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Winery Wordless Wednesday

I’m really liking the idea of Wordless Wednesday, although I am probably one of the least wordless people on the planet.  I mean, I’ll be honest, I LOVE words!  I love to talk!  I love to write!  But today, I just want to post something quickly and and go to bed early.  So this is kind of a Preview of Coming Attractions about the blog post I intend to write about Prospect Falls Winery.  I’ll post the pictures today and the words… subsequently (I can’t promise tomorrow; I have the read-through for Steel Magnolias!)



It was easy to get a space at the tasting bar the day we were there.

Oh, I can’t just put the pictures, can I?  I have to have some words.  Anyways, Steven and I were at Prospect Falls Winery last Wednesday with my sister Cheryl and our friend Penny.  Steven and I tasted a few wines, and we spent some time walking around looking at the wines and other things for sale.


I wish I had gotten a better shot of the wall hanging.



Love the Adirondack lamps!



The bundles are vintage Readers Digests.

Prospect Falls Winery is located at 400 Academy St., Prospect Falls, NY,  (315) 205-4045.  They are open Wednesday through Saturday 10 6 p.m., Sunday from noon to six.  For more information, you can visit their website at  You can also Like them on Facebook.



Not Much Writing, But What a Fun Day

I had such plans to do nothing today!  I mean, plans to go nowhere and NOT have any Mohawk Valley adventures but to possibly clean the house, possibly learn my lines (I did mention I am in another play, didn’t I?), and definitely to WRITE.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how I want to look at it, when I called talked to my Mom on the phone (always a good thing to do), she said they were going to Trenton Falls today.

Trenton Falls is a lovely place that is only open select weekends of the year.  I have been there a few times, but one must seize these opportunities to take a walk through a natural setting and see lovely views.  We were to meet at my sister’s house in Marcy at 11:30.  I had plenty of time to go running, so I did.  I did not, however, have time to make a Running Commentary blog post.  I had time to shower and stomp around looking for something to wear (always traumatic).  And to take my dog for a walk.  More of a short business meeting, but I think he enjoyed it.

It was perfect weather for walking through Trenton Falls, sunny and pretty but not too hot.  I got a little heated walking up some hills, but a nice breeze blew.  I had forgotten my camera so I must rely on my memory for the views I enjoyed.  Incidentally, I do have a digital camera now that can be hooked up to a computer so at some point I may be able to share pictures of my adventures.

They were selling food, including baked goods, and drinks at the bottom of the trail.  I was grateful to purchase a bottle of water. I also got a brownie for Steven.  We had planned to go to Van’s in Barneveld for lunch, so we headed there.  Only to find out that their kitchen was not open this afternoon.  Rats!  After some debate, we headed to the Soda Fountain in Remsen.  Yummy food in a ’50s atmosphere!  We admired the waitresses’ poodle skirts and enjoyed the ’50s music.

After lunch, I was ready to go home and perhaps get a few things done.  Then somebody (I don’t know who; it wasn’t me) suggested going to Prospect Falls Winery.  I truly did want to go home, but it seemed my mother really wanted to go to the winery.  I am certainly not one to deprive my mother of an opportunity to taste wine if she wants to!  I somehow managed to enjoy a nice little visit to a nice little winery.

At long last I got home.  And, as you may have guessed, the only writing I have gotten done has been this blog post.  At least it is over 400 words.  Well, I still have this evening and tomorrow.  We’ll see how much I can get done before the Wrist to Forehead portion of my Sunday kicks in.


Wine, Cheese, Music and History

The history, cheese and wine I alluded to in yesterday’s post (if you missed it, don’t worry about it; it wasn’t such a much) was at a wine and cheese tasting at the Historic Russian Church and One-Room Schoolhouse in Poland, NY.  We drove out there after Steven was finished at work.

Full disclosure:  I felt a little guilty for not going to see a couple of friends in a play at Players of Utica, but we were not sure we could get there on time, given Steven’s work and our lousy record of driving in Utica.  It would not matter if we were late for the wine and cheese tasting, and we are so much more comfortable driving the scenic rural roads.

It was a pleasant drive with views of farmland and mountains.  We had to ask directions at a convenience store, but that was OK with me, because I needed a cold beverage and had forgotten to bring a bottle of water from home (that’s not a run-on sentence).  I was surprised at how far out of the way the place was.  At last we were parked and walking over to the tables underneath shady trees.

A lady was playing the harp at the table where we paid our admission.  I told her it sounded lovely.  I believe it was Peggy Spencer Behrendt, who writes “Tales from Shawangunk” in Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  Shawangunk Nature Preserve had a table set up with pictures and information.  I made a small donation and picked up a bookmark.  For a larger donation I could have gotten a book or CD.

We sampled some tasty cheeses from Three Village Cheese and some yummy wine from Prospect Falls Winery.  We later purchased some of each.  Then we went into the One Room Schoolhouse to eat a couple of desserts and hear some music. Dean Batstone played acoustic guitar and sang original songs.  Before each song he would tell a little about how he came to write it.

“Most of my stories are mostly true,” he said.

Later we went into the church.  Volunteers were on hand to tell about its history and restoration.  I even got to pull the rope and make the church bell ring.

Steven picked up the Russia Civic Association newsletter.  I see they have a Facebook page.  I’ll have to seek it out so that I can attend other events at the church and schoolhouse, now that we know where they are.