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What Would Meryl Streep Do?

Remember all the Pre-Rehearsal Posts I made during the various plays I have been in?  Well, this is a Pre-Read-Through Post.  One eye on the clock, both hands on the keyboard, trying to come up with something before I have to leave for the theatre.  Rushed and Flustered are my default states from now until closing night!  Every day is Wrist to Forehead Day!  Don’t worry, I’ll get a grip on myself before I try to drive anywhere.

Yes, I’m in another play.  All day long, I’ve been thinking, “Mamma Mia!  Here I go again!”  I got flattered into it.  I am so susceptible.  One could even say “easy,” but that has connotations I would rather not deal with (we’ll leave my past in the past, or some people will be shouting, “TMI!” which regular readers know I hate).

Where was I?  Ah yes, the play.  I’m so flustered right now, I can’t even remember what it’s called.  I’ll find out at the read-through (oh, I KNOW I can easily look it up, don’t interrupt me when I’m typing!).  The play is at Ilion Little Theatre, in Ilion, NY, one of my all-time favorite places.  A couple of my all-time favorite people are in it too, as well as some I would like to get to know better, which is a selling point.  For me, it is always all about the people (note to self: expound about that subject on a future Lame Post Friday).

The reason I am so flustered is that I am kind of an idiot.  I think I have mentioned in recent posts all that I have on my plate.  Of course it is my own fault.  I am a well-known theatre junkie; it is very difficult for me to say “no” to anything (see above statement about being easy).  On the other hand theatre is one of my great loves.  I am really very blessed to be involved in community theatre.  How many times in my younger years did I long for time on stage but the blankety-blank directors cast someone else?  A LOT!!!

So I will count my blessings, call this a Non-Sequitur Thursday post, and drive on.  Watch this space for more information on the play, as well as my other theatre projects.  It makes a fun life for a drama queen like me!

Mornings at Seven!  It’s called Mornings at Seven.  I just remembered; I didn’t have to look it up.


It’s Curtains for Me!

Well, once again I did not write a blog post while on breaks at work today.

Then I just sat here and stared at that sentence for a few minutes.  Oh dear.

My second dress rehearsal last night went very well.   We have two more dress rehearsals then open on Friday.  Tonight I decided to practice my curtain speech, which I have to give before each performance.  I’m wondering if I should mess with my actors’ heads and say some really wild things like, “I just want to apologize to you all in advance…”  No, that would be mean and completely untrue.  Maybe something like, “I’m sure you’ve read the cast bios in the program.  I’m a little surprised none of my leads mentioned their illustrious past in the adult film industry.  I suppose they didn’t like to brag.”

Actually, I’m wondering if they ought to let me make the curtain speech at all.  You know, I’m missing being on stage.  During the murder mystery I greatly regretted not taking part.  It is conceivable that I will refuse to get offstage.  I might go into a stand-up comedy routine, or do the entire play as a one-woman show.  How embarrassing will that be, if I have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, off the stage.  Well, maybe if they get a large-ish, hunky type of guy to do it…

Now I’m being silly.  In my defense, it is Wuss-out Wednesday.  I shall end by re-iterating, my play is Leading Ladies at Ilion Little Theatre, Remington Avenue, Ilion, NY, April 29 and 30, and May 6 and 7 at 8 p.m.; May 1 and 8 at 2 p.m.  For more information you can visit Ilion Little Theatre’s website at