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At Least I Am Enjoying My Sunday

Now I shall make my blog post.  It will be short.  It will  be silly.


I took a long run this morning, which may have been worth a blog post. I auditioned for a play which is definitely worth a blog post.  Steven and I went for a snack and a drink, another blog-worthy activity.


So perhaps this is a Preview of Coming Attractions.


The point is, I am in a happy mood.  I have learned that when one is in a happy mood, it is a good idea to just enjoy it.  The problem with that is, I want to do just that: sit here and enjoy it.  Not type entertaining (or do I flatter myself?) sentences into WordPress.  Just enjoy it.


To set the scene:  I am sitting on my deck, my abbreviated container garden (for ONCE I have honored my vow NOT to go overboard) nicely before my eyes, a nice view of my backyard and those of my immediate neighbors likewise in sight.  The only thing to mar my utter enjoyment is one neighbor being deplorably  ambitious  with a power tool.  Not that I deplore ambition in general.  I just don’t like noise.


I strive not to have too many “nothing” posts in a row.  I think I did a “real”  post yesterday. I shall call today good, hit publish, and go back to enjoying my Sunday.  As, of course, I hope you are enjoying yours.


Almost Perfect

I preface this post by saying that I have just had a lovely day. I had a fun visit with some of my family, ate a wonderful dinner, and now I am home relaxing with my husband and dog. It is the bra off, sweats on portion of the day. The only thing lacking in my day is to hit Publish on my blog post. Then my life will be perfect.

That is something I am fond of saying, “And then my life will be perfect.” I seem to think I coined the phrase one morning in the army. I was still an IET soldier (Initial Entry Trainee), when they made you do all kinds of ridiculous things. On this morning we had to be in Class B uniforms, standing outside in the cold for an interminable length of time. Class B meant skirt, pantyhose and pumps (although I could and later did wear comfy flat tie shoes with the skirt) (there are pants for female Class B as well; I don’t remember if they specifically told us to wear the skirts or if I just could not be bothered to keep my shirt, belt and fly straight on the pants).

Where was I? Ah yes, standing out in an unusually cold day (Monterrey, California was usually a pretty straight 70 degrees), with my toes becoming numb. Cadre was ignoring us but not dismissing us to class, and we were muttering to each other under our breath. I did not want to sound like a big fat whiner (I know, that’s what I pretty much am, but sometimes I don’t want to sound that way), so I said, “If I could take off my shoes and rub my feet for thirty seconds, my life would be perfect.”

Now I know, my life will never be PERFECT. But, really, doesn’t that sound much better than, “My toes are so cold I think I will cry”? So I know I will not have a perfect Sunday. Yet, I hope to avoid my usual Wrist to Forehead Sunday. For one reason, I feel somehow not right having a Wrist to Forehead Sunday on Easter. However, we all know I am rarely up to writing a real post on a Sunday. Also on the Wrist to Forehead side of the scale, holiday or not, I have to work tomorrow. I fight, fight, fight the urge to jump on the Monday Sucks, Everything Sucks bandwagon, but, well, let’s just say, Sunday is not always the thrill I am hoping for.

Back to the Life is Almost Perfect side of the scale, I see I am over 400 words. A more than respectable post! I shall soon hit Publish! Everything will be delightful (that is another favorite expression of mine).