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You’ve Lost that Lame Feeling

When a daily blogger (for example, me) has had a week of stupid posts yet wants to make a post quickly so she can watch Snapped… Oh I can’t keep talking about myself in the third person for the whole post.  My point is: it is Lame Post Friday.  Even though I only had a three day work week this week, I am still feeling Friday, in the lame post sense of the word.

Earlier today I lost Friday.  I was walking down the aisle at work thinking, “And when I come in tomorrow morning…”  I really felt as if I was going to be going to work tomorrow.  And when I reminded myself that I was not, I did not feel the shock of delight I felt the news deserved.  What the hell, me?  So I started singing (only in my head, for the benefit of my co-workers) that song about “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling”  only  substituting “Friday” for “Loving.”  I only got as far as those few words, though, because I don’t know that song very well.

Regular readers may remember that Lame Post Friday is traditionally the home of random observations and half-baked philosophy.  I say “may” and “traditionally” because I am uncomfortably aware that recent Lame Friday Posts have just been, well, lame.  Here is my observation for the day, and I think it veers into the philosophical:  You will often find more peace of mind if you refrain from giving someone a piece of your mind.

And here’s a Freudian typo for good measure:  I first put “peach of mind.”  Would that be more fuzzy or fruity?  Discuss amongst yourselves.

I see that I am over 250 words.  I count that good for a foolish post, and I feel this is right up there with my silliest. Or perhaps I flatter myself. No matter.  Once again, I hit Publish and hope for the best.


No, It Really IS Friday!

I’m having a Bela moment.

I was going to call this post “Not Feeling Friday,” but a quick search showed me I have already used that title.  Still, feeling it or not, it is Friday, the day I allow myself to post lame (I have different excuses the other days, you know that, so just hold your sarcastic comments till the end).  However, lame or not, a post must be made.  I thought to do the picture thing I have come to enjoy and perhaps overuse.  Looking through my Media Library, I saw this gem, a longtime favorite of mine.  Of course I usually post it on a Tuesday, but it just feels right today.

This was one of my favorite Facebook profile pictures.

I put in this picture in case anybody is judging me for my day-of-the-week time warp.  Go ahead and judge!  I’m not perfect!  I’m not even pretty damn good most days!

Hey, wasn’t I running away from this guy in yesterday’s post?

Oh, here, for anybody who might be sitting there saying, “But dammit, it really IS Friday!”  I can appreciate being a stickler for accuracy.

This is a really fun movie. I wonder if Steven would be into watching it tonight.

I add this picture purely for the irony:  obviously my brain has died, leaving my body behind, fingers typing foolishly.  OK, I have to admit: that just amused me quite a bit.  Well, I’m afraid I write this blog for me.  I hope to also entertain any readers who happen to chance by, but if I please myself, at least SOMEBODY will be happy.  I think even silly bloggers deserve some happiness.

Speaking of silly, I will end with a silly picture of me, in a dramatic moment in The Tempest, the play I was in the LiFT Theatre Company this past summer.  I kind of went over the top in this scene, but the director never told me I went too far, so I guess it was all right.  Now that I think about it, it is a little further irony to put this picture under the heading “Speaking of Silly,” because at that moment in the play (in fact, almost any moment I am on stage), I did not even think about feeling silly: I just went for it.

I’m the one in the yellow tights, in case you couldn’t guess.

Happy Friday, everybody.


The Silliest Blog Post?

I could not think of anything to write a blog post about (I know, All Tempest All The Time, only I could not think of anything new to say about that either).  My husband, Steven, suggested I write a post about my silly husband.  Now I am afraid he will be dreadfully disappointed if I do not write such a blog post, so here goes.

The most glaring example of Steven’s silliness is that he was silly enough to marry me.  Obviously somebody married to me must be very silly, or perhaps a glutton for punishment (which is also, arguably, a silly way to be).  As anybody who has actually met me knows and readers of this blog suspect, I am no picnic.  Oh, I’m sure I have my good points, but we’re not talking about me.  The operative thing to do next is to give other concrete examples of how Steven is silly.  Well, for one thing, he has dubbed me the silliest.  Can you imagine such a thing?  Me, silly!  Well, I do write a silly blog, but, once again, we are not talking about me.

When my nieces were younger, it was quite the family controversy of who was the silliest, me or Steven.  Showing their wisdom and discernment, my nieces usually concluded that it was Steven, although for some unaccountable reason, the scales sometimes tipped in my direction.  My niece Gillian, however, wholeheartedly embraced Uncle Steve as the silliest.  Being a gentleman (albeit a silly one), he returned the favor.

One Christmas when I spoke to Gillian on the phone, she asked how The Silliest was.  Steven, in the background, said, “Tell her to quit talking about herself.”  When I asked Gillian what she had gotten for Christmas, she told me that one of her presents was a pig.  Steven immediately began saying, “Oink, oink.  Oink, oink,”  to which Gillian replied, “Tell him to quit talking about himself.”


A Blooming Silly Post

This post is in the nature of a public service announcement or maybe self-help or some such.  How to have fun at work.

Most of us have to work and many of us have given up on that illusive dream of finding a fulfilling job we love.  There are not that many of those jobs out there and they are really hard to get.  Moreover, all the other jobs still have to be done.  I have always liked the expression, “Bloom where you are planted.”  I confess to spending a lot of my life actually trying to transplant myself, but we’re not talking about that right now.  We’re blooming.  So let’s get on with the blooming blog post (see what I did there?).

My best way to have fun at work is to be silly.  I always say, go with your strengths.  If a silly joke occurs to me, I share it.  Sometimes I sing a silly song, although then I run the risk of somebody telling me to don’t quit my day job, an overused joke which I have never found particularly amusing.  But anyone might think of telling jokes and singing songs.  What can I tell you that you may not have thought of?

One thing I do is think of reasons why somebody wore a the shirt they happen to be wearing.  For example, sometimes I wear Hump Day Hot Pink or Payday Purple.  If somebody wears a black shirt on payday, I say it is because after they are paid their finances will be in the black.  If they wear red, it is obviously because even after being paid, they will still be in debt.  A blue shirt indicates that person feels blue because of the size of said paycheck, while a green shirt merely denotes money.  One of my favorite shirt days is Where’s a Shirt Wednesday, followed by There’s a Shirt Thursday.

Alas, not everybody can play the shirt game.  Some places of employment require a uniform or at least a certain color shirt.  Those people must think of other work games to play.  Or they can stick with telling jokes and singing songs.  There are other work games we can play.  I will share others in future blog posts.  In the meantime, today is Lame Post Friday.  I have posted lame and now I am going to relax. Happy Friday, folks.



Tired of Computer Problems

This will be a short Tired Tuesday post, because I can’t be sure the power cord will remain plugged into my computer.  It is the replacement cord we bought recently when the original cord wore out.  The battery is worn out and they don’t make that kind any more.  Enough of my computer woes.

Wait a minute.  I already typed the title, “Tired of Computer Problems.”  Does that not imply that this post will go on talking about my computer woes?  Can I be guilty of lack of truth in advertising when it is not even Non-Sequitur Thursday?  Could be.

But, wait another minute.   I am TIRED of computer problems.  Maybe I am also tired of talking about them.  It seems, however, that I am not tired of being silly.

The fact is, I have had a bad headache all day, the sixth day in a row I have had one.  At least every headache has not been an all-day affair.  I’ve got that going for me.  What I do not have going for me is a viable topic for a blog post and/or the brains to write one if I did.

In conclusion, I have no conclusion. Hope to see you all on Wuss-out Wednesday.


Respectable but Silly

A few good things happened today.  My Saturday overtime got cancelled, so it really truly is a Friday for me.  My laundry is done (of course actually doing it was a heinous part of the day, but I’m being glass half full here).  It is Snapped night on Reelz, so I can continue to research my character of a woman who kills her husband (for that play I’m in, remember?).  And, it is Lame Post Friday, so I can write a silly blog post and not worry about it.

I know, this is just one of many silly posts I make these days.  In my defense, I’m getting sick again.  I spent the day in misery, wanting nothing better than to go home, lay down on my bed and watch the ceiling spin.  The highlight of my day was when I remembered about Snapped night.  I try to be grateful for any bright spot.

However, I did not start this blog post to kvetch.  I started it because, well, I like to post every day.  Oh, I know what, let’s have a continuation of Toot My Horn Tuesday by sharing a Facebook post I made On This Day a couple of years ago:  So I said to this guy at work, “I have a terrible hemorrhoid.  You can get a good look at it when you kiss my ass.”  Incidentally, that is what I could say to anybody who thinks I am making too many silly posts.  Then again, if somebody is actually reading me, perhaps I should keep it polite.  Any thoughts?

In the meantime, I’m over 250 words.  I call that respectable.  I have some murder television to watch.  Happy Friday, everyone.


Yes, I Am a Silly Blogger

I had thought to have Sunday Running Commentary. However, since it was 19 degrees out, I opted to run in place on the mini-tramp. It was not a particularly blogworthy activity (yes, computer, I know “blogworthy” is not a word, but it ought to be). While I ran, I watched a Hammer horror movie I had DVR’d back in October. Naturally I did not watch the whole movie. Perhaps someday when I am training for a marathon I shall be able to do such a thing. Today was not that day.

I suppose I am gearing up to Yet Another Post About Why I Can’t Write a Post Today. Some readers may be calling foul over that. After all, I had a Wrist to Forehead day yesterday. I had a Lame Post Friday and a Non-Sequitur Thursday. Oh yeah, and a Wuss-out Wednesday. Did I also wuss out on Tuesday? I don’t remember, and I am far too lazy to go back and check now. So you see.

“Yes, I see,” my reader is saying (that imaginary reader in my head who always says such things). “I see that you are too lazy be a real blogger! You bum!”

Can you believe this: my computer considers “blogger” to be a real word! But “blogworthy is not! What’s that all about, computer? Obviously blogworthy is a far superior and useful word. Blogger just sounds silly. Is that what I want to be? I guess I am silly. And so is my blog. I hope I still have some readers on Monday.

I Mean, It’s Like, You Know?

I was unable to write a blog post while at work today, because I was suffering from a screaming sinus headache.

Um, I did not actually scream. My place of employment is pretty loud at the best of times, so it is entirely possible that if I had screamed no one would have noticed. If they did notice, hearing protection is readily available. Good thing; my screams are piercing.

Where was I? Ah yes, nowhere. Partway through the day, in between waves of pain and wondering what in the world I was going to write about, I remembered: Non Sequitur Thursday. All I had to do was write a few random comments and done! On to the wine drinking portion of the evening!

I even thought of using “Non Sequitur Thursday” as the headline, but then I thought it would be a little too post-ironic. I mean, think about it: if you say you are about to say a non sequitur, then you say one, doesn’t that make it a sequitur? And is sequitur one of those lost positives you hear about (you know, like ept)?

I could actually make this Stream of Consciousness Thursday, by seguing into a whole blurb on lost positives (with a slight detour into how come my computer wants me to spell it “segueing” when the dictionary clearly prints “-uing”?). I really, really, want to say it: you know, how people can be inept, but you never hear about them being ept?

My computer, by the way, is also underlining ept, and all I can think of is the pregnancy test. Not something I need to think about at my age!

This is a singularly silly post, and I know I’ve had some silly ones. And I realized I was using “you know” entirely too much (I actually deleted a couple), so that gave me my headline. This was an expression I used to use quite a bit in my younger days. It was my statement on how people often talked without saying anything. A self portrait? You be the judge.