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A Few Pics from the Preview

You know, time does not fly JUST when you are having fun.  It flies other times, too.  Not usually at work, of course.  I’m not at work right now (I can’t get online at work, for one reason).  Time flies when you have a limited amount of it and a great number of things you were hoping to get done.  Well, I just won’t get everything done, that’s all.  And I will not make the blog post as long as I had hoped (some people may not find that to be a tragedy, I’m sure).

Today’s post was to have been a cross between Wordless Wednesday and Wuss-out Wednesday.  For one reason, I wanted to share the pictures I took at last week’s preview performance of The Tempest in Little Falls.  However, it seems I have quite a few shots, and my internet keeps going on (bad modem?  lousy router? operator error?).   My new plan (my plans are nothing if not flexible!) is to spread the pictures out over a few posts.  It! Could! Work!

“I don’t always wear pumpkin pants. But when I do, it is for Shakespeare.”

I led with one of my favorite shots.  This is Ferdinand, the son of Alonso, the king of Naples.  He really was posing like The Most Interesting Man in the World.  As a matter of fact, in the play, Miranda finds Ferdinand the most interesting man in the world.  Of course, she does not have much basis for comparison.

This was also described as a pirate outfit.

This is our director.  He also plays one of the sailors in the first scene of the play then goes on to lay Stefano, the king’s drunken butler.  One thing we do in community theatre is multi-task!

They may look nice, but they are up to no good!

These are Antonia and Sebestian.  Antonia has deposed her sister, Prospera, the rightful Duchess of Milan.   They spend a good amount of time in Act II making fun of my character, Gonzalo.

Looking regal and kingly.

And this is Alonso, the King of Naples.

You may have noticed that a number of the names begin with the same letter: Alonso and Antonia (Antonio in the original script).  Sebastian and Stefano.  There is also a Francisco, to get mixed up with Ferdinand.  I couldn’t believe Shakespeare could do such a thing!  When I start to name my characters, I write the alphabet at the top of the page and cross out letters as I use them, just to avoid such confusion.  The fellow who plays Alonso is also a writer. When I remarked about the alliterative names (the one time I do NOT like alliteration), he said, “Yeah, Shakespeare made a rookie mistake.”  I have to love someone who thus off-handedly accuses Shakespeare of a rookie mistake.  Rock on, Alonso!

Ooh, look everybody, I’m over 400 words!  I may have wussed out, but I am far from wordless (really, am I ever wordless?  Those who know me in person will tell you I am NOT).  I hope to see you all on Non-Sequitur Thursday.



Murder! Acting! and Cheese!

It’s been a while since I’ve made a hasty post before rushing off to a theatrical endeavor, has it not?  No matter if it has not, it is what I am doing now, I hope.  What a weekend I have ahead of me!  One show revived, another show started, and a wine and cheese fundraiser.  Take a deep breath, Cindy, and enjoy the ride!  (Yes, I talk to myself, is that a problem?)

First up is tonight’s revival of Rubbed Out at Ruby’s, the interactive murder mystery that was presented to great acclaim at The Overlook Mansion in Little Falls (all my murder mysteries are presented to great acclaim, or at least I say so).  We are putting it on again for a private party.  Woohoo, LiFT Theatre Company is in demand!

This was the original cast. We had to re-cast a couple of parts.

Tomorrow, I’ll be with LiFT Theatre Company once again, when we meet for the first read-through of The Tempest, our Shakespeare production for the summer.  I will be sure to make lots of posts about that as rehearsals start and keep my local readers updated on performances.  You’ll have lots of chances to catch this one!

Sunday, when I ought to be doing laundry and cleaning my house (oh yeah, and writing my novel), I will be heading to the Overlook Mansion for a fundraiser for the Little Falls Cheese Festival.

I’ve got my ticket!

I will be a mere attendee at this event, instead of a participant, as I will be for Rubbed Out at Ruby’s and The Tempest.  I expect it will make a lovely blog post.

I see I have come full circle on this post.  I started out with Rubbed Out at Ruby’s, which was presented at the Overlook Mansion by LiFT Theatre Company.  I continued with another activity with LiFT Theatre Company.  Now I return to the Overlook to eat cheese, drink wine and listen to the blues.  What could be better?  I shall close with a shot of the Overlook, which I believe I have used before.  Happy Friday, everybody!

It is such a beautiful place, I don’t mind showing it more than once.


Much Ado on Bad Attituesday

In lieu of the Bad Attituesday post  I was gearing up to write, I will share more information about Much Ado at the Herkimer Elks Lodge this Friday, Sept. 2.  A spaghetti dinner at 5:30 is followed by the show at 6:45 p.m. (do I really have to specify pm?  Can you imagine Shakespeare at 6:45 a.m.?  It sounds like a weapon in an old timey duel, “Shakespeare at dawn!”) (now I’m thinking that that’s a title of a play I ought to write…).

Where was I?  Ah yes, on Tuesday, looking forward to Friday.  And to rehearsal on Thursday.  I have been practicing my lines in my head.  I think I still know them.

My summer Shakespeare experience has been a great ride.  From hesitating about doing it to taking two parts to performing on four — soon to be five — different stages, I have learned a lot and laughed a lot.  I have made some wonderful theatre friends that I hope to work with again.  I have been inspired with several new writing ideas as well as a couple of directing thoughts.  And while vowing to never do another play in the summer, I am nevertheless intrigued by the possibility of stage combat in 2017.

That will be in the more distant future.  For the immediate future, I will be delighted to begin my three day weekend Friday with one last performance of Much Ado About Nothing.   Local readers are encouraged to attend. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door.  The Herkimer Elks Lodge is located at 124 Mary St., phone number 315-866-1439. The Facebook event for the show is at


Toto, I’ve a Feeling We’re Not in Hamlet Anymore

To post or not to post, that is the question.

See what I did there?  See, I’m in a Shakespeare play, and I took a well-known Shakespeare quote and modified it to fit the situation at hand.  And if you say, “But you’re not in Hamlet,” I shall say, “Don’t be so didactic.”

I guess the question is not so much “to post or not to post?” as “to post now or later?”  Obviously I am GOING to post.  I post every day.  It’s in my nature, it’s what I do (that’s a family quote; long story and possibly not as cute as we think it is).  I am sitting here in the increasing warmth and humidity, waiting for time to pass till my ride picks me up for the closing performance of Much Ado About Nothing.  I have a few things I must do before that happens, but not many and I’m stalling.

So do something useful, I can see you gearing up to suggest.  Who, me?  Be useful?  Excuse me, have we met?  In fact I did one marginally useful thing:  I ironed Hawaiian shirts for Steven and me to wear to the cast party later today.  I do love a nicely pressed Hawaiian shirt, and I  only recently obtained an ironing board to replace the one that perished in the flood of 2013. I’ve been making do with a towel on the table.  As you may imagine, under those circumstances I only iron what I absolutely must.

As I ironed the shirts, I pondered the appropriateness of it.  After all, Hawaiian shirts are synonymous with leisure, relaxing and parties.  Is it appropriate to labor over them with a  hot steam iron?  But the question was not “To iron or not to iron” (see what I did there?).  The shirts needed ironing.  They will now look awesome at the cast party.

I see that I have babbled on for over 300 words.  I call that quite respectable for a Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  Then again, is a Wrist to Forehead Sunday ever quite respectable?  I must leave these questions to ponder another time.  Right now I’m going to look over my lines and check if my costume needs ironing as well.  Happy Sunday, everyone.

Oh and once again, Much Ado About Nothing, Sterzinar Park, Canal Place, Little Falls, 3 p.m.  Be there, aloha!



Tired Tue after Much Ado at the Zoo

What if instead of Tired Tuesday I had Tirade Tuesday?  I could rant and rave over something I feel strongly about.  I could make my point loudly, or at least all in capital letters,  and describe the accompanying gesticulations (“gesticulations” is one of my all-time favorite words).  It would be a powerful statement.  Well, don’t get your hopes up (as if any of you were).  I don’t have that kind of energy.  It is once again Tired Tuesday.

Last night I participated in Much Ado at the Zoo at the Utica Zoo with LiFT Theatre Company.  I thought it went pretty awesomely.  I guess there were some line glitches.  OK, I screwed up one of my Friar speeches.  I recovered my poise and continued.  I neither stumbled nor lost my shoes in my Second Watch scenes (yes, I have done both of those, who do you think I am, Sarah Siddons?). More importantly, the audience loved it. We got all kinds of compliments after the performance.  I must agree with our director, Matt Powers that bringing Shakespeare to the Mohawk Valley is a noble endeavor.

Unfortunately these noble endeavors wear me right out.  I couldn’t even stand up in the shower.  I had to take a bath or stay dirty (don’t worry, I chose bath).  I hope I can find clean clothes for work tomorrow, because I am way too tired to do laundry as I had planned.  As for writing a decent blog post,  well, once again, I ask my wonderful readers to bear with me.  I’m still in the midst of All Much Ado All The Time, but tomorrow I hope to at least come up with something less… tired.  I hope you’ll stay tuned.


Me and the Bard

Well, it has been  while since I made a flying post before hurrying off to a rehearsal, hasn’t it?  If I wasn’t such a theatre junky, it would be longer yet.  What the blankety-blank was I thinking, saying I would be in a play?  Oh yeah, I like to be in a play.  And it is so flattering to be asked.  And I really, truly have a difficult time saying no.

Be all that as it may, I am sitting in my living room, typing on the laptop and sipping iced coffee, and debating what best to do.  To update anybody just tuning in, or regular readers who have forgotten, I am to play the Friar in Little Falls Theatre Company’s production of Much Ado About Nothing.  The first rehearsal for my character is tonight.  I have been learning my lines from a Yale Shakespeare copy of the play.  I had been going to use my Complete Works of Shakespeare, but I foolishly misplaced it.  How does one misplace a large yellow book, you may ask.  What can I say, I have unusual talents.

Two friends came to my rescue when I lamented the loss on Facebook.  One sent me a link to the Complete Works online.  The other had a collection of the plays, each play its own little volume, that she no longer wanted.  While we made arrangements for me to get the books, I logged onto the link and got started.  I have been looking at the lines almost every day since.

As I feared, learning Shakespeare is not as easy as learning other lines.  For one reason, a couple of my speeches run a little long.  For another reason, well, you know, Shakespeare.  I love Shakespeare.  When I read a Shakespeare play, my brain (or is it my soul?) gives in a little sigh of contentment.  But memorizing it is just a trifle more difficult than regular old dialogue.  I say this not in a complaining spirit but in a little embarrassment that I do not yet know my lines.  I like to learn my lines right away.

It really is no matter though.  Also, it is no matter than I have been out in the sunshine all day having Mohawk Valley adventures.  Tired?  Ha!  No brain for learning lines?  Ha!  The show must go on!  Rehearsal will be fun!  And I have written a blog post.  I am not entirely satisfied with my title, but then again, this is Non-Sequitur Thursday.  It will have to do.


An Infinite Number of Blog Posts

I cannot continue to publish post after post about how busy and tired I am.  Or can I?

The fact is, I find that I can always write SOMETHING.  My time spent gazing at a blank page does not last very long.  Of course, I don’t always write what I wanted to write. I can’t say what percentage of the time I write something good (although my inner critic will offer an opinion).  But words on paper, I can usually provide.

I think this is a good thing.  If nothing else, I’m helping keep the pen and paper people in business.  Additionally, I have always said: writing begets more writing.  If I keep writing nonsense, I increase the chances that I sooner or later churn out something worthwhile.   Or is that the infinite number of monkeys theory?

Let’s talk about that theory.  Of course I often spoil sayings by taking them too literally.  It’s kind of a hobby of mine.

The saying goes — and I’m not sure what the point is — that if you have an infinite number of monkeys bouncing around on an infinite number of typewriters, you will eventually get all of Shakespeare (it’s kind of an old saying; who uses a typewriter any more?).

Excuse me, what?  Leaving aside the infinite aspect of the situation (which makes it one of those impossible hypotheticals which I loathe), how exactly does this work?  Will the plays magically appear amidst the gibberish?  Or is it like a seek-a-word puzzle, you cross out all extraneous letters?  That might be fun.  Let’s try it.  Here I go, randomly hitting keys…

lkwhnfndbnb  b nmae,juisnb  oakn mblm jbiam  ,elmjhbun cvnvefn  g  kvjuiH.

I think it would take a damn long time to get “To be or not to be” out of that.  Do we also have an infinite amount of time in the saying?

As I said a few paragraphs ago, I’m not sure what the point is.  Perhaps some didactic type could explain it to me.  In the meantime, I’m up to over 300 words of this nonsense.  I’m going to call it a post.  Happy Tuesday, folks.