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Just a Small Beer Belly

I did not spend Shop Small Saturday going around to a lot of distinctive local shops such as I love.  In my defense, for Mohawk Valley Girl, EVERY Saturday is Shop Small Saturday.  However, this afternoon I did make it to one of my favorite local businesses, so I will write a blog post about that.

Where else to buy beer?

When taking a picture of the sign, I noticed there is a new business in the building. I’ll have to check it out.  But today I was intent on beer.

Beer Belly Bear?

How could I resist taking a picture of the bear?   Every business should have an animal out front!

It’s not just beer!

I may come back to purchase one of these lovely wreaths. And if I ever take up fishing, I can come here for bait!

It did not take me long to grab the beer I sought, and now I am home making a blog post about it. I hope you all had a lovely Saturday, and may you Shop Small this Christmas. I intend to. I wonder how many people on my list would like beer.

Picture Shopping


I love shit like this!

How about a Wordless Wednesday Post?  Of course, I am never entirely wordless.  However, earlier this afternoon, I stopped by Mohawk Valley Community Market and took several pictures.  The above was taken just as I walked through the door.


Santa Claus is coming to town!

The sign in the chair said when Santa will visit, but I did not make a note.  No doubt you can find out via their Facebook page.  I am sure social distancing rules will apply.

The handy site map was new since my last visit.

Is that gorgeous or what?


Here’s some beautiful glassware!

Of course I had to check out my friend Gil’s spot, One of a Kind by GS.

Renewed and Rescued, the original inhabitant of the space.

This is where they used to have clothes.


One last incidental table that caught my eye.

I love vendor marts like this, because you always see something different.  I will no doubt be back to Christmas shop.

Mohawk Valley Community Market is located at 140-142 N Main St., Herkimer, NY.  They are open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday,  10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.  Special hours may be in force for this weekend, but they will be open and obviously ideal for Shop Small Saturday. 


Late on Friday, Ambitious for Saturday

So Thursday I managed a foolish post while tired, but I could not accomplish such a feat on Friday.  I know I proclaimed Wednesday Lame Post Friday,  but I think I will have to dub it Wuss-out Wednesday and have another Lame Post Friday today.  Uh, yesterday.

Today, in fact, is Shop Small Saturday,  a holiday tailor made for Mohawk Valley Girl!  I have actually been saying lately, ” EVERY Saturday is Shop Small Saturday for me!  I hardly ever shop big!”  That said, I plan to make a few local stops today, perhaps even venturing out of Herkimer into Frankfort, Ilion, Mohawk, and Little Falls.  Hmm. That may entail quite a number of stops. We’ll see.

However, there are other things I need to accomplish. I must get some writing done other than a late, lame blog post. It would be a good idea to run. And there is always my house that needs a lot of cleaning…

I think more coffee is first on the agenda.  We’ll make this post a little shorter than my usual, and I’ll try to make up for it later.


Shopping Small on Scattered Saturday

I may have used this title before, but it is getting late on Saturday, and I have had a few drinks, so I must make my post as best as I can and hope it is OK.  I went running this morning and hoped to do a Running Commentary, but time got away from me.  For one reason, I went running late and still had to write my post cards.  And call my Mom and Dad (I have called home on Saturday mornings for many years).  And check Facebook (I am still Liking birthday wishes from Thursday).

Our first stop was The Medicine Shoppe in Ilion, NY, to pick up a re-fill (more I cannot say, because, you know, HIPAA).  It is a shop local shop, because it is a locally owned franchise. Nice!  It was also handily located for a stop at Honey Brook Hobbies.  They were having a craft fair. Nice!  Additionally, we found out our dear friend Jerry is now employed there part time as a baker.  He is quite awesome in every respect. Yet another reason to like the nice people at Honey Brook!  In fact, when we paid for our purchases, we told the lady at the cash register that Jerry is one of our best friends.  She said theirs, too.  I said I guessed Jerry became best friends with almost everybody he meets.

After Honey Brook, we went two doors down to Ilion Wine and Spirits.  We got a couple of bottles to ensure our good cheer.  On the way home, we stopped at Mohawk Village Market, where we purchased sausage and chicken gizzards.  Yum!  I did not see any books to borrow from their Little Library but made a mental note to bring some books to donate. I know I have some.

After relaxing at home, we ventured out again with our friend Kim to a liquor tasting at Valley Wine and Liquor in Herkimer, NY.   Amaretto, Vodka and Fireball Whiskey, yum!  After that we went to Asteroga Ale House for another drink and a little food.

I fear I am too tired after all these stops to include links to all these businesses, or even their addresses and hours.  Perhaps you could google any in which you are interested.  Or perhaps tomorrow I will remember to edit and add same. In the meantime, Happy Saturday, and I hope you found an opportunity to shop small.  It’s fun!


My Cheesy Saturday Stop

One of my favorite stops on Shop Small Saturday was Original Herkimer Cheese in Ilion, NY.  I had first tried Herkimer Cheese at a wine tasting at Ilion Wine and Spirits (just to plug another local business).  I was delighted to discover another local cheese maker.  I went home and Liked them on Facebook.  Fast forward to November 2016, when I learned they were having a Holiday Open House.

It was not hard to find the place, out Otsego Street a little beyond Ilion Farmer’s Market (another favorite destination).  I walked in to find several people enjoying free samples and chatting.  I happily tried some Chutter and Cheddar as well as two kinds of cheese dip.


Everybody enjoyed the samples.

One of the ladies working (I foolishly did not ask their names) said she would be happy to open anything else people wanted to try.  After looking in the cooler, I asked to sample the Asiago Bacon Horseradish dip.  Yummy!  I got some of that and some Buffalo Bleu Cheese dip. Just before turning away from the cooler, I noticed some garlic and herb cheese and grabbed that too.  I was sure I would like something called “garlic and herb” without sampling it first.

I looked around the room at some of the other wares for sale, especially noticing some mustard and crackers that looked good.


I was very interested in the t-shirts that read “Keepin’ it Cheesy since 1949.”  I mentioned that I like to eat cheese and watch cheesy movies.  Everybody appreciated the double meaning.


Maybe Steven will get me one for Christmas!

I was happy with my purchases and happy I discovered another good place to buy cheese. Original Herkimer Cheese is located at 2745 State Route 51, Ilion, NY 13357, phone number 315-895-7428.  For more information you can visit their website at  Or you can stop by.  I saw on Facebook that they are hosting another open house on Saturday Dec. 3 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  I might go there again myself!

Short Post on Shop Small Saturday

I pause in my Saturday festivities to make a blog post on Small Business Saturday, which follows the more flashy Black Friday.  Quite frankly, I am not inclined to shop on any Big Day, because I prefer to avoid crowds.  However, being Mohawk Valley Girl, as I am, I felt it would behoove me to get out and support a few of our wonderful Mohawk Valley entrepreneurs.

The sticky wicket was that I had a headache and was in kind of a poopy mood (not literally; don’t go yelling TMI at me).  Additionally, it was pouring rain.  I usually try not to let the weather bother me, but today I felt… dampened.   However, I got myself out the door shortly after 10 a.m. and headed to Little Falls.  There was a lot going on in Little Falls, because Little Falls is really good at these things, in addition to having many excellent local businesses.  My ambition to shop took a nosedive when as I got to Little Falls I remembered I had not taken the postcards and letter I wrote to the post office before I left Herkimer.  Damn!

I hate to admit it, but I only made it to the Community Co-op in Little Falls.   Sorry, Little Falls!  I’ll make it back one day soon, shop at lots of places and write a better blog post.

Driving back through Herkimer, I remembered that Original Herkimer Cheese in Ilion was having a Holiday Open House.  I managed to find it.  I sampled and purchased some cheese.  I must write a fuller blog post about that place.  Next I went to one of my all-time favorite places, Ilion Farmer’s Market at Clapsaddle Farm.  I had a great conversation with folk artist Jim Parker and bought some pickles and tomatoes.

By now I was in kind of a better mood, and it had stopped raining.  Driving back through Ilion I checked out Honey Brook Hobbies and Sweet Temptations, another place I must make a complete blog post about.  Then I made a stop at Ilion Wine & Spirits, another of my favorite places.  Heading back to Herkimer, I made one more stop at T & J’s Fruits and Vegetables.

So I did a lot, but I guess I’m not up for writing a lot about it.  In my defense, I spent some time working on the murder mystery I’m writing for Herkimer County Historical Society, so I’m not a complete bum.  Call me a partial bum, and have a nice Saturday.

Another Cool Place to Shop

One of Steven’s and my stops on Shop Small Saturday (oh dear, was that almost two weeks ago?  How the time flies!) was Fall Hill Bead and Gems.  What a fun place to look around!

Jewelry is one of my magnets, as a friend once observed. I especially like unusual pieces.  At Fall Hill you can not only find unusual pieces: they sell all the materials needed for you to make your own.  I have personally never made my own jewelry but looking at all the different beads available I’m wondering if I ought to give it a try.

As Steven and I walked around admiring, I started thinking about all my family and friends who would love this store:  this one loves jewelry, that one is interested in the healing properties of gemstones, another one makes jewelry.  I mentioned a few of them to Kim Hergert, the proprietor.  She asked which category I was in.

“I like unusual stores,” I said.

“I just like cool stuff,”  Kim said.  I asked if I could quote her, and she graciously gave permission.

We purchased a small gift bag made out of some unusual material and a rough Little Falls diamond.  Kim told us the bag was half silk half paper.

“I don’t know if they feed the silk worms paper pulp and they poop it out or what,” she said.  It was a fun stop.  I intend to return soon, possibly with family or friends to introduce to a really cool place.

Fall Bead and Gems is located at 32 W. Main St., Little Falls, NY, phone number 315-823-0454. You can Like them on Facebook.