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Pre-Valentine Shenanigins

I guess we didn’t really have any shenanigans,  at least none worthy of the word, but we did have a pleasant evening.

I did not get Steven a Valentine’s Day present.  YET.  I still have time. But Steven set the standard and got me one.

Please excuse the busy background.

The wine box was from our Christmas present from my sister, Diane. The dinosaur is one we have had for a while.  I put him in the bag I bring to work yesterday, just for the amusement of the security guard that has to look in it.  This morning I left the house before Steven got out of bed, so I put the dinosaur by the coffee maker, to greet him.  So Steven thought it would look nice near my present.

A great name for rum!  The dinosaur likes it too!

I have been noticing this bottle in Valley Wine and Liquor in Herkimer for a while now.  I told Steven we needed it.  It will probably last us a long time, because we are more into wine than liquor, but what an appropriate bottle for Steve and Cindy Q.

After admiring the rum (but not sampling it yet), we went to Salvatore’s in Herkimer for dinner.  Steven won a large cheese pizza on a Facebook contest, so we got that.  We also got a shrimp appetizer from their special Valentine’s Day menu.  After looking at the entrees on that menu, I am seriously considering going back to Salvatore’s tomorrow.

My WordPress timestamp probably says it is Valentine’s Day already.  That is OK with me.  Dinosaur, present, dinner… I am feeling quite romantic already!



My Funky Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  I was unable to write a blog post earlier today, so I am doing the thing of finding pictures previously downloaded onto my laptop and writing about them.  The first thing to catch my eye is a not very romantic couple.  Just the sort of thing my twisted outlook would like to think about on Valentine’s Day.


As things turned out, it was not a love story for the ages.

Chester Gilette and Grace Brown were an item in 1906, although he really was not that into her.  He tossed her in the lake, because she was pregnant and he didn’t want to marry her.  It is a famous murder case that was tried in the Herkimer County Courthouse.  Gilette was housed at the 1834 Jail across the street.  I’m not going to write a whole blog post about it; I just thought I’d share the picture.


Also not a great love story, but I believe they were great friends.

Elsa Lanchester and Charles Laughton were married when they played a curmudgeonly lawyer recovering from a heart attack and his annoyingly cheerful nurse (um, not respectively) in Witness for the Prosecution, one of my all time favorite movies.  Their relationship is a highlight of the picture, although it was in neither the short story nor the play of that name. Watch the movie.  It is very entertaining.


The 13th was just yesterday, although it was not Friday.

I end with Betsy Palmer and Jason, from Friday the 13th. Full disclosure:  I have never seen that movie.  I don’t know who the actor is, or even if it is a stunt double in the picture.  Steven tried to look it up in one of his Leonard Maltin books, but it was not clear which actor listed played the part.  So much for a well-researched blog post.

In any case, my dinner is ready, and  I have to go early to rehearsal tonight.  I declare this better than a Tired Tuesday post. Hope to see you all on Wuss-out Wednesday.