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I’m Blaming My Sinuses

This is just a quick post to apologize for not making a post yesterday or today. No excuses, no explanations. But I feel bad about it. Do I feel bad enough to type in more than just a paragraph right now? We shall see.

Here’s a thing: I feel inclined to say I feel badly, but I distinctly remember learning in school (junior high? Elementary? My memory is not that distinct) that “feel badly” is incorrect; the correct expression is “feel bad,” because of the kind of verb “feel” is. Intransitive? Again, the memory is not distinct.

I am feeling bad(ly) in other ways too. This cooler weather makes my body think it is fall, and my sinuses are giving me hell. I don’t see how that can happen. Just because it cools off shouldn’t effect the pollen count, should it? Is this reverse placebo effect?

I may be crazy. The other day a guy said, “Normal is relative,” to which I responded, “Not my relative.” I stole that line from my sister Diane. It is a good one.

So I guess I’ll call this a Blogger’s Sick Day and drive on. It has not been a bad day, it has not been a bad weekend. I look forward to the week ahead. We shall see what kinds of blog posts I can come up with.

Too Foggy to Focus

It’s not fall yet.  We are just barely half way through August.  Could somebody please explain to me, then, why my fall allergies have suddenly kicked in?  On second thought, never mind.  I don’t want to know why.  I don’t care why.  I’m just sorry that.

All this by way of introduction to, alas, another Wuss-out Wednesday.  I’m sorry, but my brain is just too foggy to focus (Too Foggy to Focus might be a good title for this post).  Could it be that my allergies are combining with menopausal brain freeze? I’m doomed!

The funny thing is, and I was talking about this earlier in a letter to my sister (ooh, must remember to mail that letter), when I first feel the twinges of sinus distress there is almost something exciting about it.  Autumn has always been my favorite season.  I enjoy the cooler weather, I drink in the colors of the changing leaves, and I adore Halloween.  Additionally, fall has always felt like new beginnings to me.

This, of course, is a holdover from school years.  Every September I looked forward to the new academic year.  Because THIS year was going to be different.  This year I was going to have my act together.  I was not going to wait till the last minute to write papers and study.  More importantly, I was going to wear the right clothes, say the right things, and have lots of friends.  Maybe even… a BOYFRIEND.  I don’t think I need to tell you that one of that ever happened.  But I felt the possibilities, and it was usually a good couple of weeks before I realized I was the same geeky, awkward oddball that I have since learned to embrace.

But we’re not talking about me.  Oh, wait a minute, we are.  It is my blog.  Brain fog, remember?  “But we’re not talking about me,” is a phrase I sometimes use when I want to change the subject.  I would change the subject now, but I am too foggy to think of one to change it to.  Then again, I see I have blathered on for over 300 words.  I’m going to go lay my spinny head down and wait for winter.  Or at least for tomorrow’s blog post.  Happy Wednesday, everyone.


A Marginally Improved Woman?

You know, Scattered Saturday is kind of a relief.  All I have to do is briefly recount what I have been doing all day.  That seems to be all I am up to today.  Oh, don’t sit there and tell me I’m whining; if you don’t like it then just don’t read it!  Sheesh!

Opening night of Lunch Hour at Ilion Little Theatre was wonderful.  The actors were great, the audience was pleased.  A few of us had a very enjoyable time going out for drinks afterwards.  We got to bed after midnight, which is quite rare for me, then slept in till after seven, also unusual.  Please note:  I had one glass of cabernet sauvignon.  Oh, and a sip of a friend’s bourbon, because I couldn’t remember what bourbon tastes like.

This morning Steven and I had a yummy breakfast at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner in Herkimer, NY.  A bacon, avocado and cheese omelet for me; French toast, fried eggs and bacon for Steven.  Mine came with home fries and sourdough toast.  I shared the toast with Steven.

After food we went across the street to Collis Hardware and bought some heavy duty cleaning supplies:  rubber gloves, a tough broom, an industrial mop and a bucket with a wringer attached.  We had a rather nasty basement to clean.  That was our main accomplishment for the day.

I felt pretty crappy after spending some time in the basement rather ineffectually scrubbing (really, I did my best).  Our basement is as damp as any.  I’m sure there is mold and mildew.  My sinuses did not thank me.  When mopping was the last thing to do,  Steven heroically volunteered to do that while I went upstairs and laid down.

I slept for almost three hours.  Considering I have been getting to bed late and getting up at 3:30 every morning this week, I daresay I needed it.  I was not exactly a new woman when I got up, but I felt at least marginally improved.

Earlier in the week, Steven had noticed a Chinese auction at Mohawk Antiques mall to benefit the veterans.  We LOVE Chinese auctions, and who wouldn’t want to benefit the veterans?  I had not realized it was for Sitrin’s Rehabilitation, a most excellent program which I wholeheartedly support.  We put in for many prizes, and I noticed nobody had donated an afghan.

“I should have donated an afghan,” I said.  “Had I but known!”

“We put this together in three weeks,” a lady said.  “You wouldn’t have had time to make an afghan.”

I told her I try to always keep a few around, for just such a purpose.  I gave them my name and number, so they can contact me if they do this again.

After browsing the antiques while we were there, I started to feel a little ill and tired, so we went home.  I did no feel like cooking anything, so Steven nicely dialed up dinner, ordering a delicious roast beef sub from Carney’s Corners.

And that brings us up to the present time.  I have another show of Lunch Hour tonight.  If I catch a second wind and others are into it, I may go out again.  Surely one more glass of cabernet sauvignon wouldn’t hurt.


Come on, Spring!

Technically, Saturday Running Commentary could come back today, but I don’t feel like writing about that run. I ran in place on the mini-tramp, because it was raining and snowing. I watched the rest of that silent movie The Monster that I was watching before (took me three runs to see the whole thing) (and I’m still not clear on who the titular monster was). It continued to precipitate on and off for the rest of the morning, with the wind whistling in an alarming fashion (I always worry somebody will come along and drop a house on me) (it happened to a sister of mine once; long story), so I drove to the post office instead of taking my usual walk with Tabby. This afternoon, however, the sun came out and I thought I would give it a try and perhaps write a Pedestrian Post.

I hid upstairs while I changed sneakers, so Tabby would not get too excited too soon. Of course that merely delayed the inevitable. She was jumping and barking long before I was done puttering around looking for hat, gloves and poop bags. At last we were on our way.

The sidewalks were almost completely bare and dry. I reminded myself to appreciate that and not repine over the dropping temperature. For heavens’ sake, it was in the 60s yesterday. Did it have to drop all the way into the 30s? I kept telling myself it was above freezing, resolutely refusing to speculate on what temperature the windchill was inducing. Tabby did not seem to notice anything but trotted along happily, stopping many times to sniff.

We headed down Bellinger Street toward Meyers Park, Tabby leading the way. I looked around, testing my theory that sunshine makes anything look better. I suppose it does, but I am tired of seeing brown grass and bare trees. Courage, I told myself. Things will grow eventually. At least a lot of the snow is melting. Of course, one effect of that is a lot of old dog poo is appearing. I tried to keep Tabby from sniffing it. “You know what poo smells like,” I tell her. Oh, I know, she probably smells a lot more variation that I do.

Every once in a while the wind would completely die out and I would feel warm sunshine. It never lasted long, but it gave me hope. However, soon the wind started whipping more coldly and my sinuses were not happy. I persevered, because Tabby was so obviously enjoying herself. Also, I must admit, the walk felt good on my legs. I do love to walk. I tried to concentrate on that and ignore the wind. It helps that I have a sweet, cute dog. I look at her trotting along and I feel better about everything.

As we approached home I saw some shoots coming out of the dirt at a neighbor’s house. Yes! Something growing! That makes three houses where I have observed signs of life. It was really not a bad walk, but I sure did appreciate a cup of hot tea when I got home.

200 or Bust

This is not so much a Wuss-out Wednesday as a Bloggers’ Sick Day. And now that I think about it, I’m not so sure I can legitimately call it a sick day. I mean, if it was a real sick day, couldn’t I just type in one sentence and done? Sick day. Means I don’t have to do it.

But I won’t feel happy until I write at least 200 words. Can I manage 200 words? Maybe 150 would be OK. I feel obligated to say at this point that I DID have something written for today. Only it was long. I can’t type in that many words. I’ll save it for Non-Sequitur Thursday.

I did not feel this awful all day. I had rather an OK day at work. But my sinuses were bothering me to the point where I took a decongestant. Now I am so lightheaded I question if I have any brain left. I know, I KNOW many of you were questioning if I had any brain to begin with. What a dull, obvious joke. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Now my word count tells me I am over 180 words. I question how accurate that is, since it is taking me two sentences and more to get to 190. I guess it doesn’t add each word as I type it. Ooh, ooh, I looked away and now it says 226. Score! I’m going to lay back down and continue to watch the room spin.

I Was Going to Blame the Book

I was moderately pleased with my blog post yesterday, especially since it was not a Monday Middle-aged Musing. I had high hopes of writing something not contemptible today.

To help matters along, I left the book I’ve been reading in my bag. It is a true crime book, and I’m really having a hard time putting it down. I thought it would help if I refrained from picking it up. Oh, I know, leaving it home would have been even more helpful. I’m only human, after all.

I wrote a couple of paragraphs on my novel before work started. I spent the first couple of hours at work thinking about what I would write. My brain hummed along. This was going to work out fine.

Several of you are probably rolling your eyes (you know who you are, don’t deny it), saying, “And then when she got to break she couldn’t write anything. We’ve HEARD this before!”

Well, I didn’t exactly write nothing, but I could not be pleased with my lead. I decided to just write whatever I could and try to cobble it together later. One contemptible sentence. One not so bad (these are my impressions at the time; I haven’t gone back to check on their veracity). The thought occurred to me, “Wow, writing sure is different from reading.” Then, “Well, duh.” The post certainly was not working out well. I wrote a little more on my novel.

I really wanted to get back to that true crime book.

I went back to work determined to think some more about what to write. Really, this is the method I have been using since I got this job and usually it works out very well. Think while working, write on break.

And then I started to feel ill. Steven has had a frightful cold this week. He went to work Monday feeling just awful. Well, I can’t say he never gave me anything (actually, when spoken it’s “never gave me nuthin'”).

There was nothing I could do but suffer. The only thing that made my day the least bit bearable was reading that damn book on breaks. Otherwise, I would have put my head down, fallen asleep, and embarrassed myself either by snoring or falling to the dirty floor.

As the afternoon wore on, I couldn’t understand how I could possibly look normal, feeling the way I felt. Why wasn’t my head eight times normal size and shaped like a balloon? Why wasn’t my face at least red and throbbing in front of where my sinuses were? I comforted myself with the thought that maybe it was not a cold after all. Maybe it was allergies. Isn’t there frost in the forecast? Relief could be a mere day away.

And that is the, as it turns out, extremely long story about Why I Didn’t Write a Blog Post Today. Hmm… perhaps not as contemptible as I had feared.