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Post on the Pending Pooch

Oh dear, I’m afraid this may become Non-Sequitur Thursday after all, because all I can come up with so far is the headline.  Still, it would be rude not to explain.  Kind of like those people on Facebook who make posts like, “What a big decision to make!” or “I may have some big news to share” or… you know.  It drives everybody nuts, but apparently the temptation to do so is almost overwhelming.

However, this is not Facebook but my own blog and although I maintain I have a perfect right to pair what title and post I please, I will explain.

Regular readers may remember that Steven and I lost our beloved schnoodle Tabby last June.  We have greatly missed having a dog in the house.  We knew we would eventually get another pooch.  Of course there will never be another Tabby (I feel sad all over again just thinking about her), but many dogs need love and a home, and we could surely benefit from the love and companionship of a dog.

Steven suggested we look for a dog in May, after Leading Ladies (remember, that play I directed at Ilion Little Theatre?).  Well, May came and went, and we just did not make it over to the Herkimer County Humane Society (except for their garage sale, where I bought some fun stuff.  Did I write a blog post about that?).  We did not make it to their Mutt Strut either, although we had planned to. Was it ever going to be dog o’clock for us?

Then The Velvet Dog, where we used to bring Tabby to be groomed, posted a picture of a quite adorable Shih Tzu who needed a home because his owner had died.  Spunky was ten years old, older than we had envisioned.  We would hope to have more years with our new dog than we had with Tabby.  Still, he needed a home!  And many people are unwilling to adopt a ten year old dog for the same reason which made us hesitate.

After asking many questions about Spunky via Facebook, Steven made arrangements to go to The Velvet Dog Wednesday morning to meet him.  I couldn’t wait till lunch time to call Steven and see how it went (but I DID wait, I was not on my cell phone during work hours, just in case any bosses read this blog) (oh who am I kidding?  My boss probably doesn’t even know I write a blog!).  I confess I would not have been disappointed to find out Spunky was already at our house.  However, Steven rarely behaves in a thoroughly reckless fashion.  He liked Spunky but wanted me to meet him too.

Accordingly, I met Steven at The Velvet Dog after work yesterday to become acquainted with Spunky.  What a cute little dog he is!  He is not nearly as rambunctious and friendly as Tabby was, but he allowed me to hold and pet him.  He is still very sad and confused.  When I set him down, he kept going to the door and looking out, presumably wondering why his person hadn’t come to get him.  That made me very sad for him.

Steven suggested we pick him up on Sunday.  We both have the day off so can spend a good amount of time with him before leaving him to go to work on Monday.  I am SO looking forward to having a dog again!  I will probably write a lot of blog posts about him.


Lame: Ain’t it Grand?

It does not matter how many ridiculous posts I may have in a week, I still love my Lame Post Friday, home of random observations and half-baked philosophy.

I took my schnoodle Tabby for a walk this afternoon, hoping to come up with some of the former. Mostly I observed tulips in people’s yards. I love tulips. I think I like the orange and yellow ones best. They are blooming late this year, as are most things. Perhaps I should go into some half-baked philosophy here about being something of a late bloomer myself. Then again, most people probably do not want to hear about my bloomers (sorry, couldn’t resist).

I also observed a young couple on the sidewalk a block or two ahead of me, holding hands. Young love, ain’t it grand? My main observation was of their clothing. It seems to me that gender divisions in clothes are becoming more pronounced. The boys’ are getting baggier while the girls’ are getting tighter. Well, I have not exactly done a study.

The warm weather does seem to have people in a better mood (just to put in some more half-baked philosophy). Warm weather, warm hearts? Well, Tabby and I enjoyed it. For the first time since fall, I walked without any kind of jacket.

Wow, this is a really boring post (my next stunning observation). However, my gentle readers will suffer no longer. I’m over 200 words. Happy Friday, everybody.

Maybe the Sun will Thaw Out my Brain

In my defense, it’s a a holiday weekend. How productive am I expected to be? The sad thing is, I have a whole list of potential blog topics involving recent Mohawk Valley adventures. I even know where the list is.

And yet. And yet.

I took two walks with my schnoodle Tabby today. The first was less than a thrill for me, because of the chilly breeze. I felt so ill-used that this is the latter half of April and I still had on my toque and insulated sweatshirt and only wished I had also worn a scarf.

Before the second walk, I had been to Hannaford, to pick up a few last minute supper things (I MAY manage a cooking post for Wrist to Forehead Sunday). It had been cold walking from my vehicle to the store. And I wasn’t wearing my toque (I should have been; I’m having a bad hair day).

The reason we even went on the second walk was that I couldn’t come up with a damn other useful thing to do. I had done dishes, worked on my novel, put away laundry (NEVER MIND how long ago I actually did said laundry), and still felt as if all I had been doing had been to sit around thinking of silly statuses to post on Facebook (I came up with one).

Tabby was, of course, into it, so I put on my insulated sweatshirt and toque and we set out.

To find that the sun was AT LAST having an effect! I took off the insulated sweatshirt and tied it around my waist. This was awesome! I could have even worn my crazy old lady hat, but I did not repine. I enjoyed the warmth. I felt blessed and happy.

But still not the least bit inclined to write a real blog post. Still, I like to post every day. So I hope this silliness will do.

And I will TRY not to have a Wrist to Forehead Sunday on Easter.

The Tabby Dog Blues

Saturday Running Commentary is right out the window. However, I have taken a few lovely walks with my schnoodle, Tabby. I think I can manage a paragraph or two about that.

Full disclosure: I’m typing this into the computer Thursday evening, having made Thursday’s and Friday’s posts, both of which I wrote while I was at work today (yes, boss, while on break). Saturday I will be wine tasting with the family (I have written a few blog posts about my stress getting ready for that).

Mohawk Valley weather was finally good to us this week, with 50 degree weather. Oh what a joy to walk when it’s not so damn cold! The puddles are mostly evaporated. Mud is not too bad. I can avoid it. Tabby chooses not to. I say she is the famous blues singer Muddy Paws. I’ve written a few lyrics for her.

Well I’m a dirty dog
And they call me Muddy Paws.
What do you want from me?
Do I look like Santa Claus?

My name is really Tabby
I got the Tabby dog blues.

I like to take a walk
with Cindy and with Steve.
When they get the leash out
I just can’t wait to leave.

My name is really Tabby
I got the Tabby dog blues.

I suppose she will have some Tabby dog blues when I am not home Friday and Saturday. We can look forward to a joyous reunion on Sunday. When I will make my usual Wrist to Forehead Sunday post.

Birthday Walk

I like to start my Saturday with a run or a walk. Unfortunately my difficulties running continue. Barring a run, I like to walk with my schnoodle, Tabby, to the post office and mail postcards to a few people. Accordingly, I wrote five postcards and stamped them.

Then noticed it was eleven degrees out. Yes, I know, at least it was double digits. I can be thankful for small favors and still stay inside. We drove to the post office. By this afternoon, the temperature had risen into the upper twenties. That sounded good to me. Steven graciously agreed to accompany us on our walk.

I should perhaps mention that Steven is usually working on Saturday. This weekend we both have a glorious three days off to celebrate his birthday. Well, to celebrate yet another anniversary of his 29th birthday. So I suppose this was along the lines of a birthday walk (his actual birthday is Monday, in case anybody was wondering).

It was one of those hazy sunny days, where the light scatters and the snow doesn’t help. I was glad of my prescription sunglasses. They are brown polarized, perfect for such a day. I hope nobody thinks I am a spoiled, rich brat that I have polarized prescription sunglasses. I got them several years ago, when I worked in the optical industry. They were free.

(Reminder for next Lame Post Friday: philosophize half-bakedly on why I felt the need to point out that I do not spend infinite dollars on eyewear.)

We walked past Tabby’s beloved Historic Four Corners and down Main Street in Herkimer, NY. Steven stopped into Smoker’s Friendly to purchase lottery tickets. By this time tomorrow, we may be millionaires. That might be worth a blog post. We continued down Main Street.

We once again realize we have not gone to the new pizza place, whose name escapes me. We also noticed that Burrito Jones is now open. All kinds of meals yet to have. Oh, and we smelled something good coming from Brian’s Roast Beef Deli, where we have eaten many times and will no doubt eat again. We also saw that Exclusive Barbershop has a new awning, nicely painted. I need a haircut, but I usually go to the Hot Spot Salon and Spa, where I can also get a pedicure.

It was not too bad walking. The temperatures were not as glorious as last weekend, but at least it didn’t make our faces hurt. The sidewalks were pretty good, except for a few patches of ice which I warned Steven about. Usually my warning Steven comes right before I land on my own butt, but today I avoided such an eventuality.

We had a few other Mohawk Valley adventures today, and plan a couple more before the weekend is over. However, I like Running Commentary or a Pedestrian Post on Saturday. I enjoyed our walk, and I do like writing about them. I hope my dear readers are enjoying their Saturday as much.

Yet Another Pedestrian Post

This morning I walked to the post office with Tabby to mail a few postcards. It is one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning. I like the fresh air and exercise, and I get that little frisson of satisfaction for accomplishing something.

It was cold this morning. Some places in the Mohawk Valley set records. I sensibly waited till after 10 a.m., when it should have warmed up a little. At least one would think it would have. I wore an actual winter coat, hat, gloves and a scarf. As I walked I wished I had found my mittens instead, but one can’t have everything.

I have taken Tabby for a few walks in the last few days (I believe I wrote about one on Thursday). When we went for yesterday’s walks, a little snow was falling while the sun shown on it. It looked like glitter falling from the sky. This morning was bright but precipitation free. I wondered if I should have worn my sunglasses but did not feel like returning for the house for them.

I was glad I had the scarf. The worst problem I’ve had on previous cold days has been my cold face. I have been known to walk along with a hand on either cheek, like that painting, I think it’s called “The Scream,” that a lot of people have as their screensaver. Only of course I’m not screaming. That would be silly.

After mailing my postcards we continued our walk to Main Street, down around Albany and back up Prospect. When we got to Church Street, Tabby pulled me towards our street. She is a smart pooch, because I was ready to get home, too.

You know, I hope no stalkers read this blog, because I bet they could figure out where I live by my descriptions of our walks. Well, who’d want to stalk me anyways? My adorable schnoodle Tabby, on the other hand… I’d better exercise caution.

Superhero Tabby

When we last left our heroine… usually that’s me, but this time it’s my schnoodle, Tabby (when we last left me, I had my wrist to my forehead, but let’s not dwell on that). I was saying, when we last left our heroine, Tabby, the superhero dog, she was on her way to the Superhero Sprint, accompanied by her arch-nemesis, the Evil Woman CinCin (do I need to tell you that’s me?).

For anyone just tuning in, The Superhero Sprint is an event sponsored by Herkimer Now, a committee whose aim is to revitalize Herkimer, NY, starting with Main Street.

I talked on Saturday about getting on my Evil Woman CinCin outfit (arrow back if you’re curious; I’m too lazy to do one of those ping back things). Registration for the Sprint was at ten by Basloe Library. We left our house between quarter and ten of. I always get nervous about being late for these things.

As I walked down the sidewalk, it occurred to me that I was a middle-aged lady wearing a homemade super-villain costume, walking with my little dog. It might be appropriate or at least understandable, I thought, to feel just a little self-conscious. Then I thought, if anybody gives me a funny look, I’ll just say, “What? You never saw a super villainess out for a stroll with her arch nemesis?” Alas, I did not get the opportunity to say that line, but I could not resist sharing the thought.

A nice little crowd had already gathered at the library, mostly families. Now I felt a little self-conscious, attending such an event on my own. I knew I should have borrowed a small child for the occasion. Well, Tabby would have to do. I chatted up a few people and enjoyed looking at all the costumes. Quite a few people petted Tabby, so she was a happy dog.

Eventually a DJ started playing some tunes. I would have liked to dance but felt it would be making myself undesirably conspicuous. An adult Joker was dancing with a very young SuperGirl, and two other super girls danced together. I don’t think Tabby wanted to dance; she was looking around for more people to pet her (she found some).

When it was time for the race to start, Concerned Citizens went and stood in the middle of the blocked off street. Some of them had signs that said things like “Biff!” and “Yikes!” The Villain, who was rocking an awesome fake mustache, ran the course first, a simple down and back on the one block. The heroes were to pursue him, stopping at tables along the way. From the American Legion they got a flag, from the police department a D.A.R.E. sticker, and from the fire department a water balloon with which to ultimately vanquish the Villain.

Tabby had pulled me across the street to sniff a promising tree near the fire department guys. I had seen the box of water balloons and gotten a little nervous. I was in a villain costume, after all.

When the runners took off, I asked Tabby if she wanted to run with them. She declined. We retreated to a safe distance from the water balloons and watched the fun. I don’t know who played the Villain, but he certainly had a good sense of humor.

After the Sprint, the kids got gift bags, and prizes were awarded for the best costumes and by drawings. Granola bars, apples and bottled water were available. Tabby and I had some water. I had foresightedly put a small bowl for Tabby in my fanny pack. She drank a little, mostly to be polite, I think. I offered some to the only other dog there, who seemed happy to take a drink too. We did not win a prize, appropriately enough because, costume notwithstanding, I was there as a spectator.

It looked as if everybody had a good time. I’m glad to see the Superhero Sprint become an annual event. Perhaps next year I will participate as a volunteer. Maybe they’ll let me hold the sign that says, “Yikes!”

I Didn’t DARE

Last year I did a few posts on the DARE 5K in Herkimer, NY. This year, as regular readers may have noticed, I have not been running as much. I feel bad about that and this morning I felt REALLY bad. However, this is a positive blog, so I’ll write about what was good about this morning.

Part of the DARE 5K is the Youth Fun Run. That is only a block, but it is a long block. It goes right by my house. As it got closer to the time, Steven and I put our schnoodle Tabby (I feel I must say each time that she’s dog, since Tabby is kind of a cat name) on her leash and went out to stand on the sidewalk. We saw some other people doing the same thing.

We cheered for all the young runners as well as for some parents that ran with them. There were not as many runners as I seemed to remember from last year, but those that were there were having fun.

After they were past, Steven wondered if he was allowed to drive the car down the street, before the 5K runners started. I suggested that Tabby and I walk with him and I drive to pick him up after his shift. It was a lovely morning for a walk.

We paused halfway down the street to chat with some people who had driven in from Mohawk to watch the run. One lady confirmed my assessment that there were fewer runners.

After we left Steven at his place of employment, Tabby and I walked to the post office to put a couple of things in the mail. As we went up Main Street we could hear music playing from the area of the finish line, at the Historic Four Corners. We cut through the park by Basloe Library rather than walk up to where the crowd was gathered.

Up Prospect and down Church streets, we saw that the runners had not yet started. I stopped and chatted with a lady who was waiting to see her family run by. I mentioned that I have run it in the past and feel bad about missing this year. She said it was the same for her. We agreed to look for each other at the starting line next year.

Closer to my house, I said hello to a small family group waiting to cheer the runners. I mentioned that I had cheered the youth run, and a lady pointed to one of the runners. It was the littlest runner, now sitting in a stroller.

“I remember, you were running good,” I told her. “And I love the pink shorts.”

“Thank you,” she said.

I saw a neighbor lady with two dogs Tabby is friends with and went over to chat with her. We cheered for the runners as they went by.

“I’ll be with you next year!” I promised. Nobody seemed overly elated at the prospect, but then they were busy running.

I did not walk on to German Street to cheer them again as they approached the finish line (it might not have been a long wait if the front runners kept up their pace). I thought Tabby looked thirsty. I was definitely thirsty. Now to review my schedule and find time to run, so I can start training for next year’s DARE.

Walking for the Blog

So I said, “Let’s take Tabby for a walk, then I’ll write a blog post about it.” That usually works.

My plan was to walk out German Street, towards where the flood damage was pretty bad. They have cleaned up a lot, of course, but I know one street is still blocked off, and there is still a big empty spot where a garage used to be. These things I drive by on my way to work. I thought at a pedestrian’s pace, we could take a closer look.

At first my plan seemed to be working, because Tabby agreed to walk in that direction. She often wants to walk the other way on German Street. I know, one can usually win an argument with a 17-pound schnoodle, especially one with as sweet a disposition as Tabby’s. However, the walk is for her entertainment as well as ours. I don’t like to be mean.

First we saw a lady with a couple of Shi-tzu-looking dogs across the street. I may have petted those dogs while out running one day. Unfortunately, I have not been running in a while. We waved to the lady and she waved back. Then we saw a lady coming up Margaret Street with two little Scotty-looking dogs. They saw Tabby and barked and pulled on the leash. She continued down German, in the same direction on the same side of the street as we had been heading. We turned down Margaret.

Well, Margaret is a pleasant enough street to walk down. We admired several gardens and screened-in porches. We saw a couple of For Sale signs and indulged in a little “What if?” We went almost all the way down Margaret, then turned down Park Avenue (doesn’t that sound swank?). Our new plan was go go through Myers Park. Then we saw a labrador-looking dog up ahead, so we turned up Henry.

About this time, I asked myself (I was writing this post in my head as we walked) why I feel I must add the suffix “-looking” when I guess which breed a dog is. In the first place, most of the people who read this blog won’t know which dog I’m talking about, so how would they know I was wrong? “A black dog on Park Avenue? That COULDN’T have been a labrador!” Yes it could! It was a different black dog from the one you’re thinking of! In the second place, I just might be right about the breed. Stranger things have happened.

The only really flood-related observation I made was that some stretches of sidewalk are still covered with dirt, from where people did not rinse off the mud. But I hope you enjoyed reading about our canine encounters. We enjoyed our walk.

Fun at the Car Show

Saturday Steven and I attended an annual event we always try to make it to: the Elks Club Car Show in Myers Park in Herkimer, NY.

I was a little worried we would miss it this year, because Steven worked till three. Saturday morning when our schnoodle, Tabby, and I walked through the park on our way to the post office, they were getting things set up. I asked a lady how late the show ran. She said usually till four, depending on the judging. I said I thought we could make it. She said she looked forward to seeing us.

I brought it up to Steven when he came home for lunch. I had the inspiration that Tabby and I could walk down at three and Steven could meet us there on his way home from work. So that was our plan.

Tabby and I did not have long to wait for Steven. He luckily found a parking space. After his joyous reunion with Tabby, we walked up into the park.

After some debate we got a couple of hamburgers. It was a kind of a rough decision, because we had exactly enough cash between us for two burgers and one bottle of water. Also, I had already started cooking something for supper. However, I did want to support the Elks, and since there was no admission charge, this was a good way to do it. Also, the hamburgers were delicious.

This is a really nice car show, because it is not huge and intimidating. It did not take us long to stroll around and check out all the cars with no fear of missing something good. We admired a variety of vehicles of different years and styles. My favorites were the ones from the ’50s, with fins. I also especially like the pick-up trucks. We had seen the very old hearse from Enea Funeral Home, but that was fun to see again.

DJ Sal Stokes was entertaining with some tunes. He made a dedication to all the ladies: “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison. Steven did not disagree. He’s a smart man.

We enjoyed the car show very much. I’m hoping next year Steven has the day off so we can go earlier.