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Well, That Didn’t Work Out

I had such a good plan for after work today.  I was going to come home and put in a load of laundry, so I would be certain to have a good pair of socks to wear to work tomorrow.  While the laundry ran, I would make guacamole for tomorrow’s lunch (I love a guacamole sammich).  Since I did not intend to use a recipe, I could then make a Tasty Tuesday blog post.  I had plenty of time before my 6:30 rehearsal (for Morning’s at Seven at Ilion Little Theatre).  IT!  COULD! WORK!

That last bit was a quote from Young Frankenstein, by the way, a very excellent and quotable movie.  But I digress.  I also wasted about ten minutes looking for a picture of Young Frankenstein I thought I had in my Media Library.  I am losing it,

As you may have guessed from the above paragraph, IT! DID! NOT! WORK!  Well, I got the laundry in the washer. I got the guacamole made (I don’t know that it was really guacamole, but it involved avocados, so I’ll call it that).  Then the dithering began.  I checked my email.  I messaged a couple of people on Facebook.  I made myself a sandwich for supper (it wasn’t good enough to rate the term “sammich”).  I looked at the newspaper while I ate it.  I was still hungry.

Regular readers know I am trying to lose weight, and I am experiencing some minor success.  It has not even been all that painful.  Therefore, I am completely flabbergasted that I found myself sitting on my couch, mowing down ginger snaps dipped in whipped topping. Oh, was I shoveling those suckers into the old pie-hole.  Once again, I have to say, What the Hell, me?

I put the laundry in the drier and went upstairs to take my shower, utterly disgusted with myself.  To add insult to injury, when I was getting dressed for rehearsal, I found a pair of socks perfectly suitable to wear to work tomorrow.  I could have skipped the damn laundry!

So here’s my stupid blog post.  As I read what I typed, it does not seem the afternoon was as disastrous as it felt (full disclosure:  still feels).  Never mind. I am going to call this a Bad Attituesday, hit Publish, and drive on, because I have to get ready for rehearsal.  Is it really only Tuesday?


Too Tired to Toot

I thought this morning that I would not make a Tired Tuesday post today. For one reason, I went back on eight-hour days.  I got up almost an hour and a half later than usual. Yes!  It put me in quite a jaunty mood as I went into work this morning.  I even thought I might go back to a seldom-used feature I have and make a Toot My Horn Tuesday post. As it happens, however, I am getting tired and I have very little horn to toot.

No matter.  One must make a blog post (one being me, of course; I realize other ones do not feel this compulsion).  I just made myself a salad, so could I make a Tasty Tuesday post?  Unfortunately I am quite disappointed in my salad.  I did not have any macaroni to make a macaroni salad with, as I had intended.  Still, the salad I did make was healthy and perhaps lighter in calories than the mayonnaise-drenched vision I originally cherished.  And I ought to feel pleased with myself that I did make a salad.  Ooh, could that be a reason to toot my horn?  Hmmmm…. just not feeling it.

I spent a great deal of today being happy that it is a mere four day week for me.  I looked at the calendar and saw that I have only three five-day weeks before my next long weekend (I’m using vacation days for that one).  These are the things that make me happy.

What else will make me happy?  Writing a better blog post!  Alas, I spent my breaks at work studying my lines for my upcoming dramatic role.  I’ll see if I can’t come up with something better for tomorrow.  Happy Tuesday, everyone.