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It’s All About the Sticker

Yesterday at work, a co-worker was ranting on and on about why vote.

“Nobody has ever given me a good reason!” he declared more than once.

“I intend to write a blog post about it,” I told him, rising to the challenge.

“Nobody has ever given me a good reason!” I don’t think he was listening.

“Blog post! That’s a good reason!” Oh, I know there are a lot of reasons and anyone can feel free to give me a lecture on civic duty at any time via “Leave a comment.” I wasn’t trying to make a reasoned argument, I was trying to shut him up. It didn’t work.

Be that as it may, yesterday Steven and I voted. I was quite frankly hoping somebody would make a funny joke as we waited in line, because that is the kind of thing I like to include. However, there were no lines and no jokes. Well, I made a joke against myself when we couldn’t figure out at first which door they wanted us to go in. I get all self-deprecating at times like these.

They did not offer us “I Voted” stickers. I did not realize that until later, and it was of some concern to me, because I remembered that if I wore my “I Voted” sticker to Curves the next day, I would get put in for a drawing. I like to be put in for a drawing.

At Curves the next day (today), I sadly shared the loss.

“I didn’t even think about it till later,” I said.

“I looked for them, but didn’t think to ask,” another lady said.

“I asked; they didn’t have any,” a third lady said. “They said, ‘Those paper ballots cost us two bucks, we don’t have any stickers!'”

We all expressed our disappointment. The lady that owns Curves said anybody who voted could put in for the drawing, the stickers were not important. Then she found us all stickers that said, “I did it!” So we got our stickers after all.

If you were hoping I would say who I voted for or even express an opinion on the importance of voting, sorry. I think I have mentioned before: Mohawk Valley Girl stays off politics.