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More Than a Walk in the Park

I did something different today and took a hike through Russell Park in Ilion, NY. Oh, OK, it was more of a walk, but it was over a trail with changes in elevation, rough patches, and even a little mud. In other words, it was an effort beyond that cliche, a walk in the park.

My companions in this adventure were my sister Cheryl and niece Jenna. They do quite a bit of hiking in various parks around the area. I always think I am OK to go for a trail walk because of all the running I do. I confess that sometimes on a run or, more often on my cool-down walk, I say to myself, “My legs are magnificent instruments of propulsion!” Well, let me just say I do not need to feel so pleased with myself.

We liked the snaky looking branches.

I did not take a lot of pictures. We were wishing there were some longer views, especially with the fall foliage reaching peak.

Another angle of the snaky branches.

There are quite a few trails in Russell Park. We were on the Horseshoe Trail, I think. We had to choose which fork to take a couple of times. We saw a bridge we considered crossing, but I felt what we could see of the trail beyond it looked iffy. Cheryl went down for a photo op.

My sisters and I all have a good sense of drama.

We ended up at the Soccer Field and followed the road back to where we had parked. We looked at the trail map, which I stupidly did not get a picture of. We talked about where we might walk next time but decided not to follow any other trails today.

It was a lot of fun. In addition to a challenging walk, we had a great visit with a lot of laughs. I hope to tag along on more of Cheryl and Jenna’s hikes.

At Least I Got a Blog Post Out of It

Early on today, I knew I was going to stop by Ilion Free Public Library.  You see, I am attempting to write an article about Russell Park for Mohawk Valley Living magazine and wanted more background.  So far I have the story of me and Steven walking through the park and a work friend’s reminiscences of boyhood visits there.  I wanted more background, especially about the park’s history.  Another work friend said they probably had a whole file in the local history section of the library.

What a great idea, I thought.  The library will hook me up, and I can also write my blog post about the visit.  You see how I utilize my resources for multiple purposes.  I felt pretty pleased with myself.   And that should have given me my first clue that things would not go as planned.

When I walked in and made my request to the librarian, she said, “Let me look up the hours the history section is available.”

Oh dear.

I had already missed the hours it was available today.  Tomorrow they are closed for Veteran’s Day.  Thursday evening I can come in between six and eight.

Feeling as foolish as I usually feel, I explained how I do not have my act together and my deadline is fast approaching.  In my defense, I had planned to write an article about quite a different topic, only that fell through (long story, may make another blog post).  One of the VERY nice librarians volunteered to go upstairs and see if there was anything they could photocopy for me.

While she was gone, I couldn’t help noticing the ongoing book sale on a couple of carts right next to where I stood.   Ooh, that one looked good… oh, I already have that book.  Then I found one I hadn’t read.  By the time the lady returned, I had two hardcover, two softcover and a book on CD by Bruce Campbell (I adore Bruce Campbell).  She had not found anything. I thanked her for trying.

“Hang on, let me go and take one more look,” she said.

I paid for my purchases while she went.  She still did not find anything, but I told her how much I appreciated all the effort.   My deadline is on Friday.  There is a chance I could go Thursday night and still get it together.  As an added incentive, I noticed the library is having a pie sale on Thursday.  I do like homemade pie.

In conclusion, Ilion Free Public Library is a great resource with extremely helpful people.  As for me, I mean to begin earlier to write my articles and do my research in a more timely fashion.

The library is located at 78 West St., Ilion, NY.  Phone number 315-894-5028.


A Modicum of a Blog Post

I realized earlier today why I keep having Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  Many years ago, I recognized that I was not wired to take advantage of Sunday as a productive day. I used to say to myself, “There’s no point in trying to get anything done on a Sunday.”  So I let myself off the hook.

Well, lately I have not been letting myself off the hook.  Oh, I have not been being productive, obviously not.  However, I have been TRYING, sometimes with gritted teeth, to get something, anything done.  It has not worked out for me.  What was I thinking?  You can’t go against nature!  At least, I guess you can sometimes.  For example, when it gets cold and snows, you can go inside and not freeze to death.  That is not the kind of sensible act I am talking about.

I actually did get a couple of things done today.  When Steven came home from work, he wanted to finish the outdoor work I started yesterday.  I went out and got to work while he changed his clothes, and we finished it together.  Well, technically, he finished it, because my sister Cheryl called while we were working, and as you may know, I feel it is important to talk to family members when possible.  Still, I helped (and if you just flashed on the old Shake-n-Bake ad, sorry).

A little later, Steven and I drove to Ilion and took a nice walk in Russell Park.  I must write a blog post about that place.  I had never been there, and it is really cool.  When we got home, I started cooking supper.  Yes, I said cooking; getting us dinner did not involve dialing a phone (which I always make Steven do anyways).

Now I have composed some semblance of a blog post.  I call these things a modicum of usefulness (and I have the added advantage of using the word modicum in a sentence, something most of us don’t get to do every day).

And what of my plan to become more productive and finish that damn novel?  I’m still working on it. Right now I feel it is time to move on to the movie-watching portion of the day.  After all, there’s no point in trying to do anything on a Sunday.