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One Murder Down, One to Go!

I am feeling a combination of the satisfaction from participating in a well-received performance and post-play letdown.  Mostly satisfaction right now, the letdown will kick in more fully tomorrow.  You’ll have that.  After all, if we feared letdown, we would never experience anything good.  That is as philosophical as I will get today.

Members of Ilion Little Theatre performed He Laughed Himself to Death at Morning Star Methodist Church this evening, while they served a delicious roast pork dinner.  Cast members got fed after the performance, for which I was extremely grateful.  I was also grateful that the cast did a superb job, and the audience seemed to really enjoy it.  One of the best aspects of live theatre is the presence of the audience.  In these murder mysteries, we enjoy direct interaction and that is wonderful fun.  I can’t wait to do it again.

And I get to do it again soon!  I will alleviate my post-play letdown by jumping right into working on another murder mystery, which I have mentioned several times already:  Who Shot JS? This one will benefit the Herkimer County Historical Society and be performed at the Herkimer Elks Lodge April 22.  I will have a lot more to say about that one soon.

In the meantime, I am tired.  Solving theatrical murders is hard work!  I did not do a whole heck of a lot earlier today, because I was recruiting my energies.  Perhaps I will do something blogworthy tomorrow.  Or it will be another Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  I don’t care; the applause is still ringing in my years and I am feeling satisfied from the roast pork.  And the church wants us to do another murder mystery next year.  Goody!



It’s Not the Cold, It’s the Post-Play Letdown

Welcome to another Scattered Saturday. I’d just like to mention that I am in the middle of a HUGE case of post-play letdown. Who knew it could be this bad? It’s worse than my post-Christmas letdown and my post-Christmas letdown could stop a Mac truck. But I did not begin this blog post to whine and cry about my troubles, but rather to give you a brief overview of my day.

I thought today was supposed to be dreadfully cold, like zero and below. Come to find out, that’s tomorrow. Today’s high was supposed to be in the 20s. 28 according to one source, 22 according to another. That sounded like a rather crucial seven degrees to me, but as usual I hoped for the best. It was still single digits when we got up (slept in till six. Woohoo!) but had risen to 11 by the time Steven left for work about 10:20.

I had written my usual postcards and wanted to take Tabby for a walk. Was it really only 11 degrees out? It hadn’t seemed so bad when Steven opened the door to leave for work. I took a chance.

Sometimes you gamble and you lose. My eyelids were cold! That is a very uncomfortable feeling. Not as bad, however, as the guilt I was soon feeling when it became clear that Tabby’s paws were so cold as to be painful for her. I think it wasn’t too bad till after we left the post office, but there was nothing I could do but get the poor pooch home as quickly as possible. I did try to use my mittens to brush her paws temporarily clear of snow. I think she appreciated the effort.

After rubbing Tabby’s paws down and giving her a treat, I thought to head right out to the grocery store and get that out of the way. It was a brilliant plan, only flawed by my failure to remember my purse. I came home and said to hell with it.

I then spent some time cleaning the house, rather ineffectually I must admit. This was a necessity, because as part of my efforts to stave off post-play letdown, I am planning a party for next weekend. Luckily I have a whole week left to work on it.

Much later I broke down and went back to Hannaford. I bought a goodly amount of food, which now I have to cook, or at least chop up and mix together. One must eat after all. First I washed the dishes, so I would have part of the sink free to thaw the turkey in water. Turkeys were on sale for 89 cents a pound. I thought with tomorrow zero and below how nice it would be to have a turkey cooking all day in the oven. I only wish I had remembered to purchase potatoes.

So you see it really has been a Scattered Saturday. Scatter-brained mostly. However, at least I have my blog post written. Perhaps soon I can move on to the bra off, sweats on, wine drinking portion of the day. I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend.