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All About Me at Finders Keepers

I’m not one to shop as a fun activity, but I do enjoy a good “everything” store.  Finders Keepers in Richfield Springs, NY is one of the best.

I first stopped there almost by accident one Saturday.  Steven and I were strolling down Main Street waiting for the museum to open.  Sometimes these second-hand stores are almost a museum by themselves. You could spend hours looking around this one.

We did not spend hours, but we enjoyed picking our way through the crowded store, admiring a variety of items ranging over decades:  glassware, figurines, books, furniture and more.

I thought Finders Keepers might make a good subject for an article for Mohawk Valley Living.  With that in mind, I returned to Richfield Springs last Saturday.  This time I brought my sister Cheryl and friend Penny.  I almost forgot to talk to the lady that owns the place, because once again I got absorbed in looking around.  I had to tear myself away from the books, but not before I had found three to buy.  I picked out some post cards as well.

I did end up having a nice chat with the owner. I told her my plans to write an article. She was OK with that but said she was not one to call attention to herself or seek out publicity.

“Well, my articles are usually about me going to these fun places,” I explained, “so, really it’s mostly about me.”

That made her feel a little better.  I am fond of going around saying, “It’s ALL about ME!” but I guess it isn’t really true.  After all, it wouldn’t be much fun to be me if it wasn’t also about fun places to go and nice people to hang out with.  So I guess it’s really all about me and her and other people and places… oh, and you, my readers.  How’s that for a profound note to end on?

Finders Keepers is located at 138 W. Main St., Richfield Springs, NY 13439.  Phone number is 315-858-9633.  Hours and days vary.