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Ups, Downs and Team Uncle Leo

Does anybody know what happens when a blogger gets up at 3:30 in the morning to work Saturday overtime, works said overtime, goes to an outdoor craft show to help a friend with a fundraiser, leaves for about an hour for a very sad reason, returns and attempts to help, and during this time takes a few walks across parking lots in the heat, one of which in dress shoes?  As I say, when all this happens, do you know what you get?  Anybody?  Bueller?

You get a silly blog post is what you get.

The fundraiser booth was to benefit Sitrin’s Stars and Strips Run/Walk for veteran’s rehabilitation programs. I am part of  Team Uncle Leo.  We had a booth at the Craft Fair which was part of Ilion Days.  We sold cold drinks, snacks and baked goods, and we had a Chinese auction type of raffle.  The drawing for the raffle will take place in August, after a couple more  fundraising tables at different events.

I was tired and hungry.  After walking across a couple of parking lots to find a place to change out of my work clothes, I purchased some chips and two cookies from Team Uncle Leo.   Then I got a Gator Ade.  Must stay hydrated after all.  We sold a few baked goods and raffle tickets. I am not what you would call a persuasive salesperson, but I tried.  Then again, when you offer yummy cookies and tempting raffle items (several local businesses were generous with gift cards) for a good cause, people will often make a purchase.

Oh dear, I had not meant to write about all this.  I had meant to mention it briefly in the first paragraph and go on to a cooking post (cooking with wine, of course).  After second guessing myself that far, I am now third guessing myself and wondering if I ought to include the previous two sentences at all.  This is what happens when I have a busy day that includes spending a lot of time outdoors in the heat and humidity.

Where was I?  Ah yes, wondering if I ought to mention the sad reason that took me away from the fundraiser and into a dress and the closest I get to high heels.  It was calling hours for the father of a friend.  It was a very sad occasion.  I never met him but felt I knew him from hearing my friend’s stories about him and seeing pictures on Facebook.  He was a wonderful, inspirational man who overcame many obstacles and loved his family very much.

It was in a somber mood, then, that I returned to the fundraiser.  I walked across different parking lots looking for a place to change this time.  It seems I am not as familiar with that section of  Ilion as I thought I was, because the business I was going for was further away than I had envisioned.  Thank heaven I wore my wedge-heeled clogs instead of my patent leather pumps (I almost never wear those pumps).

I think we raised some good money for Uncle Leo and veteran’s rehabilitation, although I don’t have a total.  I know my friend was happy I had made it to the calling hours, as of course was I.  I was grateful that the fundraising table was in the shade of a canvas cover plus a few trees.   All in all, more good things today than bad.

Except, I guess, for my blog post.

Sorry, friends.  Amongst the heat, humidity and everything, my brain is a mushy lump of I don’t know what (and it was that way BEFORE I started cooking with wine, so just wipe that superior smirk off your face!) (you know who you are).  Then again, I’m not feeling too bad for a Scattered Saturday.  I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.


Did Somebody Say Non-Sequitur Thursday?

OK, hands up, who’s going to the Ilion Days Craft Fair?

Full disclosure:  I have never fully taken advantage of Ilion Days, a celebration that lasts for over a week and includes village wide garage sales, the delightfully named Doo-Dah Parade, a Craft Fair, and more.  I’ve gone to the garage sales in years past.  This year’s were last weekend, when I was busy hydrating for the Boilermaker.

Further full disclosure:  I don’t know that much about the “and more.”  OK, I don’t know anything about “and more.”  I don’t even know much about the Craft Fair, but I’m going to be there.

I may have mentioned that I am a member of  Team Uncle Leo for Sitrin’s Stars and Strips Run/Walk to benefit veterans’ rehabilitation programs.   On Saturday, July 18 beginning at 10 a.m. at Ilion’s Central Plaza, Team Leo will have a table at the craft fair.  We plan to sell water, soda, chips, candy and baked goods.  We are also offering several desirable items in a raffle (including an afghan in camouflage colors made by me).

As it turns out, I may not personally be there at the crack of 10, because I may have to work, but somebody will be there.  I hope to be there at some point.

Right now, I’ve got to go finish my contribution to the baked goods portion of our table.  I’m a little disappointed that I shall once again miss the Doo-Dah Parade.

My Muddled Monday

Well, I’ve been posting lame since Thursday and I’m sorry about that, but the trend continues.   Today is a new feature called Muddled Monday.  It’s a little like Scattered Saturday.

Today is the first day of a two week break for me (my employer’s idea, not mine).  Steven had to work at 8:30, so we were up betimes (doesn’t that sound fancier than “early”?).  After I let him out of the driveway I ran to the store for a couple of things we needed.   As I drove home, I decided to go for a run.

It was a really good run.  I wanted to write a blog post about it.  Unfortunately, I was meeting my friend, Sherry, to do some fundraising stuff for the Sitrin Run/Walk to benefit veteran rehabilitation programs. We’re on Team Uncle Leo.

What a day!  We went all over the place, stopping at many local businesses. The highlight was The Locavore in Frankfort, NY, a place I had never been.  I got a sample of hot garlic-horseradish pickles. Yum!  I bought some. I mean to do a whole post on The Locavore.   Perhaps I’ll go shop there again first.  You know, to really get a feel for the place.  And maybe to buy more pickles.

I must say, this charity work is not easy, even when you do cravenly let your friend do most of the talking, which I’m afraid I did.  After all our running around I’m tired.  Or maybe because of the running around I did before we left (up to Herkimer College once again; it’s quite a hill).

I’ll write more about the Sitrin Run/Walk soon, and about the fundraising efforts of  Team Uncle Leo.  But right now I have to drink some more Gator Ade in preparation for the Boilermaker 15K.  It’s in less than two weeks!