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Saturday Stroll in the Sun

I have been saying and saying I must begin running again, but today was not the day.  However, under the heading Have to Start Somewhere, I took a half-hour walk so make bold to offer a Pedestrian Post on the beautiful Saturday morning.

I am trying to be very faithful with my post-card sending, because I hear from various sources that people like them.  Today I also had a letter to a friend.  Just as a side note: yesterday Steven was on the phone with a friend and mentioned how I had sent a letter to another friend.  She was quite fascinated by the idea that I wrote it on paper, stamped it and mailed it.  I must write her and her husband a letter soon.

But getting back to the walk, I had gotten a later start than normal.  In my defense, we were in a play last night (you had to know I would sneak in a reference to Roxy somewhere along the line).  Also, Steven did not work till 10, and some days I feel I must maximize my husband time.  However, I managed to set out soon after he left.

The sun was high in the sky, but I had taken the precaution of putting on sunscreen. I also put on my crazy old lady hat, which has a wide brim, and my prescription sunglasses.  Love my Rx sunglasses.  They are polarized.  I made sure the postcards and letters were properly addressed and stamped, locked my door, and off  I went.

It was warm in the direct sunlight, but I did not despair of finding some shade along the way.  I sure was missing my little dog, Tabby, but one must carry on. Rocky, a dog across the street, was on a rope in the backyard, barking at all and sundry.  I wanted to go over and pet him, but I am not that close with those neighbors so thought I better not.

I saw a little black and white dog frisking around another neighbor’s lawn.  When I got closer I saw a man and boy on the porch.  I asked if I could pet the dog.  The dog, however, was having none of it.  He ran up to me barking, but when I bent down and offered my hand to sniff he backed off.  The man on the porch said the dog was nice, which I believe, but I also know that some dogs don’t like to be petted by just anybody.

Further down the sidewalk I saw a beautiful retriever-looking dog on a leash.  His guy was talking to another guy while the dog sat by, looking like the best-behaved beast ever.  As I got closer the dog jumped up, apparently interested in checking me out.  I asked if I could pet him, and the owner said I could.

“He’s just a puppy, so he gets pretty excited,” he warned.  The dog was certainly eager to be petted.

“Oh, he’s nice,” I said. “He’s a friendly one!”

“Too friendly,” the owner agreed with a laugh.

“He’s a cutie!”


We parted friends.  After I mailed my stuff at the post office, I continued to walk, going past Main Street to Green and eventually to the nice path over what used to be a hydraulic canal, one of my favorite walks.  The sun continued to beat down on me, making what shade I could find quite welcome.  Still, it was a beautiful day, very summery.  I sure many people were embracing it, especially as fall is not far away.

I saw one more dog in front of a house, his person right at the door.  Alas, he was not into being petted either.  However, the friendly dog was so friendly, I felt he made up for the dogs that snubbed me.

My walk felt pretty good, even if I was quite sweaty by the end (after all, I’m washable).  I shall continue my quest for more exercise in the coming days.  You’ll read about it here (at least, I hope you’ll keep reading).  Happy Saturday, everyone!


What I Did with my Oomph

OK, OK, time to do the blog post.  I don’t know what it is about me on Saturdays.  I have no ambition to do ANYTHING!  I had a minimal amount of oomph this morning, though, so I will write a Scattered Saturday post telling what I did to use it up.

I knew I wanted to write a couple of postcards and walk them to the post office, as I usually do on a Saturday morning, but I had also started a letter to a friend I wanted to mail.  For one reason, in the letter I mentioned a fabulous party Steven and I are planning for October, and I am hoping this friend will attend.  I have been writing the letter on breaks at work, rather than working on my novel or better blog posts. Don’t judge.

I thought the letter was nearly done. Imagine my chagrin, therefore, on pulling out the letter and discovering that the fourth page only had part of one sentence written on it.  I can’t send out a letter with the last page most blank!  What a waste of a stamp!  What a disappointment for the recipient who thinks it’s a four-page letter and it’s only a three-page-and-one-half-sentence letter!  I finished the letter then wrote only two postcards.  Time was passing and I had several errands I was hoping to run.

It was a very pleasant walk to the post office, a beautiful day: not too hot yet, a little cloudy with a lovely breeze blowing.  I had considered not walking to the post office, because I wanted to get my running around (by that I’m afraid I mean errands; I’m still not back to running yet), but decided to not get what little exercise I had planned was not the best use of my time.  I continued on from the post office toward Main Street, thinking to make it a longer walk.  However, as I headed up Main Street the sun came out from behind the clouds and it started to get warmer.  I decided to compromise on a medium-length walk.

Then it was on to the errands! After gassing up my vehicle, my first stop was at Melfe’s Shoes in Ilion, NY (stand by for the obligatory Roxy reference).  I had found a pair of shoes that would work for my character in Roxy (that play I may have mentioned a few times).  It is a pair I have had for a number of years but never wore much.  The costume designer said they would be perfect.  It was fairly traumatic for me when the heel broke as I was taking them off after the first rehearsal I wore them at.

My own attempt at repair had failed, but I had great hopes of Melfe’s. You may have read about Melfe’s Shoes in this blog, as I go there once a year for my work shoes.  They are very helpful.  Today the young man was both helpful and kind as he explained to me how no repair was possible and that if they took my ten bucks to try I might possibly get two wears out of them but surely no more.

After Melfe’s I went to K-Mart, where I was able to find everything I wanted, including bobby pins for my hair for Roxy (ha ha, got two mentions of it in!) and allergy pills.  I got the kind I like to take every day but decided to wait on the kind that is good for sinus headache.  After all, I have not had a sinus headache in a long time (under the heading Should Have Seen That Coming, guess what I’m fighting as I type this).

My next two stops were to the Goodwill store and to Linda’s Consignments in Herkimer.  I mean to write a whole post about Linda’s, because I had a wonderful conversation with Linda and bought a marvelous hat.  Perhaps I could work on that tonight and thus avoid having Wrist to Forehead Sunday tomorrow.  In the meantime, I see I am over 600 words.  I don’t like to tax my readers’ patience and writing this has given me just a little bit more ambition.  Let’s see how far this dose of oomph takes me.


Sidetracked Saturday?

Good afternoon and welcome to another Scattered Saturday post (at least, I think my WordPress says it’s already Sunday, but whatever).  I worked this morning, as I believe I mentioned yesterday.  My first stop after work was the post office, to mail a package.  As I addressed the padded envelope and got the item inside, a young lady at the table questioned the city on the address of the package she was mailing.


“Near the City?” I said knowledgeably.  “They get fancy near the City.”

“I’m just from a small town,” she said with a laugh.

“I feel like a hick from the sticks when I go to Albany,” I admitted.  That, by the way, is a true story.  I lived in Norwood, NY, at the time, another teeny-tiny but charming village.  Some members of my family went to a hospital in Albany (Albany Medical Center?  Is there more than one hospital in Albany?) (just to sound really hicks-from-the-sticksy) (I bet you thought I was going to say “hickey”) (you know who you are).

It is a large hospital, so we asked somebody how to get to the area we wanted. The directions included the words, “turn left at the bank.”  We thanked the person politely and walked in the direction indicated, waiting till we were a few steps away  before looking at each other in confusion and saying, “Did they say turn at the bank?”  hoping that at least one of us had heard the right directions.  A few feet down the hallway, we saw the bank.

A bank in the hospital!  Who thinks of these things?  And that, dear readers, is how to feel like a hick from the sticks.

After that digression (which gave me my title, do you like it?), I continued on to the grocery store to purchase refreshments for a minor gathering on my deck this evening.

Oh dear, if any of my local friends are reading this and think I am having a fabulous party without you, I’m not.  It’s a strictly informal, small gathering, and if anybody reading this tonight wants to, well, just come on over.  Surprise me.


Not a Saturday of Note

I had thought of running today, for a return of Saturday Running Commentary. First I walked with my dog Tabby to the post office, to mail some post cards. It was cold and there was much ice on the sidewalks. Of course I have run in the cold and will do so again. I have run on icy sidewalks, too. One runs carefully and takes detours into the road and snowy lawns when possible. But I didn’t do it today.

For one reason, I woke up with a headache. Well that’s no big deal. Coffee would probably help. I began to feel a bit ill-used, however, when my stomach started to feel nauseous after my perfectly innocent English muffin with peanut butter. I resolutely ignored these symptoms for our post office jaunt. I had my reward as the stomach felt better and the head felt not too bad.

As you may have noticed, this is gearing up to be another one of those posts about what I did (or didn’t do) today that I could have (or still might) write a post about. I like to do that kind of a post on a Saturday. Kind of an overview of my day. It’s not too much pressure to write, yet I am not whining about how I CAN’T write a post today (read that last bit in a squeaky, annoying tone).

I wanted to go to the Shopper’s Stroll in Herkimer, NY (where I live, in case you didn’t know). Last year I strolled down Main Street with Tabby while this was happening, but this year I thought I would leave her home. I wanted to go to the Herkimer County Historical Society and maybe stop at a couple of businesses. Perhaps Tabby and I could walk to Meyers Park a little later and see the horse drawn carriage rides and whatever else was going on down there.

I had a lovely visit to the historical society, which I would definitely like to write about a greater length (I MIGHT have purchased a couple of Christmas presents, but of course that would be a secret). I walked through Valley Exchange, because that is always a fun place look through. After that I realized I was feeling hungry and a bit headachey so went back home. I saw the horse drawn carriage as I went past Meyer’s Park, but alas, that was as close as I got today.

After Steven came home for his lunch and went back to work, I succumbed to that tradition dreaded by schoolchildren everywhere: being sick on vacation. I went to bed for a two hour nap. I’m feeling somewhat better now. And perhaps I’ll feel up to writing a better post tomorrow.

It’s My Birthday, Dammit!

My sister Diane told me I should use that as the title. I had really thought I would make a “real” post today, but I don’t know why I thought that. I’ve been running around doing things and now I’m sitting here composing at the keyboard and wanting nothing more than to get to the sweats on, bra off, sitting on my couch crocheting portion of the day.

One does the best one can, doesn’t one? I offer a Preview of Coming Attractions, which may sound remarkably like What I Did Instead of Writing a Blog Post for Today.

I started doing things yesterday with a wine tasting at Vintage Spirits, always a fun thing to write a post about. This morning I did not run, which would have led to a dandy running commentary. However, I may run tomorrow, so we have that to look forward to (me the run and writing the post, you reading the post) (if you like that sort of thing). I did, however, finish two letters and write three post cards which I then mailed, walking to the post office with my delightful schnoodle, Tabby. Walks with Tabby are often good for a post.

My day was just getting started. I went to a craft fair at the Saquoit Middle School with my sister Cheryl and my mother. What fun that was! And it involved an enjoyable drive over scenic country roads. The journey and the destination are worth writing about. My trip home, with almost freezing rain, was equally memorable.

Back in Herkimer, I stopped at Valley Wine and Liquors where another wine tasting was going on. Oh stop shaking your heads and calling me a lush (you know who you are), I only tasted a few wines. We didn’t even open the bottle we purchased last night and what I bought today I intend to save for Thanksgiving. There is every chance we will open last night’s bottle and have a glass or two tonight, but for heavens’ sake, did you not read the title of the piece? It’s my birthday, dammit! Sheesh!

Well, this is a respectable 300 words. At least, it’s 300 words. Describe them by the adjective of your choice. I’m going back to my birthday celebrations.

A Truly Pedestrian Post

Alas, Saturday Running Commentary does not return this week. It was supposed to rain this morning and let me off the hook. It did not. However, I didn’t feel like running so I darn well didn’t. In my defense, the house still felt stuffy and humid. We opened the front and back doors, hoping to get a cross-breeze. I thought I might change my mind after a cup of coffee. I did not.

I did, however, write four postcards which my schnoodle Tabby and I walked to the post office to mail around 8:30. Therefore, I make bold to offer a Pedestrian Post for your Saturday reading pleasure (or whatever day you decide to read it; I should not like to dictate others’ reading schedules).

When we walked last night the humidity made my crazy old lady had uncomfortable. This morning did not seem too sunny so I went without it again. I had showered and put on a fairly respectable-looking outfit with earrings, so I did not feel that I needed it for a disguise anyways.

Oh, I love to walk. It feels so good on my legs. Tabby likes it too, although sometimes it seems she mostly likes to stop and sniff. Almost every telephone post and tree as well as many random patches of grass command her attention. I must envy how easily she is entertained. Then again, I was reasonably entertained by the walk and I don’t have her sense of smell.

She kept wanting to go a different way from me at the corners and even tried to pull me across the street between corners, but I kept her on track. When we got to the post office she was reluctant to go in which is unusual. Once again, I convinced her. She seemed interested in a gentleman waiting for the window to open, but we did not approach him. He said she was cute. Tabby was happy when we left the post office, because I told her that now we’d go which way she wanted to go.

She took me over to Main Street, then down around Albany and up Prospect, which is a route we often take on Saturdays. I was soon feeling it was a good thing I had not gone running. I think it was even more muggy than last night. Even walking at a leisurely pace with frequent stops I was becoming overheated. I wondered if the weather was entirely to blame or if menopause was rearing its ugly head. Then again, finger-pointing gets us nowhere.

I was happy to return home to the benign influence of my fans (um, I mean the electric fans that blow air on me, not the other kind) (although I appreciate them too) (you know who you are, and for the rest, yes I KNOW it’s not you, you don’t have to make unkind remarks). I’m afraid my walk was dull and the post about it likewise. But I enjoyed my walk in a gentle, unexciting kind of way, and hope others found the same about the blog post.

Hope to see you on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

In My Defense, It’s Monday

My existential writing crisis continues (I don’t really know what an existential crisis is, I just thought it sounded cool) (and if anybody tries to enlighten me and uses any form of the word “exist,” I will probably make a sarcastic remark). I began writing a post before work today, but it wasn’t working out. I thought it would be OK, though, because I intended to go running after work. I could do a Running Commentary.

Why do I even think I’m going to run on a Monday? I almost never do, and I did not today. But I had a letter to mail to my sister (yes, I handwrite letters and mail them with stamps, do you have a problem with that? I thought not), so I suggested Steven and I walk to the post office with our schnoodle Tabby. Now I can write a Pedestrian Post.

We went after supper, but the temperature had not cooled down much. It was cloudy, dull and humid. The air was almost completely still. It did not take long to have that overall coating of sweat one’s body often gets this time of year. Tabby did not seem to mind. She pranced along, stopping often to explore interesting smells.

As we went through Meyers Park, I admired a stone bench recently donated by a class from Herkimer High School. I stupidly do not remember the year, but it was somewhere in the 1960s. After the post office, Steven suggested we walk up Main Street and go by the Historic Four Corners.

“Tabby does love the Historic Four Corners,” I said.

We walked up Main Street to German.

“This is where the DARE 5K starts,” I said. I’m looking forward to the DARE 5K. I guess I’d better start running in the evening in addition to walking.

As we continued down German the breeze picked up. That felt good. I’m afraid it was an uneventful walk, but I have great hopes that my crisis will be over by tomorrow and better posts will be forthcoming.

No Wonder I’m Tired

For this week’s Tired Tuesday entry, I will give a brief summary of some of Steven’s and my movements last Saturday. Regular readers will recall that this was Steven’s Birthday Weekend. He and I took three days off to celebrate. I went back to work today. It should surprise no one that I am tired.

Our first stop Saturday morning was a certain big box store which shall here remain nameless, because I don’t think they need a plug from Mohawk Valley Girl. Of course I prefer to shop at a distinctive local retailer, but alas, the Mohawk Valley does not boast one that sells the kind of yarn I like.

After purchasing our yarn and bread (we are nothing if not eclectic), we went to breakfast, which formed the subject of yesterday’s post (perhaps you read it). From there we went to the post office. I wanted to mail some postcards I had written and purchase some postcard stamps for future postcards. While there, we noticed a couple of fliers for future events.

After that, we wanted to visit the Herkimer Community Museum, but we were too early. However, the museum is handily located next to Basloe Library, so we moseyed over there. In the library, we enjoyed looking at a display of old pictures of Herkimer. What a bustling Main Street our village used to have. Perhaps one day it will bustle again. I will certainly write about it here when it does. Of course I also found a couple of books to check out, one of which I had finished by Monday.

The museum still was not open, so we went home to regroup before continuing our Birthday Weekend adventures.

NOTE: Looking back at that headline, I perceive that some readers may still wonder why I am tired. I mean, store, breakfast, post office, library. Run of the mill errands. However, I am too tired to think of a more appropriate headline, so I’ll let it stand. Please join me on Wednesday, when I will strive not to wuss out.

Birthday Walk

I like to start my Saturday with a run or a walk. Unfortunately my difficulties running continue. Barring a run, I like to walk with my schnoodle, Tabby, to the post office and mail postcards to a few people. Accordingly, I wrote five postcards and stamped them.

Then noticed it was eleven degrees out. Yes, I know, at least it was double digits. I can be thankful for small favors and still stay inside. We drove to the post office. By this afternoon, the temperature had risen into the upper twenties. That sounded good to me. Steven graciously agreed to accompany us on our walk.

I should perhaps mention that Steven is usually working on Saturday. This weekend we both have a glorious three days off to celebrate his birthday. Well, to celebrate yet another anniversary of his 29th birthday. So I suppose this was along the lines of a birthday walk (his actual birthday is Monday, in case anybody was wondering).

It was one of those hazy sunny days, where the light scatters and the snow doesn’t help. I was glad of my prescription sunglasses. They are brown polarized, perfect for such a day. I hope nobody thinks I am a spoiled, rich brat that I have polarized prescription sunglasses. I got them several years ago, when I worked in the optical industry. They were free.

(Reminder for next Lame Post Friday: philosophize half-bakedly on why I felt the need to point out that I do not spend infinite dollars on eyewear.)

We walked past Tabby’s beloved Historic Four Corners and down Main Street in Herkimer, NY. Steven stopped into Smoker’s Friendly to purchase lottery tickets. By this time tomorrow, we may be millionaires. That might be worth a blog post. We continued down Main Street.

We once again realize we have not gone to the new pizza place, whose name escapes me. We also noticed that Burrito Jones is now open. All kinds of meals yet to have. Oh, and we smelled something good coming from Brian’s Roast Beef Deli, where we have eaten many times and will no doubt eat again. We also saw that Exclusive Barbershop has a new awning, nicely painted. I need a haircut, but I usually go to the Hot Spot Salon and Spa, where I can also get a pedicure.

It was not too bad walking. The temperatures were not as glorious as last weekend, but at least it didn’t make our faces hurt. The sidewalks were pretty good, except for a few patches of ice which I warned Steven about. Usually my warning Steven comes right before I land on my own butt, but today I avoided such an eventuality.

We had a few other Mohawk Valley adventures today, and plan a couple more before the weekend is over. However, I like Running Commentary or a Pedestrian Post on Saturday. I enjoyed our walk, and I do like writing about them. I hope my dear readers are enjoying their Saturday as much.

Yay, Flood Boots!

Looking back, I see I have done a number of pedestrian posts lately. Could it be that my life is so boring all I do is work, sleep and walk my dog? Well, sometimes I eat and read books. Perhaps I can write blog posts about those subjects next week.

Today I TRIED to walk my schnoodle Tabby first thing in the morning. And by “first thing,” I mean, when my husband Steven left for work. I’d been up a good four or five hours by that time but hadn’t done must noteworthy or blogworthy. Well, I did finish two letters and write five postcards. That was why I wanted to walk to the post office.

Yesterday the sidewalks had been quite wet. It was supposed to continue warm today, although it had been cold overnight. I thought my winter combat boots (army issue, of course) would be good. I was picturing more ice than puddles and the combat boots offer some traction.

Um, not enough. All that water had frozen into a lovely, glare surface. Maybe cleats would have offered enough traction. Maybe ice skates would have been a better choice (mine perished in last summer’s flood, although I confess I had not worn them in years). It was scary! I don’t think I’m old enough to worry about breaking a hip, but even my fat butt doesn’t offer enough padding to make me view with complacence a fall on hard ice.

We made it two blocks. Mostly we walked in the road, which was still pretty icy, because 9 a.m. traffic in my neighborhood is not bad. Finally the thought that every step I took TO the post office I would have to repeat BACK from the post office overcame me. We went back home and drove to the post office.

I felt humiliated, because the weather had driven me back inside on the prettiest sunny day you could ask for. I had on my sunglasses, dammit! I had on my insulated sweatshirt instead of a coat! But the story has a happy ending, because the sun stayed out. About two o’clock, we tried again. This time I wore my flood boots, anticipating puddles not ice.

Oh, you can’t believe what a wonderful walk it was! The ice we encountered was melting. There were a few patches of bare pavement. Most of the sidewalks had lovely, safe, wet puddles. Not even very muddy. And can I just say, let’s hear it for flood boots. The air was warm. The sun was bright. A little voice in my head sang, “I’m in heaven! I’m in heaven!”

The only problem blog-post-wise is that I had to keep my eyes pretty much on my feet, for when we went over the ice that hadn’t all melted yet. I did not look around and appreciate the scenery as I like to do.

However, to make this a Mohawk Valley adventure, I can tell you where we walked to: The Herkimer Police Department to purchase tickets for the Beer and Wine Tasting Event on Saturday, March 8 from 6 to 10 p.m. at Francesca’s Banquet Hall, East Main Street, Ilion, NY. In addition to beer and wine tasting, hor d’oevres will be served. A 50/50 raffle and silent auction will take place. Participants will have a chance to meet officers and team members who responded to the tragic events in Herkimer and Mohawk March 13 and 14, 2013. Proceeds will be split between the Herkimer/Mohawk Special Response Team and K-9 Ape memorial.

While I bought our tickets, I took the opportunity to ask the officer if they had a stupid question department. I may have a few questions about police work for the novel I keep working on instead of writing blog posts all week. He was very gracious and said I could stop in with my questions when I was ready. That might be another blog post.