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I Ran, Then I Slacked

How did it get to be after five on Saturday and not have my blog post done?  The best I can do is a Slacker Saturday post.  I’m not sure f I can even manage that, but I will try to include a picture or two, just to make things a little more interesting.

Herkimer County Court house, taken in March 2020.

I went for a run this morning,  hoping to make a Saturday Running Commentary post.  I ran by my beloved Herkimer Historic Four Corners,  and above is a picture of same, not taken during my run, of course.

Where I often feel I belong after a run.


Here is a picture of some of the graves around Herkimer Reformed Church, also part of the Historic Four Corners.  It is a lovely area.  I wrote a blog post about it years ago, long before I knew how to add pictures to a post.  When the weather gets a little better, and the ground less muddy, I will return and do a better post (preview of coming attractions).

Full disclosure:  I like wine.

I can’t find a better picture to close with,  so here is a shot of wine bottles on my counter.  Yes, I have been drinking wine while on quarantine.  And one reason I want to make this post: so I can feel free to enjoy some more. Happy Saturday,  everyone!


Not Much Run, Good Lunch, a Couple Drinks

I wanted to do a Saturday Running Commentary post, but the fates conspired against me.  I ran, but not for very long.  In my defense, it was single digit temperatures.  I guess I am really only good to 10 degrees or better.

Later in the day, my husband, Steven, and I drove to Little Falls and had lunch at the Cafe at Stone Mill, at the site which previously held Ole Sam’s Creamery.  It was a delicious lunch.

I must write more about this place later.

Returning to Herkimer, we stopped for a drink at the Waterfront Grille in Herkimer.  I texted our friend Kim to meet us there.

Kim and Steve looking happy.

Of course I got Kim to pause for a picture.

And here is our delightful bartender, Barbie.

I asked our bartender for a picture, too.  She was a doll!

One of the best things about Waterfront is the view.

We admired the water, and look forward to cruises on the canal this spring and summer.

I guess there isn’t a whole lot more to say about our Saturday.  Was it enough to qualify for a Scattered Saturday post?  I don’t know.  I am not the arbiter of these things.  But I hope it has been reasonably entertaining as a blog post.


Scattered and Slacker Saturday

A pause in my Saturday gyrations to make a Scattered Saturday post.  I went for a run this morning,  thinking to do a Saturday Running Commentary post.  It was a pretty good run.  I am looking forward to the Reindeer Run 5K in December in Little Falls NY. But I need to do Running Commentary posts sooner after the run.

Later in the morning, Steven and I went to a Craft Fair at the Ilion- Frankfort VFW, sponsored by the Ladies of the Moose, who no longer have a lodge.  We returned later with our friend Kim.  There was also a stop at Stuff the Bus, a drink at the End Zone Pub and Grub and some wine tasting at Valley Wine and Liquor, all in Herkimer.

Well, this is what happens sometimes on a Saturday (oh, OK, other days as well).  I am too tired to make a decent blog post.  I want to get on with the bra off, sweats on, wine drinking, movie watching, couch sitting, knitting or crocheting portion of the evening.  Is that too much to ask?  Perhaps it is.  No matter.  For what it is worth, this is my post for the day.  I hope you will all tune in tomorrow.


Great Saturday, Late Post

What a Scattered Saturday I had!  It included everything but making my blog post (I bet you thought I was going to say “everything but the kitchen sink”)!  So here I am, up earlier than usual on a Sunday morning, trying to take up the slack.

I got up earlier than usual yesterday morning, too, with the result that I went running in the dark.  I had last run on Thursday, and that run was terrible. It had me questioning my ability to make the Reindeer Run 5K in Little Falls in December.  Well, not seriously questioning it.  More like questioning how well I was going to run it.

Well, yesterday’s run was AWESOME!  I felt my running mojo was BACK!  I even added 10 percent to the length of my run, which I had not planned to do till Sunday.  I thought it would be a great run to make a Running Commentary post about.

Unfortunately,  when I got home, I had a headache.  I felt rather ill-used about this, especially since I had purposely NOT tied one on on Friday (despite making my blog post about wine).  I had a volunteer commitment at 10 (please be there by 9:30), so this was a problem.  I took some OTC painkillers and heated up my face thing.  I have this face mask with herbs my Mom got me. You heat it in the microwave and lie down with it.  It’s not always the miracle I’m hoping for, but it always feels good.

The headache didn’t entirely leave me, but I was ready at 9 when my friend Kim picked me up to go to the Character Brunch fundraiser for RCIL.  I will definitely write more about that later, with pictures!

After I got back home,  Steven and I went out to the Waterfront Grille in Herkimer for a late lunch.  Another fun time I hope to write more about! Then it was home and on to the Halloween movie watching portion of the day.

Alas, this was when I fell asleep.  Not right away, of course.  I knitted, finishing a Halloween colored scarf, and enjoyed some Halloween entertainment.

And now I have completed another late blog post.  I am quite determined to make my Sunday blog post today.  We’ll see how I do.


Waiting for the Chocolate Shake

One should have made one’s blog post earlier (one being me).

I am sitting with a paused movie in my DVD player while my husband, Steven, runs to Stewart’s to get us a couple of chocolate shakes.  If there was an ice cream place on our side of State Street (which is Route 5), we could have walked for our treat, but then I would not be typing in my post, so I guess everything has its advantages (I don’t think that is a run-on sentence).

My first intention was to do a Running Commentary post this morning.  I fell off the running wagon in a big way this week.  You see, I had an awesome long run last Saturday and was all set to register for the Falling Leaves 14K in Utica, NY, on Sept. 23.  Luckily I talked to my mother first and found out a big family thing had just been scheduled for that day.  Family first!  I had not been running since.  In my defense, that was not the only reason. I had a bear of a busy week (didn’t even get all my stuff done), and the weather was SO humid.  As regular readers know, I am prone to heat injuries (which really are a thing, so quit shaking your head) (you know who you are).

Where was I?  Ah yes, nowhere but still trying to make a blog post.  I went for a short(ish) run this morning.  Steven and I went to a couple of places in Little Falls: The Old Barn Marketplace and Ruggiero’s Trattoria.  We came home, and I took a nap.  Sorry for even more whining (then again, I do always say go with your strengths), but I had a terrible headache.  It is finally easing off, so Phew!

Here are the shakes!  While I might not be any great shakes at blogging (see what I did there?), I will enjoy this!  Steven is re-starting the movie (Double Indemnity, one of my favorites!), so I am going to call this a Scattered Saturday, hit Publish and drive on.

I just happened to have an illustration in my Media Library.

Now I Want Some More Wine

So I log onto WordPress and hit “Add New Post,” I confess with very little idea of what I was going to post about, and I see this:

Akismet & Privacy.

To help your site be compliant with GDPR and other laws requiring notification of tracking, Akismet can display a notice to your users on your contact form. This feature is disabled by default, however, if you or your audience is located in Europe, you need to turn it on.

Please enable or disable this feature. More information.

Dismiss this notice.

I don’t know whether to enable or disable these things, so I hit “more information.”  And it went on forever!  I don’t have time to read all this shit!  Can’t they just condense it all into a paragraph or two?  Apparently they can’t.  They say in maybe the third paragraph, “To keep things simple…”  That is when I look off to the side to see the size of the bar you can scroll up and down with.  The smaller that bar, the less likely I am to scroll.  At least this bar isn’t a teeny little rectangle. I ought to be able to read this thing.

No, I just can’t.  As I typed in the above paragraph, I kept clicking back to the tab of “Privacy Notice for Visitors,” and I just can’t do it.  In my defense, I have had a headache all day.  This sometimes happens to me on a Saturday.  Regular readers will recall that I was sipping red wine while I posted last night, and I’m sure some of you are judging me and saying I DESERVE a headache.  For heavens’ sake, I didn’t have that much wine!

Regarding today’s post:  I ran this morning and thought I could do a Saturday Running Commentary.  Unfortunately, my headache kicked in shortly after my shower.  Having a headache all day did not bode well for having adventures sufficient for a Scattered Saturday post.  I think a Slacker Saturday post might be eligible, but I just feel paralyzed by this Privacy thing.  Do I enable it or not?

I appeal to my fellow bloggers:  have any of you managed to read the entire “More Information” tab and if so, did you enable or disable?  Once I solve this problem, I feel I can go back to my regularly scheduled posting.  In the meantime, I think I’ll call this a Stymied Saturday Post.  What do you think, does that work?



Spooky Space on Scattered Saturday

So I registered for the Boilermaker 15K.  And then I went running.  Not immediately, but soon enough.

OK, I think it is fate that I use the above sentence.  You see, earlier I typed it in, then erased it, then decided I would make my post later so exited out of WordPress.  The computer asked me did I really want to leave, as what I did might not be saved.  I looked at the blank space and hit “Leave.”  Now, returning to WordPress and wondering what I will say, I see an untitled draft saved from earlier.  It is the sentence I erased!

Could it be returning to haunt me?

The question is not an idle one.  I have been in I guess what you could call a spooky space lately.  I shared pictures of Nosferatu a couple of days ago, yesterday I wore a spider earring and Halloween socks, I am currently sipping Malbec out of my Trick Or Treat wine glass (purchased at Pumpkin Junction in Sauquoit, NY) (and, yes, I did flash on Bela Lugosi as Dracula saying, “I never drink… wine”).  OK, so now I have my headline.

There really wasn’t much to my Scattered Saturday this week.  I worked. While working, I dithered some more about whether or not to run the Boilermaker 15K (the 5K isn’t even on my radar, by the way).  I decided to run it.  Then came home and changed my mind.  Several times. And you see by my lead what my ultimate decision was.  Yes, yes, I could still opt out, transfer my registration or get a deferment (because, you know, shit happens), but I feel fairly confident that I will follow through on this.

I had meant to write a Saturday Running Commentary about my run, but such a post was not forthcoming from my brain.  It is not a well-trained brain.

I have not done much else today.  I am currently cooking supper for my dearest husband, Steven.  Perhaps a cooking post tomorrow, instead of Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  Or maybe Sunday Running Commentary?  A little uncertainty will add interest to my weekend.  Happy Saturday, everyone.


In My Defense, It’s Cold!

Here’s a new feature: Saturday Misadventures. It is for those numerous Saturdays when I do not have Saturday Running Commentary but instead type down a few paragraphs of what I did instead of write a good blog post.

When we got up this morning it was one degree out according to our thermostat. I don’t know where it gets this information; the thermostat came with the new furnace. I would get one of those jobs with the big numbers to hang on the garage like my parents have, but I don’t have a window handy for looking out at the garage. If I’m going to open the door anyways, what do I need a thermometer for?

Come to think of it, I did open the door, to get the newspaper (LOVE my newspaper deliverers!). Yikes! I made sure to replace the doodads under our door meant to keep the draft out (with indifferent success). Still, it was above zero. What could I possibly complain about? Got you there: I am not complaining, I am OBSERVING!

I wrote some postcards, but a walk to the post office was clearly ineligible. I know my dog would eagerly jump and bark if I picked up the leash, but I do not want a frostbitten little pooch. I’ve been limiting her outdoor activity to short business meetings in the back yard.

Still, I could not stay home under the blankets as was my inclination. I had to put air in one tire and I had to gas up. And I had to leave my vehicle in the street, because I leave for the theatre after Steven gets home tonight. I’m in a play, remember (see yesterday’s post, among others). As the temperature rose to 2 degrees, my hopes rose proportionately.

As it turns out, for no good reason. I did not do anything blogworthy. And my brain is too frozen to remember any of the blogworthy things I did previously but have not written about yet. I feel properly ashamed of myself, but I must not repine. I have a show to put on later.

Hope to see you on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

This Time We’ll Blame Phyllis

I pretty much knew I would not have Saturday Running Commentary today, because I am not running very much in this hideous winter weather. I had a number of other possibilities, and yet here I am, the time getting later and later, and my blog post still yet unpublished.

Just a side note: my typing is going slowly, because I have Band-aids on both my index fingers. I don’t know what it is, some winter skin or something, that my fingers are getting all dry and splitting. It is quite painful. Just thought I would complain about it.

I have been busy all weekend. I went to Melfe’s Shoes on Friday, so I would not have to on Saturday (I mean to write a full post about that). Saturday I walked Tabby to the post office in the frigid cold, went to the Thrift Store and the laundromat, and went adventuring with my friend Phyllis. There are several blog posts in there. So I guess we can consider this paragraph a Preview of Coming Attractions.

The problem was Phyllis and I stopped for just one glass of wine at the end of our adventuring. I could blame Phyllis. She does not mind being held up as a bad example. I believe she is rather proud of being a corruptive influence (my computer is underlining corruptive, but I’m pretty sure it is so a word). I don’t suppose it matters.

The point is: it is late on the day Saturday and if I don’t hit Publish, I will not have a blog post for today. So this is it. See you Sunday.

Not Bad Ass Yet, But Getting There

Earlier this morning I made a note to myself: When you plan to run Friday afternoon instead of Saturday morning, do not talk yourself out of it. You will regret it Saturday morning. However, shortly after I made that mental note, I realized I was enjoying my run quite a bit and ceased to repine.

We got snow in the Mohawk Valley Thursday night. Friday it started sticking to the ground. Not a huge amount. We did not have to break out the shovels. Still, it was snow, and it was not warm, even by the standards of someone who spent years living in the North Country (that would be me). I almost talked myself out of it again. After all, I could run in the afternoon, when it might be warmer but would certainly be daylight. Surely a better time to run.

No, no, I told myself. Just put on some leggings and long sleeves. Find your winter running socks. Get going. Steven had cleaned out the living room closet yesterday so it was no problem finding a hat and gloves. I put on a sweatshirt for good measure. I hesitated about the sweatshirt, because I also intended to wear my reflective vest. If the sweatshirt got too warm it would be awkward to take off with the vest on top of it. Then I thought, it’s under 30 degrees. Put on the sweatshirt.

Snow covered the sidewalk but not thickly. I ran with a low, shuffling gait, in case of slick spots. You would think with the amount of padding I carry around my hips and midsection that falling would hold no terrors for me. Well, let me tell you, fat can bruise painfully, too. Spoiler alert: I didn’t fall today.

I was happy I had worn the gloves and hat. I only wished I had something covering my face, because that got cold in a hurry and never warmed up. No matter, I didn’t intend to run very far. 20 minutes would be sufficient, I told myself. I have been running 25 minutes. I thought I ought to think about increasing it by the recommended 10%. After all, I’ve been running for more than a week. Not as many times as I perhaps ought to be running, but I can work on that. For now I just kept going.

Occasionally my trailing foot would slip as I shifted weight to my leading foot. Nothing too worrisome at the speed I was going. I did not increase my pace. I felt so comfortable. Sometimes when I run a slow pace I feel it is too slow. I feel I am plodding like a fat snail, just slogging along in a pathetic, embarrassing fashion. Today it did not feel too slow. I felt awesome! I was so glad I was running!

I knew I would not end on a sprint. Too dangerous. I decided as I went which way to go. When I had mapped out in my head which streets would bring me back home, I thought I would just get home when I got there and that would be how long I ran. I was on the opposite side of the street. As I approached the house, though, I ran by to the corner then crossed the street and ran back. Yeah, I felt bad ass.

It ended up being 27 minutes, an increase of less than 10% but an increase nonetheless. As Tabby graciously walked my cool-down with me I started to feel cold. I suppose that means I did work up a sweat, even at my slow, shuffly pace. I still felt pretty damn good about myself. I will build up my run time. I will be bad ass.