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Fake Poo and Leftovers on Scattered Saturday

It is time I made my Scattered Saturday post for the week.  Or some sort of Saturday post.  Because, you know, it is Saturday (even if my WordPress page says differently; I can’t fix these technological glitches).  Only I am tired and would prefer to get on with my couch-sitting, crocheting, watching television portion of the day.  What a bum!  In my defense, I did a few things today.

I went running around with my friend, Kim.  We were seeking props for He Laughed Himself to Death, the murder mystery at Morning Star Methodist Church April 1.  We had some good luck. I was a little disappointed in the quality of fake poo we found, but I was pleased with the flies in ice cubes and the joy buzzers.  Oh dear, I hope I haven’t given too much away.  I do like my audience to be surprised.

Returning to Ilion, we had a nice lunch at Sorrento’s, just to give a shout-out to a local business. I have leftovers I can enjoy later.  Yum.  Later on, I went running (actual running, not just running around like earlier).  I pretty much knew I would not make a Running Commentary post.  I did not think I was setting a very good example, for one reason.  For another reason, most people do not want to hear about my sports bras (please do NOT tell me “TMI,” I HATE that expression!).  Around six, Kim picked me up again, and we went to a tasting of Coyote Moon Winery at Valley Wine and Liquors in Herkimer.  Then we met Steven at work and brought him to the tasting.

I heated up leftovers for supper when Steven and I got home (not the ones from today’s lunch).  I thought that was better than some other plans I had, one of which involved the telephone and a credit card.  The food tasted good, it was easy to fix, and we got that little frisson of virtue that the leftovers did not go to waste.

That brings us up to date.  It was a fun day, although I’m afraid this is kind of a dull post.  But what are you going to do on a Saturday? I hope to see you all on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.


Wine-ding Down on Saturday

I thought of this title as we were driving away from the liquor store.  And you see it has multiple levels of meaning because I am often kind of a dingbat.

I have had a busy Saturday.  I left the house shortly after eight this morning and stopped by a new place called Belly Busters to purchase a dozen donuts.  I’ll write a whole blog post about them later.  It is, of course, a good idea for the director to bring donuts to the theatre on a Saturday morning when people are helping with the set.  I arrived before anyone else and ate a donut.

Then I fixed a costume that needed a stitch or two and carried a bunch of costumes we decided not to use back up to costume storage.  Upstairs I looked for one more piece an actor had requested and wondered if there wasn’t more good stuff I hadn’t seen yet.  Friday I had found a hitherto unopened (by me) box labeled “specialty stuff” or something like that.  It had two felt hats such as I had been going to attempt to make.  Yes!  Score!

When people showed up, we went to Ilion TruValue Hardware to purchase more paint, put another coat of paint on the walls, polished all the wood on the furniture, went to a certain big box store for necessary fabric for set and costumes, and, yes, visited and talked about all kinds of fun stuff.  The only real reason to be involved in anything is to hang out with the other people involved (oh, I may get arguments about that; when will I learn not to make such global statements).  The extremely talented young man who is painting the garden mural which is, unfortunately, only vaguely seen by the audience, showed up and worked some more on that.  It looks awesome!  Before I left another nice man had shown up to hang the black fabric from the ceiling to the top of the walls which makes the set look so much more finished.

Really, I have gotten so much help on my show.  I am quite grateful to all involved. I must try to find some way of showing my appreciation besides mentioning them in a blog which I am afraid only a few of them read.

Back home, I did what I have not had a chance to do in recent weekends and took a nap.  You see, after yesterday’s bad headache I was afraid of getting another one so took some of the migraine medication the doctor prescribed.  It makes one a little dopey (even more so than usual) (so you don’t need to make unkind and rather obvious jokes about it) (you know who you are).

When Steven got home I was having coffee.  Ahhh.  We went out to Sorrento’s in Ilion, NY for a late lunch/early dinner, enjoying a glass of Pinot Grigio with the food.  On the way home we went by Valley Wine and Liquor, where they were tasting some Italian wines (so that’s two more places that deserve a full blog post).  We got a couple of bottles, including some champagne so we can mimose tomorrow, if we are so inclined.

So this is my Scattered Saturday post.  Steven is having a little doze on the love seat, but I will wake him up so I can read him this before I post it, then I think we will watch one of the VCR tapes I purchased at a rummage sale recently (perhaps you read my blog post on it).  Happy Saturday, everybody!


Treats Before Tricks

So, here it is, Halloween.  And it is Saturday, the day I usually dub Scattered Saturday, give you a brief summary of my gyrations for the day and hit Publish.  Sounds like a plan.

As I noted yesterday, I worked, from 5 to 11 a.m., not a heinous shift nor even a heinous job, although I would have liked to have slept in.  Oh well, you can’t have everything.  At least I went to bed early last night (after whining, anticipating, watching television and writing a blog post about it) (perhaps you read it).

After work, I really worked, getting our deck and backyard cleaned.  I dismantled my container garden then raked, raked, raked our back yard.  The back yard was carpeted with leaves.  I like having trees.  I like trees, I like shade. But what a lot of leaves!  However, there is no sense in repining at this point (ooh, there’s a thought: PINE trees!  No leaves!).   I see why people like those obnoxiously noisy leaf blowers.  I comforted myself with the thought that raking burns calories and applied myself with vigor.

I filled every leaf container we have.  That is four trash cans (one extra large) and one kitchen-sized waste basket.  I started to drag them out to the curb, since yard waste gets picked up Monday, then thought better of it.  After all, Halloween, pranksters… it could be a problem.

After my exertions I had a beer, as my dear old dad often does at the end of a good day’s work.  Full disclosure:  it was not the end of the day, it was about half past twelve.  But that beer tasted good.

When Steven got home, I got into the shower, informing him that we were going out for a late lunch.  He was quite agreeable.  We went to Sorrento’s in Ilion.  I had a Chicken Francaise sandwich while he had the special: a turkey slider with tomatoes, spinach and a balsamic fig sauce, mashed potatoes on the side.  Our waitress was quite adorably dressed as a clown in a tutu.

After lunch we went to Picker’s Dynasty, a re-sale shop I have been intrigued by but never gotten to.  We were just in time for their moving sale.  They will now concentrate on their space at the Mohawk Antiques Mall, another of my favorite stops.  I bought a biography of Zelda Fitzgerald.  Steven considered an album of “Music to Make Your Husband Happy,” but I guess he decided he was happy enough without it.

We are now home waiting till it is time to greet the trick or treaters, one of the highlights of my year.  I am enjoying a cup of coffee but do not rule out indulging in a little wine later.  I hope you are all having a marvelous Halloween, and I hope to see you on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.


Overwhelming Temptation

I am going to have a Wuss-out Wednesday and I am not going to apologize.  Maybe I will apologize.  Or maybe it will be too much trouble even to do that.

Oh, quit playing that imaginary violin.  Like you never got tired at the end of a long day!  Get over yourself!  Or don’t get over yourself.  I am trying to avoid telling other people what to do, although one must admit, sometimes the temptation to do so is overwhelming.

I  worked a ten-hour day today, and it was one of those days where the tenth hour was tacked on at the end.  Why is it that so much more tiring than going in two hours instead of one hour early?  That may be a good question for some half-baked philosophy on Lame Post Friday.  Will I even make it to Friday?  I suppose there is no reason to fear I will not, but the temptation to express myself dramatically is sometimes overwhelming.

Leaving work an hour later than usual, I nonetheless headed to the laundromat, something of a nemesis to me these days.  Perhaps I could have gone out and bought new underwear, but I was running out of clean everything else as well.  I started late enough that I was not finished when Steven got home from work.  He called me on my cell phone then drove to Ilion to join me.

Naturally the temptation to send out for food was overwhelming.  Steven called Sorrento’s, which is right across the street from the laundromat.  Unfortunately, we were done folding and our food was going to be 45 minutes.  Now what?  Sorrento’s does not have a bar where we could sit and have a drink while we waited.

“There’s Crossway’s Tavern,” I suggested, not thinking Steven would go for it.  Steven went for it.

As we sat at the bar at Crossways, I said I would write a blog post about it.  However, now that we are home, in our comfy clothes and have eaten,  all I really want to write is a Wuss-out Wednesday.  The temptation to do so is, as you might guess, overwhelming.


Low-Key and Gracious

Before going to the Ilion Little Theatre on Friday to see The Psychic, Steven and I met a couple of our theatre friends at Sorrento’s in Ilion, NY for a bite to eat and some good conversation.

The front part of Sorrento’s looks like a regular, low-key pizzeria, while the back room is what I call gracious dining surroundings. We sat in gracious dining surroundings. I had been a little worried about getting a table at six o’clock on a Friday night, but it was no problem. We were soon sipping wine and perusing menus.

I wanted something light and non-meat (Friday during Lent), so I chose linguini with oil and garlic, Italian dressing on my salad. Steven got a fish sandwich with french fries. The others in our party got fried calimari and spinach ravioli, respectively. The dinner also came with garlic bread, which was delicious.

While we ate, we talked about Ilion Little Theatre (ILT). Steven and I had missed the last dinner meeting, but we were told my name had come up. Some people had read my article in Mohawk Valley Living magazine, which was about ILT and the casting of our last production, Busybody.

It was a very good dinner. We’ve been to Sorrento’s many times before but not in a while, so it was good to eat there again, and a delightful start to our Friday night adventures. Sorrento’s is located at 86 Central Ave. in Ilion, phone number 315-894-9991. For more information you can visit their website at and you can Like them on Facebook.

Dinner and the Laundry

I mentioned in passing that Steven and I went to the laundromat yesterday (Tuesday). I thought I’d give that local business a proper plug today.

Colonial Laundromat in Ilion is located at 59 Central Ave, about two blocks into town coming off State Route 5. It’s clean and large, with various capacity machines.

We picked the biggest machine for things that had been in the basement during the flood and two of the next-largest for other things. We utilized one of the four change machines to supplement our supply of quarters. Another patron pretended it was a slot machine and cheered getting a big pay-off. That is one of my favorite laundromat jokes.

As I said, it is a nice clean business. A young lady was going around with a squirt bottle and rag, making sure it stayed that way.

Even though doing laundry involves a great deal of sitting around, we were working up an appetite. As our clothes tumbled in the drier, I realized the operative thing to do was to order food for us to pick-up on the way home. This entailed some discussion, because of course we had not planned ahead and, for example, stored any restaurant numbers on my cell phone or even written them in my notebook.

“If restaurants around here were smart,” I said, “they’d hang up fliers in here, so people doing laundry could say, ‘Oh, let’s eat here when we’re done!'”

Hmmm, no fliers. Finally Steven asked the young lady with the squirt bottle did she have a phone book. She did. I made the call, to Sorrento’s, right across the street, at 86 Central Ave.

When the lady heard where we had ordered, she said if she had known, we could have looked at her menu. She orders from there a lot. It didn’t really matter. I had known all day what I wanted for dinner: antipasto salad and garlic wings.

A short time later, as Steven went into Sorrento’s to get our food and I waited in the vehicle, I realized we hadn’t even needed to bother her for the phone book. There was the phone number right on the sign: 315-894-9991. We could have looked out the window and seen it.

So going to the laundromat was not so bad, especially with our reward of a yummy supper.