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Remember my Bald?

Does anybody remember when I was going to get my head shaved to raise funds for St. Baldrick’s Foundation?  Do you also remember that it was cancelled due to Covid?  Well, it was, back in March, and I did not worry too much about it till recently,  when hair establishments began re-opening.

I began feeling a little self-conscious about my increasingly unruly mop, especially when so many of my friends, family and co-workers had donated to a good cause, in addition to the entertainment of seeing me bald.  The money had gone to the cause all right, but there I was with my head of quarantine hair.

I was fortunate to get an appointment at my favorite establishments,  Hot Spot Salon and Spa in Herkimer, NY.  I took a Before picture, specifically for blogging purposes.

I am lousy at taking selfies.

One could argue that it is no sacrifice to get rid of such bad hair.  Additionally, with the hot summer weather coming, it will be a pleasure to be bald.  Well, never mind all that.  I said I was going to be bald, and I am a woman of my word.


I confess to a few moments of, “What was I thinking?”  But mostly I think it is funny.  And I do it to honor my beloved Aunt Carlyn, who lost her hair and her life to brain cancer.  St. Baldrick’s Foundation funds cancer research.  So I wear my pate proudly, and remind myself to use sunscreen on top now.


Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow

Earlier today, I thought I would make a blog post titled “Hair Today, Bald Tomorrow,” because, as regular readers know, I was scheduled to have my head shaved tomorrow at a St. Baldrick’s fundraiser event.  I was doing pretty good cadging last minute donations from my co-workers.

Then the whole thing came to a grinding halt.  The event is cancelled.

I am not really surprised.  I had heard at work about all the schools being closed due to the corona virus.  I knew other things would follow suit.

Sure enough, when I got home, I found emails as well as Facebook messages and posts.  No St. Baldrick’s Day. Donate To Murder is postponed.  Some restaurants are only open for take out.  Everyone is encouraged to stay at home.  Damn!

This may be an unusual weekend for Mohawk Valley Girl.  Regular readers know that I love to spend Saturdays running around, having adventures.  I have been saying for a while now that I could use a weekend or two of sitting at home, relaxing or perhaps cleaning the house.  I never thought it would really happen!

So this is my Lame Post Friday post. No random observations or half-baked philosophy.  No adventures on the horizon.  But I will strive to find something to make a blog post about as the weekend wears on.  Happy Friday the 13th.


I’m Almost Bald!

Actually, I’m not.  I have the exact same amount of hair I had yesterday, plus a day’s growth, which is not a large amount.  But I will be bald the day after tomorrow, March 14, and that is almost here.

As regular readers may recall, I am participating in a St. Baldrick’s fundraiser for children’s cancer research.  I ask people for donations.  I get my head shaved.  Personally, I find asking people for money the more daunting part of the equation.  However,  one must persevere for a good cause.

I did not do as well as previous years in my fundraising endeavors.  Still, I managed to get what I hope is a respectable amount.  People are very generous.  I have perhaps not been as proactive in asking for donations as I was in the past.  Then too, there are many fundraisers going on these days.  Nobody can give to EVERYTHING.

This is how much hair I had last month.

I also have less hair than I have had before previous shavings.  I don’t imagine that matters a great deal (ooh, here’s a Freudian typo for you: at first I put “murder” instead of “matter”).  My shave will never be as dramatic as some of those young girls with gorgeous tresses who also donate to one of those wig charities.  We all do what we can.

Here I am bald!

This was a few years ago, so I will probably look a little different.  I hope to post a picture, so you can compare/contrast.

If any of my lovely readers would like to make a secure online donation, please click on the link below.


I Almost Forgot, I’m Gonna Be Bald!

Long time readers may remember that I have previously participated in St. Baldrick’s Day events.  That is, I got my head shaved to help raise funds for cancer research.  Thanks to the generosity of my family, friends and co-workers,  I raised enough money to not feel foolish in front of the other bald people.  Oh, I know, every little bit helps, and as long as I bring something, I have nothing to be ashamed of.  I still don’t want to look like I’m just cadging a cheap haircut.

Look how cute I’m going to look! Or do I flatter myself?

This is a picture of me after the last time I got my head shaved,  in 2016.  I think it looks better once it starts to grow back some, but bald is just so striking.

The problem I have is that I hate asking people to donate.  There are just so many people raising money for so many causes, most of them very worthy (I can’t bring myself to say they are ALL worthy, but I will not go so far as to name any I found less than worthy) (I’m sure it wasn’t yours) (oh dear,  I can get myself into trouble this way).

That was as far as I got last night, before my fatigue overtook me and I cravenly went to bed.  Now it is Wednesday morning, and I shall finish my Tuesday post with a link to my St. Baldrick’s Day Fundraising page.  You might like to take a look, if only to see the silly “before” picture I used.  If you would like to make a small donation to cancer research, I shall be extremely grateful.


It’s ALL About ME!

It has not been a good blogging week for Mohawk Valley Girl (cue unkind remarks about the lousy quality of most of my blogging weeks).  And here I am about to do another post about not being able to make a post. No!  It can’t be true!  Ooh, I know what: I’ll look in my Media Library and do a Throwback Thursday post.

I’ve always had sexy legs.

Here is one of my favorite pictures: me as Ruby VanRensselaer from the 1920’s murder mystery Rubbed Out at Ruby’s.

Who, me? Drink beer?

And here I am at the Ommengang Brewery in Cooperstown NY.  I wonder if I should make this post all pictures of me.  What an ego!  Then again this is a personal blog.  It’s All Me All the Time, even when I am plugging local businesses and events.

I miss that ‘do.

And I find there are not all that many pictures of me in my Media Library.  At last I found this one of me on St. Baldrick’s Day, helping raise money for cancer research.  I’d like to do one of those events again, although I hesitate to ask my friends and family to donate.  It seems everybody is raising money for a good cause these days.  Then again, people can always tell me no.  Something to think about.

In the meantime,  I am over 200 words.  Yay!  I’ll call it a blog post.  As always, thank you for tuning in.


Tired of My Hair

So I guess I’m going to be bald again. And in lieu of a whiny Tired Tuesday post, I thought I’d talk a little bit about it.

In 2013, I participated in a St. Baldrick’s Day Fundraiser.  St. Baldrick’s Foundation raises money for research on childhood cancers.  Basically, I’m going to ask people for money then get my head shaved.  They say it’s like a walk-a-thon only without the blisters.

Please note:  I am not donating my hair.  I would be very happy to donate the stuff if anybody wanted it, but I don’t think anybody does.  My baldness is more along the lines of a solidarity thing.  Cancer patient often lose their hair.  Well, I’ll be bald along with them.

I have to be honest: I don’t know if any cancer patient will actually derive much comfort from the thought or sight of my bald head.  However, it may be good for a laugh.

My major malfunction right now is that I HATE asking people for money.  I feel so stupid doing it, and I never know what to say.  However, I did it three years ago and people generously gave me a total of $630.  I had timidly set my goal at $100. This year I boldly set my goal at $500.  I’m sure they’ll still shave my head if I fall short, but I will be one sheepish bald lady.

I have signed up for an event at Arthur’s in Dolgeville, NY on March 6.  My participant page is  Anyone wishing to make a donation, feel free to log in.  Anyone wishing to be bald with me, sign on up!  We’ll be bald together!


Hair Today

Well, today is the day. This afternoon, I get shaved as part of a St. Baldrick’s Day event to raise money for children’s cancer research. I begged for donations and got quite a few. Now I’d like to take a few words to honor my hair while it’s still on my head.

I have almost always disliked my hair. That’s pretty typical, I think. Most of us wish we looked different from what we do. People with curly hair want straight and vice versa. Tall people long to be petite, while us shorties envy the statuesque. Oh dear, now I’m getting into half-baked philosophy and it isn’t Lame Post Friday. I’ll stop now.

As a child I had blond hair, very straight. I remember once when my hair was freshly washed and dry, my mother said, “Cindy has hair like an angel.” My dad replied, “Too bad she doesn’t have disposition to match.” The sad thing was, even my hair was not angelic on a regular basis, but let’s not continue with that memory.

In the ’80s (the 1980s, wise guy) (you know who you are), I discovered the miracle of permanents. I went curly. Recently a high school friend posted an old yearbook picture on Facebook. Look at all that hair! I’m a little sorry I don’t know how to add the picture here, but only a little. Why would I want to remind everybody that I used to be much skinnier and cuter than I am now?

I think my favorite way to wear my hair is short and spiky, which look I rocked from the late ’90s till about a year ago. For the past 10 months or so I’ve been growing it out in anticipation of the shave. I’m quite excited to finally have it done.

If anybody wants to make a last minute contribution in honor of my bald pate, here once again is my participant website:

About the Bald

Just a brief update on my soon to be bald head, and my ongoing efforts to make it more about children’s cancer research and less about me getting a haircut.

Oh, who am I kidding, this is a personal blog. It’s about me getting a haircut. I don’t really know much about what’s being done in the field of cancer research. I haven’t even read in great detail the links of “where the money goes” on the St. Baldrick’s Day website. I’m just trusting that it is a nationally known organization and they know what they’re doing.

People have been very generous. I’ve had contributions through the website as well as checks and cash given to me. No donation too small! Actually they’ve ranged from two to fifty dollars, although I’ve still never gotten over that uncomfortable feeling that I don’t like to ask people for money.

Yesterday at work, a young man hollered at me as he went by, “Eight more days!” He’s practically bald himself right now, but he’s thinking of growing his hair out just to get it shaved for St. Baldrick’s. Isn’t that delightful? I’ve inspired the younger generation (or do I flatter myself?).

In the meantime, I’m also feeling a little bit guilty about how much I’m looking forward to the shave. My hair is driving me crazy! The longer it gets, the harder it is to manage. I can’t wear it down and it won’t stay up. As it gets hotter, a ponytail isn’t good enough; I want it off my neck. All those little wispy things around my face make me want to SCREAM!

So I guess I am not a very good cancer research fundraiser. I don’t like asking people for money, and I want my head shaved for my own petty comfort and convenience. When you look at it that way, I’m a pretty low creature. Nevertheless, if any of you lovely blog readers would like to make a donation to fight children’s cancer, here is a website:

I’m still wondering how I can post a picture of the bald me after June 2.

Bald-Faced Begging

I believe I mentioned my intention to shave my head at a St. Baldrick’s Day event June 2 in Richfield Springs, NY. I thought I’d better start doing something about raising some money for it, or else it might look as if I was just trying to sleaze a free haircut.

I’ve gotten a few donations on my donor web page through I shared it on Facebook, and friends and family helped. Next I decided to hit up some of my work buddies and acquaintances. Armed with my donation envelope the St. Baldrick’s people had sent me, I steeled myself to beg.

In an earlier post I talked about how I HATE asking people for money. I must say, I hate it even more than I remember hating it. It’s not the sort of thing that once I start doing it I feel better about it and keep going. I find that it is just as embarrassing as I had feared it would be and feel even more hesitant to approach the next person.

It isn’t that people are rude. Most people are very nice. It turns out, though, that Monday was the wrong day to pick to start. See, payday at my workplace is Thursday. By Monday most people are broke. My main problem now is to determine when “Ask me again on payday” means just that and when it means “I don’t want to give you any money but don’t feel I can just say no.”

Some people reached into their pockets and gave me a couple of bucks. Others caught me later and handed me a donation. One fellow reminded me to ask him again Friday morning.

In short, I am slowly gaining enough donations so I won’t look foolish in front of the other bald people on June 2. If any of you lovely readers would like to help the cause (um, the cause is actually children’s cancer research, not Cindy not being embarrassed), here is a link to my donor page: Perhaps by the time I’m actually bald, I will have learned how to post a picture. Stay tuned!

Bald Update

I believe I mentioned in a previous post that I have signed up for a St. Baldrick’s Day event in Richfield Springs, NY, on June 2. I’m going to let them shave my head, and I’m supposed to ask people to donate money to help fight children’s cancer.

And there, as they say, is the rub (actually,I think only Hamlet ever said that; the rest of us would probably say “there’s the problem” or “here’s the thing”) (but I digress). I HATE asking people for money! I am a terrible salesperson. I never won a prize for selling the most Girl Scout cookies (this was back in the day when people were not so nutsy-kookoo about Girl Scout cookies) (and when did Girl Scout cookies become such a big thing? That might rate another blog post) (again, I digress).

Wow, lots of digressions in only two paragraphs. It’s because I’m gearing up to post the link to my St. Baldrick’s Day donor website, to see if any of my lovely blog readers might like to make a contribution. Why in the world do I feel so self-conscious about this? I knew I was going to do it. People read my blog. People would like to cure cancer. Posting a way for people to donate is not that big a stretch. In fact, this is a great way to ask people to donate, because it is not face to face. If somebody doesn’t want to donate, they don’t even have to think of an excuse. What a great situation!

Which I will not encounter at work. I’ve been talking about how I am going to be bald and ask folks to donate, and many people have told me they would be glad to give me something. But I just hate the thought of going around with my little envelope and actually asking. I mentioned this to one co-worker. He had just bummed a ponytail holder from me, so it had come up in a conversation.

“I don’t mind getting my head shaved,” I said. “I just hate asking people for money.”

“Oh, I don’t mind asking people for money,” he replied. “I just don’t want to get my head shaved.”

I did not start out writing this post about my dithering over asking for donations. I was going to tell how I went to the website, because I knew there was a place where I could put something personal. I soon found “Message.” They had already put a generic one in: “I have answered the call to be a hero,” it started.

Good God, who would really say a thing like that? “I’m going to be a hero”? For heavens’ sake, it’s just a haircut! Well, you know computer un-savvy me. I had to click around for a while till I figured out how I could change that. Then I had to think of what to put. What I finally came up with at least sounded like something I would say. I may change it later (and probably write another blog post about it).

Be all that as it may, here is the website: 642777 is my donor number.

And, you know, now that I think about it, it’s Wrist to Forehead Sunday. Why should I not devote a post to dithering about something? I think once again, I may have backed into something appropriate.