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Not Thursday, but Non-Sequitur!

I did not mention that this is a four day week for me.  My dear husband Steven and I are both taking a four day weekend to celebrate his birthday.  Or perhaps the anniversary of his 29th birthday. I mention no numbers, but does that really matter?  They say you are as young as you feel.  I personally feel about 200 some days.  And I know there are those who act about 12 on a regular basis (no offense to you actual 12-year-olds).

Be that as it may, we began our long weekend a day early by going out to dinner tonight.  We had a gift card (thanks, Mom and Dad!), and it was half price on certain bottles of wine.  Yes, I am posting after drinking my share of a bottle of Pinot Noir.  I have sipped and typed before.  I think it will work out again.

I had meant to write a nice, coherent blog post while on breaks at work today, perhaps about the Chilean wine tasting we went to at Valley Wine and Liquor last Friday.  Full disclosure:  I did not write during any of my breaks.  You see, when I was at the library last Saturday (did I mention that on my Scattered Saturday post?), I got out three books.  I had not started reading any of them yet and thought it behooved me to do so.  Additionally, I thought some folks as work might be intrigued to see me reading a book titled The Poisoner’s Handbook.

In fact, very few of them seem to have noticed.  On co-worker asked me why I was reading it, giving me the chance to say in a sweet tone of voice, “No reason.”   I suppose I should share the author and publisher of the book, since I mentioned it at all.  Well, I hope I don’t get into trouble with the publishing police, but I’m not doing that now.  I am calling this Non-Sequitur Thursday, and I am signing off to enjoy the rest of my day!  I hope to see you all tomorrow, when it will actually be Thursday but I intend to celebrate Lame Post Friday.  Stay tuned!