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In a Holiday Mood!

How about a Muddled Monday instead of my usual Monstrous one?  For one reason, I am feeling muddled, but kind of pleasantly.  It is a three day week for me (don’t hate on me; I’ve worked plenty of bad hours in my day!).  Additionally, my day at work went by at a fairly good clip instead of dragging minute by minute, as Mondays sometimes do.  After work, I stopped at a couple of stores, taking much longer than I had expected to.  I am so indecisive!

My first stop was at Honey Brook Hobbies in Ilion.  I was looking for a birthday present for my great nephew Sheppie.  He just turned four.  I did not find anything, but I did pick up something that would make an awesome present for any number of people on my Christmas list.

Only one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite Christmas specials!

Well, now that I have published it in my blog, I will just have to keep it for myself.  What is the point of giving a gag gift that is not a surprise?  Anyways, we have some great Grinch-y decorations this will fit right in with, when we get our holiday on around here.

However, Thanksgiving, not Christmas, is the next holiday.  Steven and I are going to my Mom and Dad’s house.  When I got home I was efficient enough to pack in advance.

Well, what do you bring on Thanksgiving weekend?

Now I can just relax till it’s time to go to Rome on Wednesday!

If any local readers are jealous of my Grinch toilet paper, I refer you to Honey Brook Hobbies, 4 E. Main St., Ilion, NY, phone number 315-444-8254.  You can also visit their website at  They also have beautiful decorations, yummy baked goods, and more.


Not Really Like a Real Writer

I actually started writing a blog post while on break at work today.  It was a Running Commentary about my run on Sunday.  I had written almost half a page and hadn’t even gotten on the road yet when break ended.  While I worked, I thought of a way better lead than what I had.  Cool beans, I thought.  I’m editing and everything, just like a real writer!  At the next break, I skipped a line and started to write the new lead.

No, wait, that wasn’t what I had thought.  No, this is a better way to say it.  No, don’t put it that way….

So I spent the rest of the break solving cryptogram puzzles I cut out of the Telegram.

On the other hand, it is Middle-aged Musing Monday or perhaps Mental Meanderings Monday, in other words, a day I sometimes let myself off the hook.  It occurs to me that I am spending entirely too much time off the hook lately, but I am not sure how to fix the problem.  I keep trying to jump back on the hook and missing.  What an awkward metaphor, anyway, “on the hook.”  What am I, a pirate?

I know, I know:  the answer first, last and always is to just keep writing.  After I publish this nonsense, I shall work on another project.  Then I might even take another crack at that Running Commentary.

Hey, I just remembered something else.  This is a three day week for me, so although it is Monday, it is kind of like Wednesday, because, you know, I only have two more days of work.  Wuss-out Wednesday!  Oh, I know, that doesn’t make it any better.  Just wait till tomorrow, when it’ll be Tuesday and Wednesday AND Thursday!  Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself.