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Not a Wrist to Forehead Run

I will probably be doing a lot more Running Commentary posts for the next month and a half (or so), as I continue to prepare for the Utica Boilermaker 15K.  I thought I was in excellent shape for it already, having run just over an hour yesterday.  My feeling is if you can run one hours, you can run two; just don’t stop.  And I have run the Boilermaker in under two hours each time I have run in.  Then again (second guessing myself is apparently my favorite indoor sport), I took a three hour nap yesterday afternoon.  Maybe I’m not in such great shape (although I still maintain that round and puffy is a shape).

Today I have a few things I would like to get done, and I will not have time for a three-hour nap, so I thought I would run less than one hour.  This is not my normal M.O.  Usually I make long runs on both weekend days, when I don’t have to work.  However, this is a three day weekend.  I can go for a long run on Memorial Day.  I will wear an army t-shirt and run in honor of fallen soldiers.  So today could be a shorter, easier run with no hills.

I made this plan while I was still in bed, knowing it would be a good idea to get up but really wanting to sleep some more.  I finally talked myself into rising and immediately started drinking water from the bottle I habitually keep next to the bed. I got right into running clothes and was out the door before I had decided which direction to run in.  I turned the opposite way from what I usually take, toward State Street instead of German.  I had only gotten a block when somebody called a greeting.  It was the owner of Chico and Bear, two neighborhood dog buddies of mine.

She was dressed for church and taking the pups for a business meeting.  I stopped my watch and went over to pet the pups and chat with the person. I told her I had thought of going to church yesterday but woke up from my nap twenty minutes after mass started.  When we finished our chat, I reset my watch to zero and started again.  This time I ran down Church Street toward Main.  I still had no idea where I would go but knew I could figure it out as I went.  The sun was in my eyes, so I turned up Prospect and headed toward German.

On German, I turned left, so the sun was behind me.  I decided to run up the hill by Valley Health.  Yes, I had thought “no hills” but one hill was not so bad, especially compared to what I ran yesterday and what I hope to run tomorrow.  As I got to Valley Health, I mixed things up a little by going around the building the opposite way I usually do.  It’s the little things that add interest to my runs.  Running in front of the building as I was, I realized I was on an upslope.  I had never noticed it being a downslope when I ran on it in the opposite direction.  And isn’t that a metaphor for life, I thought.  We don’t always notice when things are a little easier, but, boy, let them get the least bit harder and wham!

I did not mind the upslope, nor yet the steeper hill.  Soon enough I was running down the side I usually run up.  The view is much better the other way, but I appreciated seeing something a little bit different.  I ran down to the Jr/Sr High School, eventually going over the little footbridge.

I ended up running for 37 minutes, and I felt pretty damn good about it.  I got tired by the end but concentrated on my breathing.  I know how getting a VCD (vocal chord dysfunction) attack can rack me up later in the day.  I felt truly awesome on my cool-down walk.  I feel pretty pleased with myself that I have made my blog post already too.  It looks as if I am not going to have a Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  I hope everybody else’s weekend is going as well.


Scattered, then Nap, then Snapped

It’s Wine O’Clock on a Saturday.  I wrote a blog post with that title once.  Some may feel I have not earned a wine o’clock today, but to that person I will explain, “Shut up.” (With thanks to S.J. Perelman.)

I managed to sleep in till after 6:30 this morning.  Ooh, did that feel good.  Ooh, did the coffee taste good when I had some of that.  I had not finished the first cup (I was nursing it) when I decided to go for my run.

What a run!  It was a long run!  It went up a long hill with some steep stretches!  I got endorphins.  The endorphins wore off (here’s a Freudian slip: I typed “whore” instead of “wore.”  Damn immoral endorphins!)  My computer thinks “endorphins” is not a word, but “endorphin” is.  I like it with the “s.”  Ooh, and look: on my headline, I added and “s” to “nap” to get “Snapped.”  Let’s hear it for the letter s!

I’m still on my first glass of wine, by the way.

After my run, a shower and some breakfast, I wrote my postcards while Steven finished a letter I had started to a sister-in-law.  I paused in the middle of that to put some stew beef in the crock pot for later consumption.  Before walking to the post office, I messaged my friend Kim on Facebook about getting together later.  When I got to the post office, I heard a voice say, “Hey, lady!”  It was Kim.  How serendipitous was that?  We made plans to meet at noon.

We drove out to the Herkimer County Humane Society for their garage sale.  I’ve gotten some good stuff at their garage sales!  I found some good stuff today, but I can’t tell you want, because a couple of them are presents (don’t shake your head at me for buying presents at a garage sale; it’s reduce, reuse, recycle!).  We looked at two other garage sales we had seen on the way out but did not find anything else to buy.

Next we went to T & J’s Fruits and Vegetables, at 221 Caroline St., Herkimer,  to look at plants.  I had it in mind to get my container garden together.  I saw a lot of good stuff but suddenly was overcome with tiredness.  Serious, my whole body just said, “I can’t possibly do this today.”  However, I ascertained that the place is open tomorrow and Monday, so I do not despair of getting something done soon.

Kim and I had a couple of other stops in mind, but when she asked if I was too tired, I had to say I was.  I got home in time to visit with Steven during his lunch hour.  Then I took a damn nap.  Yes, naps!  I love naps!  Before I slept, however, I started to read through the rehearsal script for The Tempest, which is LiFT Theatre Company’s summer Shakespeare production.  I must begin learning my lines!

After the nap, I had a cup of tea and tried to recover at least a modicum of ambition.  I succeeded to the extent of doing the dishes.  Then I poured myself the glass of wine referenced in the first sentence and turned on Snapped, my favorite television show.  And, as you see, I had enough ambition to make a 500+ word blog post.  Yay me!  Now to watch my show and crochet a little till it’s time to finish fixing supper.  Happy Saturday, everyone!


Love that John Quinones

As I drove home from work, I thought to myself, “Windy, isn’t it?”  Naturally I answered, “No, I think it’s Thursday,” followed by, “So am I, let’s get a drink.”  And now I am sipping a Corona while watching 20/20 on OWN.  I used to have the rule to neither do homework nor write while watching television, but now that I am older and it becomes increasingly clear that I am becoming no wiser, I do some things I  never used to do.

Where was I?  I did not get distracted by the television but by typing in a paragraph that I backspaced out.  I hope I am not starting another bout of that disease! I grit my teeth and keep typing.  Then I relax my jaw, because gritting one’s teeth is a bad habit.  I grind mine in my sleep, which is a very bad thing to do, but I can’t seem to help it.  Never mind my teeth, let’s get on with the post.  Did I mention this is Non-Sequitur Thursday?

My blog this week seems to be: pictures, running commentary, pictures, today.  So I ran earlier, thinking I could get away with another Running Commentary.  Which is too bad, because when I was on Facebook earlier, I saw a picture I would LOVE to use in a blog post.  Perhaps another time.  However, the fact is, I am not up to typing in a description of a run.  I will mention that it was longer than Tuesday’s run, that I was delighted that it stopped raining so I could run outdoors, and… OK, I guess that’s all I need to mention.

I did not mention, and WordPress did not remind me, that I recently passed my Blogiversary.  Six years ago, I started Mohawk Valley Girl.  With rare exceptions, I have posted every day.  Isn’t that swell?  I suppose there are those that do not think so, but, well, they can think what they like.  In the meantime, I want to start making more posts about the Mohawk Valley.  Perhaps I could start tomorrow. On the other hand, it will be Lame Post Friday, so I make no promises.  However, I hope you’ll tune in. Happy Thursday, everyone.


No Matter on Wrist to Forehead Sunday

I ran this morning, thinking I would go ahead and make two Running Commentary posts in a row.  Then I thought a common or garden Wrist to Forehead Sunday would be OK.  Now I am sitting here at the laptop, typing nonsense, and watching the clock creep closer to when my friend Kim comes over and my husband Steven gets off work and we head to the Little Falls Cheese Festival Fundraiser at the Overlook Mansion.  There will be wine and craft beer samples there.  If I wait and make my post later, I fear I will drink and type.  Of course I have done that before, but it is not ideal.

Then again, it may be better than what I have so far.  Perhaps I should compose two posts today, one now and one later, publish both and let the readers decide.  Ah, but what to write about NOW?

This morning’s run was pretty good.  I ran down to the canal trail, starting by Mohawk Valley Ambulance Corp, running for as long as I ran yesterday.  Yay me.  Back home, I made a macaroni salad for my lunches this week, also chopping vegetables for snacks.  Yay me again, although it might be better if I did not eat all kinds of other crap besides the vegetables.  However, I can’t worry about that now.

My real wrist to forehead situation today is what to wear to the fundraiser.  I have a color coordinated outfit on now but I’m not in love with it.  I think I look like an overweight middle-aged lady.  Oh wait, that’s what I am.  I suppose I will look like that no matter what.  Ah, and what’s in the middle of that last sentence?  “No matter.”  That is what I often say to myself, and it is what I say now.  I don’t like my outfit.  I don’t like this blog post.  No matter.  I’m going to have fun at the fundraiser.  I wonder if I can get anything else useful done before I go.


Perhaps Not an Epic Post but an Epic Run

I was twenty minutes into my run when I remembered I had not put on any sunscreen, not even my usual Oil of Old Ladies with SPF 15 on my face.  Of course, sunburn has not even been on my radar with our late spring.  Additionally, I usually run before 9 a.m. on a Saturday.  However, today I did not hit the streets till almost 1:30.  Yikes!  Naturally I kept running and tried not to worry about such things.

I had slept in this morning, after a late night at the murder mystery party where I had been plied with gin and champagne (full disclosure:  I did not put up much of a fight).  I had a headache and only myself to blame.  No matter, I told myself briskly.  I had not been running in three days and I was determined not to make in four.  I ran with a bottle of water in one hand.  I seem to remember that this is against the best running advice, but that was something else I couldn’t worry about.  My plan was to sip as I ran and when it was empty, refill it at the spring.  Accordingly, I headed towards Lou Ambers Drive, where the spring is located.

My plan was to run up the minor hill by Valley Health and around the residential area there I call the suburbs.  I guess technically it’s not a suburb, but you know how I like to have names for things.  There is an epic hill in that area as well as a few more of varying slopes and distances.  I did not feel up to anything too strenuous.  I wanted a slow, long, easy run.

Guess where I ended up running. Yes, it was the epic hill.  I sort of automatically headed in that direction and once I was on it just kept going.  Oh, that hill goes on for a long time!  Partway up, I thought it would probably be OK if I just turned around and ran back the way I came.  Then I reminded myself how stubborn I was.  I wasn’t rocking it, but I would not be defeated.  The road is a long loop, it goes up, up, up, then down, then up a short ways to meet up with itself.  I was SO HAPPY when I FINALLY got to the down part!  I noticed that the downhill did not last nearly as long as the uphill before I was headed uphill again.  And there’s a metaphor for life, I told myself.

As I ran, I narrated in my head, thinking my blog post would be a long as my run.  Now that I am typing, I’m not remembering the good parts.  For one reason, my headache is back.  No matter.  It will go away again.  In the meantime, I upped my run time by the recommended 10 percent and I am well on track to being in shape running the Boilermaker 15K.  Anyways, do you really want to hear about my puffing and panting?  Well, if you do, don’t despair.  I will no doubt do more running commentaries soon.  Happy Saturday, everyone!


Steve is Bela; I’m Boris

Two of my favorites, Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff.

I was about to start making a Wuss-out Wednesday post when I realized it was only Tired Tuesday.  However, my sweet husband, Steven, has the next two days off, so it is his Friday.  Therefore, I thought of using this photo.  Other than that, I don’t got much.

I went running earlier, so thought I could make a Running Commentary post.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that is going to work out for me.  I used up all my oomph before I ran, finishing my article for Mohawk Valley Living magazine and typing up a couple of scenes for a murder mystery.  I was pretty impressed with myself that I ran at all.  I was rewarded for my effort by the feeling that my legs actually had muscles in them.  Yay, me.

Incidentally, regarding the headline, I’m not really Boris. For the main reason, I would never call my husband an idiot.  Additionally, my voice is nowhere near as melodious.  Wouldn’t that be a kick, though, if one day I magically woke up with Boris Karloff’s voice?  That would rock.

Is this post turning into a Non-Sequitur Tuesday?  That belongs on Thursday, for heavens’ sake!  I can’t even keep my own features straight! Then again, that’s par for the course on Tired Tuesday.  Let’s hope for better posts as the week wears on!


Trying to be Cheerful on a Mid-Week Run

So I went running this morning and started to make a Running Commentary post, but I was just too distracted.  I thought I would feel less distracted as the day wore on, although I confess I don’t know why I thought that.  Never mind, I’ll just start the post and see if it works.

The thermostat said it was 40 degrees out, well within my range for leggings and long sleeves.  Only I couldn’t find a pair of leggings I didn’t mind getting dirty (hey, sometimes you have to plan your wardrobe ahead and you can’t count on being able to do laundry in a timely fashion).  I finally found a pair of spandex tights which I put a pair of shorts over.  What a late ’80’s/early ’90s fashion flashback! I used to LOVE wearing leggings or tights with shorts!  This was back in the day when one covered one’s butt while wearing leggings, unlike our current permissive times.

I only got a house or two away from home when I realized I had forgotten my hat.  That would never do.  I ran back home and pretended that was a warm-up.  I started out the second time running in the opposite direction to what I usually take: toward Meyers Park.  I ran through the park and over to Main Street.  There was a fire on Main Street last night.  I refrained from going down and rubber necking while it was going on, but surely it would not be too inquisitive to run by on the opposite side of the street and view the extent of the damage.

It didn’t look good.  The business on the ground floor seemed untouched, but upstairs windows on one side of the building were black holes.  Windows on the other side appeared to have been knocked out.  Damn!  I continued up Main Street, looking for something more cheerful.  Unfortunately, there are several un-cheerful sights on Herkimer’s Main Street.  I like to keep this blog positive, so I’ll go ahead and skip to the rest of the run.

My head was feeling the cold, despite my toque (it was the knitted watch cap I got in the Army; Steven calls it my toque).  I pictured a warm scarf wrapped around my face and thought that would feel good.  No matter, I told myself.  I could take a hot shower when I got back home.  I looked around at flowers in people’s yard and reminded myself that things WOULD warm up.

I only ran 32 minutes, but I thought that was all right for a mid-week run.  I had things to do that I felt I must recruit my energies for.  In fact, I’m still recruiting them and not getting a whole lot of things done.  But at least I made my blog post.