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Remember my Bald?

Does anybody remember when I was going to get my head shaved to raise funds for St. Baldrick’s Foundation?  Do you also remember that it was cancelled due to Covid?  Well, it was, back in March, and I did not worry too much about it till recently,  when hair establishments began re-opening.

I began feeling a little self-conscious about my increasingly unruly mop, especially when so many of my friends, family and co-workers had donated to a good cause, in addition to the entertainment of seeing me bald.  The money had gone to the cause all right, but there I was with my head of quarantine hair.

I was fortunate to get an appointment at my favorite establishments,  Hot Spot Salon and Spa in Herkimer, NY.  I took a Before picture, specifically for blogging purposes.

I am lousy at taking selfies.

One could argue that it is no sacrifice to get rid of such bad hair.  Additionally, with the hot summer weather coming, it will be a pleasure to be bald.  Well, never mind all that.  I said I was going to be bald, and I am a woman of my word.


I confess to a few moments of, “What was I thinking?”  But mostly I think it is funny.  And I do it to honor my beloved Aunt Carlyn, who lost her hair and her life to brain cancer.  St. Baldrick’s Foundation funds cancer research.  So I wear my pate proudly, and remind myself to use sunscreen on top now.


Dull Post, But I’m Going to be Bald!

So I thought I had enough time to make Tuesday’s post on Wednesday morning before leaving for work, especially since I can get on the laptop and type with all ten fingers.  Well, it turns out not so much.  For one reason, I have a metal splinter in my right index finger (occupational hazard) and it hurts to type all those letters.  Perhaps the stylus would be better, but who has time for these things?  Not me.

Anyways, never mind why I did not publish this yesterday.  Explanations are so tiresome, and my complaints are usually even more so.  Instead, I will use this brief post to remind my gentle readers (and the tough ones too) that I am getting my head shaved to raise money for cancer on March 14.  Here is the link for donations:

I got one online donation so far, and some bucks from generous co-workers.  I hope to thus justify my bald pate.

Oh, crap, I have to get ready to go to work.  I knew I should have gotten up at four.


Pre-Bald Post

Or should I call this Wrist to Hairless Forehead Sunday?  Actually, I am feeling excited about my participation in the St. Baldrick’s Day Event today.  It will be fun.  Some friends are joining us.  We will have some food, maybe a couple of drinks, definitely a lot of laughs, and I’ll get a free haircut.  What’s not to like?

For anyone just tuning in (and if so, Hi, new reader!), I am getting my head shaved to raise money for children’s cancer research. The event will take place at Arthur’s in Dolgeville, NY this afternoon from one to three.  Thanks to generous friends, family and co-workers, I have raised over $1,000.  I’m pretty pleased about that.

I did this once before, three years ago.  That year I was shaved the first Sunday in June.  We had an extremely hot May.  I sweated with my stupid long hair and couldn’t wait for the clip!  Then the weather took a turn for the worse and we had a cold, rainy June.  I wore my toque most of the time rather than show off my bald pate, which was kind of a bummer but what are you going to do?

This year the weather has already taken a turn for the colder.  I think it’s 20 or 30 out as I write this.  I’m debating which hat to bring to the Bald.  I have a lovely crocheted green hat a friend made for me some years ago.  I also have a black fashion hat I purchased last year at a local consignment shop, Linda’s Consignment Shop in Herkimer, NY.  At the time  purchased it I said I could wear it if I ever went bald again.  Seems kind of ordained, doesn’t it?

Oh well, I guess I don’t have much to say about my Bald plans for the day, but I wanted to give St. Baldrick’s Foundation another shout-out, and I wanted to get my blog post written.  Mission accomplished, as they say.  I hope to see you all tomorrow for Monday Mental Meanderings.  Happy Sunday, everyone!

P.S.  If anyone wants to add to my fundraising total, my page for that is  For more information on St. Baldrick’s Foundation, you can visit


One Week to Bald!

I had a couple of other things to write about today, but as I washed my hair this morning, I thought, “I won’t be doing this a week from tomorrow,” and then the above title occurred to me and, well…

So on Sunday, April 10, I go to Arthur’s in Dolgeville, NY, for a St. Baldrick’s Day Foundation event.  Yes, I am going to have my stupid head shaved (um, “stupid head” is how Steven and I generally refer to our melons, ever since the infamous day when Steven lamented, “I hit my stupid head!”).  I have been asking friends, family and co-workers to sponsor me with donations that will fund children’s cancer research.  They have responded with generosity and not a few jokes.

A few friends have even promised to come to Arthur’s on the day with me.   I’m thinking we will have some food, a few drinks, a lot of laughs, and possibly post a picture on Facebook.  I’ve been bald before.  Some people think I look kind of cute that way.

Of course with baldness looming ever closer, my hair has responded by looking pretty damn good lately.  A co-worker thought I should dye it purple while I still had it, so I picked up some stuff that adds streaks.  I really like the purple streaks.  What am I thinking, getting rid of this crowning glory (no, really, that is how some people refer to hair).

What I am mostly thinking is that my earrings will show up better.  You know how I love my earrings.  Oh, I know, I am supposed to be thinking about how it is such a good cause and how maybe one day we will find a cure for cancer and I can feel I was a small part of it.  Am I really that profound?  Not usually.

In any case, if anybody wants to donate to St. Baldrick’s Foundation, my website is  And any local readers who want to make their way to Arthur’s in Dolgeville on April 10 at 1 p.m., come on down!


Ah Yes, About the Bald

I have not given a bald update in a while.  Regular readers may remember that I have signed up to participate in a St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser. That means I get my head shaved after asking my friends and family to donate money.

Money raised goes to fund children’s cancer research.  I do it to honor my Aunt Carlyn.  Of course, she was not a child when cancer took her from us, but I feel sure she would support the cause.  I chose St. Baldrick’s because, well, I wanted to be bald for a good reason.

Being me, I have to second guess my choices. Is this just another way to call attention to myself?  A good way to sleaze a free haircut? Well, it isn’t exactly free, because Steven and I donated on my fundraiser page too.  I suppose it is a way to get a haircut without having to decide how to cut it and with no point in worrying if it is not the most flattering (although at least one man said I was beautiful after I did it last time).

As I write this, I begin to feel feel that this second guessing is just more of those profitless questions I was writing about yesterday.  I decided to do this, and it is a goodthing to do. I will wear my bald head proudly, in solidarity with cancer patients everywhere.

If anybody would like to join me in my bald endeavor, they can visit the St. Baldrick’s website at If you are not local, you can type in your zip code andfind an event near you.  If you are local, please consider becoming bald with me on Sunday, April 10, at Arthur’s in Dolgeville, NY.  If you don’t care to be bald, you can still come to Arthur’s that day. They are donating a percentage of food and beverage sales that day to St. Baldrick’s.  If you would just like to make a donation, my participant page is


Tired of My Hair

So I guess I’m going to be bald again. And in lieu of a whiny Tired Tuesday post, I thought I’d talk a little bit about it.

In 2013, I participated in a St. Baldrick’s Day Fundraiser.  St. Baldrick’s Foundation raises money for research on childhood cancers.  Basically, I’m going to ask people for money then get my head shaved.  They say it’s like a walk-a-thon only without the blisters.

Please note:  I am not donating my hair.  I would be very happy to donate the stuff if anybody wanted it, but I don’t think anybody does.  My baldness is more along the lines of a solidarity thing.  Cancer patient often lose their hair.  Well, I’ll be bald along with them.

I have to be honest: I don’t know if any cancer patient will actually derive much comfort from the thought or sight of my bald head.  However, it may be good for a laugh.

My major malfunction right now is that I HATE asking people for money.  I feel so stupid doing it, and I never know what to say.  However, I did it three years ago and people generously gave me a total of $630.  I had timidly set my goal at $100. This year I boldly set my goal at $500.  I’m sure they’ll still shave my head if I fall short, but I will be one sheepish bald lady.

I have signed up for an event at Arthur’s in Dolgeville, NY on March 6.  My participant page is  Anyone wishing to make a donation, feel free to log in.  Anyone wishing to be bald with me, sign on up!  We’ll be bald together!


Lame Hair Anyways

My original headline was “I Might Be Bald,” but in fact, I don’t think there is a “might” about it: I intend to BE bald! This isn’t exactly a lame post either, but I missed Lame Post Friday (made a post, not too lame), and I like this headline better. So enough about that, on with the post.

Sometime in June, I intend to participate in a St. Baldrick’s Day event. St. Baldrick’s Foundation is an organization dedicated to raising money for children’s cancer. They have events in which participants get their heads shaved after hitting up friends, family and acquaintances for donations. They say it’s like a walkathon only without the blisters.

Usually when I mention my intention, somebody says, “Oh, you’re going to donate your hair?” No, they don’t make wigs. In fact, the last time I was growing my hair out, I checked out one of the wig making web sites, and it turned out they didn’t want grey hair. I got it cut that afternoon. I tell people that this is more along the lines of a solidarity thing: you lost your hair to cancer? I’ll be bald, too!

I think it’s a beautiful thing. I’m not saying I’ll be beautiful, but then again, maybe I will. Perhaps by then I will have learned to include photos in my blog and my readers can be the judge.

I went to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation website,, and looked at some possibilities. I liked one at the North Syracuse VFW June 16. My sister who lives in Liverpool would probably accompany me to that one, although I believe she would keep her hair. However, that’s Father’s Day, and I may have Dad plans. Then I saw one at Richfield Springs Community Center on June 2.

One may wonder why I do not try to participate in one at Utica College March 27. Closer in distance and time! As it happens, I’m in a play at Ilion Little Theatre in May. The director (my husband, in fact), would prefer I had hair at that time.

I will share more about my bald intentions when I have actually signed up for an event. In the meantime, I thought I’d put it out there. For one thing, the more I say I’m going to do it, the less wiggle room I have to back out. Me back out? Never! We’re going to have a bald Mohawk Valley Girl! Stay tuned!