses.

Do you suppose that I am getting old?  SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!!  Of course I am older than I was yesterday; everybody is, that’s how it works.  The fact is, although I spent most of today feeling less tired than I felt yesterday, I am once again VERY TIRED NOW.  Dammit.

This is what I feel like doing.

It is early January.  I declare it not too late for New Year’s Resolutions (oh don’t go snootily telling me you don’t DO New Year’s Resolutions; I am not up for an argument).  I shall make one now.  Better blog posts!

Incidentally, the above photo is our dearly departed doggy, Spunky.  I included it because he looks so relaxed and happy to be resting.  It makes me think of another change I’d like to make in 2018.  I want to find another doggy friend.  Now that would be something to blog about!