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Blame It On Post-Christmas Let-Down

One of the all time great posters.

Well how can I make a decent blog post when I am in the throes of a post-Christmas letdown?  I guess the let-down has not really reached full strength, but it’s getting there.  Oh well, you’ll have these things, especially when you love Christmas as much as I do.  It should surprise no one that I am not up to discussing the philosophical ramifications of “cry because it’s over or smile because it happened.”

Right now we are enjoying one of our go-to silly movies, Murder by Death (1976).  Earlier we were watching Forensic Files.  I do love a true crime documentary, but I was reaching manic levels of sick-of-it regarding a song that was playing during a promo of upcoming attractions that played during every commercial break (good song, not even a bad version of it, but you can have too much of a good thing).

Earlier yet, I went Mohawk Valley adventuring with my sister Cheryl.  We went to Fort Plain Antiques and Salvage, and Mohawk Antique Mall.  I brought my Tablet with me but only took one picture.  Still, I could write a blog post giving a proper plug to these two fun shopping destinations.  Speaking of “could write a blog post,” I went running this morning.  Yay, me.  I really need to sit down and write a Running Commentary soon after one of these runs.

I am thinking, however, that right now I am over 200 words and I am going to call this a Wuss-out Wednesday.  What do you want a day after a major holiday?  Miracles, I suppose.  Well, we can always hope for what tomorrow may bring.  Happy Day After Christmas, everyone!


I Felt Super!

Ah ha ha!  (that was a triumphant laugh)  I went running again!  I took two days off, because it was just too cold for me, but this morning it was 30 degrees when we got up, so I said, “Hey!”

I waited a couple of hours first and ate a banana with peanut butter not quite one hour before I actually went.  It was not much above 30 by then, but I thought I could rock it.  I was right.  I ran on the sidewalk instead of the road for the most part, because it was covered with enough snow to give traction.  Sometimes I thought I saw ice underneath the snow, so I exercised caution.  My middle-aged shuffle is good for that.

I had run for a half a block before I realized it was snowing. Snow?  Oh well, I could still rock it (but not rocket, if you see what I mean).  I had on leggings, a long sleeved t-shirt, a hat and gloves.  I wished I had also worn a scarf, especially when the wind picked up.  Then again, running without a scarf, I think, “Oh, if I had a scarf to cover my cold face, how nice that would be!”  Running with a scarf, it’s, “I can’t get this damn scarf to cover my face right and now I’m fogging my glasses!”

As I ran, I thought about the blog post I would write, especially the title.  It is Superbowl Sunday.  Could I work that in?  How about alliteration on Sunday?  Then I looked around at houses, feeling happy when I saw the occasional Christmas decoration still up.  I don’t really get over my post-Christmas let-down till spring.  Sometimes it lasts till it’s time to start thinking about Halloween.  When I wasn’t looking for greenery and wreaths, I was hoping the cold air would not give me a headache.

Regarding that last sentence, it was a forlorn hope. As I type this, I’m afraid I got one and it is getting worse (remember, the more you complain, the longer God lets you live). However, I see that I am over 300 words.  Short for a Running Commentary but long enough for a Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  I shall stop blogging and nurse my headache.  But I ran for 26 minutes, the same as I ran on Thursday, and I felt pretty damn good about it. Happy Sunday, everybody.


A Monster of a Post Christmas Letdown

“How’s that post-Christmas letdown working for you?”

I pause in my post-Christmas letdown/Boxing Day celebrations to make a blog post.  Since I have a 2004 Godzilla movie on cable television as background noise, I thought I would lead with a picture of the big lizard.  This one seemed to have a kind of a red tinge to it, so I found it marginally seasonal.

Some may find it unbecoming that I am having a Tired Tuesday when I am in the midst of a week off (you know who you are), but it cannot be denied that shit happens.  I was looking at my On This Day on Facebook, and in a previous year, a friend noticed how I often suffer from the letdown. She suggested I combat the problem celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas, culminating in a big party on Jan. 6.  Right now I feel far too tired to undertake anything of that nature, although I suppose the suggestion has merit.  Then again perhaps it would merely postpone the letdown.

I must say this Godzilla movie is not doing anything for me either.  I had no great hopes for it, being made as it was in 2004.  Oh, go ahead and start a discussion of all the great movies that have been made in this century.  I have not seen most of them so will have to take your word for it.  In the meantime, how about another picture of Godzilla?

“Hi, guys, it’s me! Have you seen Mothra?”

I thought Godzilla with a big grin might cheer us all up.  In the meantime, I must seek out a good true crime show or a better monster movie.  As usual, I’ll try for a better blog post tomorrow.  Happy Boxing Day.


Merry Post-Christmas Letdown

So last week my excuse for foolish blog posts was that I was on vacation.  This week my excuse is I’m back at work and trying to get into the swing of things.  Does anybody have a problem with that?  You there, in the back?  You do?  Or were you just shooing a fly?  I thought so.

That by way of a silly introduction to a Post-Christmas Tired Tuesday post.  I returned to work today, still grateful for having had yesterday off.  Now I only had a four day week to get through!  It was not until I sat down here and started typing just now that I remembered:  in school on the first day back after Christmas vacation, everybody had on their new clothes they had just gotten for Christmas.  How fun was that?  Until I would realize I still wasn’t beautiful and popular, which I spent most of my childhood and adolescence hoping I would one day wake up to find myself.

Of course with school as well as with work, it did not take long to feel as if I had never left.  Vacation?  What vacation?  When is the next one?  I looked at the calendar and counted the full weeks till a three day weekend.  Far too many.  However, I do have a few discretionary days to take.  I may treat myself to a Monday off in February or March.  I will probably write a blog post about it.

All things considered, it was not a heinous first day back at work.  Some of the usual annoyances annoyed, but some of the usual amusements amused, and it was nice to see my work friends again.  I do like having friends.  I’m still not beautiful, but now enough people talk to me that I can at least pretend I’m popular.  Happy Tuesday everyone, and I hope you are all recovering from any post-holiday blahs you may have.


But I’m NOT Whining!

I am in the middle of cooking dinner, so I could do a cooking post.  Or I could stick with my usual Monday Mental Meanderings.  I have come to realize that mental meanderings are easier than middle-aged musings.  “Musings” seems to imply that there is a point or at least a theme or something.  “Meanderings,” I feel, can just want wander all over the place.

So it is the day after Christmas.  At least I did not have to return to work.  I hate working with a post-Christmas letdown.  Don’t worry; I’m not going to sit here and whine about my post-Christmas letdown for 200 or so words (I don’t imagine I can manage 300 or more words today).  I will attempt to not whine at all, but I have observed that some  people will accuse you of whining no matter what.  I suppose to complain about that injustice will also be construed as whining.  File that under the heading I Just Can’t Win.

Christmas being over does bring a sense of relief.  No more presents to buy, make, wrap.  Of course I did not celebrate the season as properly and thoroughly as I had hoped and planned, but it is too late to worry about that now.  It’s on to working on all the projects I’ve been neglecting for Christmas!  I have writing, cleaning and organizing to tackle.  And if I accomplish any of it, you’ll read about it here!

As for right now, I am over two hundred words.  I am not going to try for three, because I’m afraid I might start whining about something.  Hope you’re having a delightful Monday.


Stop Stalling and Start Blogging

I wish I had something that starts with an ST to do.  Then I would have a thoroughly alliterative title.

The sad truth is that once again when it comes to my post, I got nuthin’.   I don’t have much when it comes to other aspects of my life either, but I won’t get into that.  This isn’t Maudlin Monday after all.  I’ve been waiting all day and half the evening for inspiration to strike.  I went to “On This Day” in Facebook.  I always share my blog post, so it is an easy way to see what I published, you know, on this day. Then I re-read yesterday’s post.

You will probably not be surprised to hear that inspiration did not strike.  I finally had to sit down and just start typing.  Hence, today’s title.

My Post-Christmas Letdown kicked in full force today, not surprisingly, since I was back at work.  Oh, it was not a bad day at work.  But work is, perforce, work.  I like my job. I would just prefer to be independently wealthy or at least be on vacation the week after Christmas.  I know, I can’t have everything; it is best to appreciate the things I have and not dwell on what I have not.

Steven fixed us a nice dinner tonight of tomato soup and grilled ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches.  Adding pretzels and a glass of milk, I ate too much.  I suppose that was a seasonal thing for me to do.  You would think it would have alleviated the Letdown, but not so much.

No matter (as I like to say to myself).  I have managed to ramble on for more than 250 words.  I already have a title.  I’m going to categorize this as Monday Mental Meanderings, hit publish and call it a day.  Perhaps you’ll tune in on Tuesday, when I will hope not to be Tired.


Not So Wrist to Forehead After All

Well, of course it’s Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  It is not only a mere two days after Christmas, tomorrow I must return to work after a lovely four day weekend. WHAT IS THERE TO FEEL HAPPY ABOUT?

In fact there is a lot to feel happy about.  I am actually having a pleasant Sunday.  This morning my husband and I drove to Chadwicks to go to mass with some of my favorite family members including my utterly delightful great-nephew.  After church, Steven and I drove into Frankfort for breakfast at The Knight Spot. Back in Herkimer, we stopped at T & J’s Fruits and Vegetables for red peppers, my latest addiction.

Right now we are indulging in one of my favorite pastimes: hanging out in sweatpants watching true crime shows (Dateline on TLC right now, perhaps an episode or two of Snapped later) while I contemplate what I will do with my red peppers and when I should start.

More importantly, along with my usual Post-Chrristmas Letdown, I am intermittently experiencing Post-Christmas Relief and a little bit of New Year’s Surge.  My relief:  ah, for better or worse, the presents have been completed, wrapped and mostly given (a few are at my parents’ house, awaiting other family members’ arrival),  I’ve done all the Christmas things I can do, even if I didn’t do them well, even if I missed a few (Hmm, I think there’s a poem there somewhere).

And now the New Year’s Surge:  with Christmas over, I can move on to other things.  Bigger and better things? We’ll see.  In the meantime, I have more true crime shows to watch, a dinner to think about, and some serious hanging out to do before I return to work tomorrow.  Happy Sunday, everyone.


Post-Christmas Pedestrian Post

I have not done a Pedestrian Post in a while.  Wait a minute, maybe I have… Oh, I just don’t feel like going back and looking.  I’m going to make a Pedestrian Post now and if you don’t like, well, that is the chance I take.

Where was I?  Ah yes, the day after Christmas.  Boxing Day, the Feast of Stephen, and Post-Christmas Letdown Day.  Oh, don’t tell me I can choose to feel happy.  Sometimes you just have to feel the way you feel.  That said, I thought it better not to dwell on how I was feeling but to try to get a few things done.  To that end, I sat down and wrote out several postcards.

I have mentioned before how I like to send postcards.  There are a few shut-ins and semi-shut-ins I try to send to regularly, and I usually write one or two to whoever I happen to think of at the moment.  Today it was a friend I have not one but two letters written to in two different notebooks.   It was just easier to dash off a postcard than to search for the other notebook (I knew where one was).  I’ll get the letter mailed out subsequently.

As I brushed my teeth and washed my face, I had something of an urge to go running instead.  However, I was disinclined to run to the post office with a handful of postcards.  For one reason, I might drop them.  For another, my glasses would undoubtedly fog when I walked into the post office to mail them.  This is all very well when one is walking, but I just didn’t want to deal with it in the middle of the run.  I could run later. I would walk now.  I would take a longish walk, in case I didn’t run later.  This would work.

My first observation on setting out was that it was foggy.  My second observation was that it is much better to walk with a dog.  Oh, how I miss my dear Tabby.  It was our Saturday thing, to walk to the post office with post cards.  Well, I still needed the exercise, so I kept going.

It was cold, but I was warmly dressed.  Only my face got increasingly colder, but I told myself not to worry about it.  I knew it might induce a sinus headache, but I could drink a cup of hot tea for that later. The sun was up so very few Christmas lights were still on and those that were were not very bright.  In Meyers Park the lights on the trees and the gazebo (or is it a bandstand?) shone bravely if faintly in the fog.  I felt a little encouraged on seeing them.

It took a very short time to get to the post office.  My glasses did not fog when I walked in.  At least, I did not notice they were fogged.  As I had walked I could not always tell if the fog was getting thicker or if my glasses were betraying me.  However, since I could see well enough to maneuver, I persevered.

About 20 minutes into the walk, I started to feel better about things.  I read somewhere that a brisk 30 minute walk is the equivalent of two Zoloft tablets.  I do enjoy how my legs feel as I stride along.  I tried not to let my cold face bother me.  I kept my hands in my pockets, so they were warm too.  Walking, I thought, was better than running.  If I had been running, my hands would be stiff by now.

I ended up walking 40 minutes and feeling pretty good about it. I see that I have written mostly about myself and have not included many observations of Herkimer.  I was looking around, and I managed to see things other than the fog.  I passed the Historic Four Corners twice.  Well, I will have to write an observation-filled Pedestrian Post next time.  I hope you are all having a lovely December the 26th.


Still Keeping that Post-Christmas Letdown at Bay

Kind of a long headline, isn’t it? Who cares? (That was a rhetorical question, dafthead!)

I actually thought I felt the Post-Christmas Letdown encroaching earlier today. Steven and I were taking our lovely schnoodle Tabby for a walk (we usually say “perambulation” in case she recognizes “the W word” and gets all crazy before we’re ready to leave). I was noticing how many houses had their lights down and even their trees out waiting for garbage pick up.

It was a grey, gloomy day, which normally cheers me up somewhat (we all know I’m perverse; that does not need further comment). In fact, the walk was our second attempt, because the first attempt got rained out. The temperature was warmer when it started to rain, but I did not repine. We enjoyed our walk.

While we walked, we discussed our itinerary for the rest of the day. I have this thing that I like to go to Waterfront Grille in Herkimer, NY (you know, where we live), sit at the bar and order drinks and appetizers. We don’t often do this, but I thought, being he holidays and all… We were torn. After all, we had already watched one movie and had (have) many more to watch. There are also episodes of Castle and the Blacklist on DVR as well as of Snapped currently airing on Oxygen. There are sweats to put on and bras to take off, for heavens’ sake! What’s a girl to do? (I say “girl” instead of my usual “blogger,” because not all bloggers have bras to take off).

As we walked and debated, Steven at last said, “Well, if it’ll help you get over your post-Christmas letdown, let’s go.”

What can I say? The man is a genius and the best husband ever. We went and had a glass or two of wine and an excellent lunch. Now we are back at home, in sweats (one of us has our bra off, I think you know who) (and anybody who says TMI has earned my enmity), watching a Christmas movie (easing out of Christmas is another method for alleviating post-Christmas letdown), and I was kind of waiting for Wrist to Forehead Sunday to kick in. Incidentally, it hasn’t.

So, anyways, this is my blog post. Kind of slice of life, I guess. I’m in a dandy mood and hope you are too. May your post-Christmas be letdown free!

Running from Post-Christmas Letdown

Yes! Yes! On my last chance before 2015, I have returned to Saturday Running Commentary! I am the woman!

How’s that for not having a post-Christmas letdown (yet)? Well, when you are feeling down, there is nothing like physical activity. And if you get to the physical activity before the blues really kick in, so much the better.

Steven and I got up at a ridiculous hour this morning, because he had to work at 6:30. The weather report promised mid to upper 40s later in the day, but I wanted to get my run done so left shortly after Steven did, 6:27 by my watch.

My thermostat said it was 34 degrees, so I had on leggings, long-sleeved ARMY t-shirt, winter running socks, a hat and mittens. Also my reflective vest, because it was still dark out. That had the advantage of having a zipper pocket in which I placed two tissues and my house key. I reminded myself to be careful of the key when I took the tissues out to blow my nose. Losing the house key that way is just the sort of thing I would do.

I had thought that by running while it was dark out I might see some Christmas lights still up. I knew I might not see many. For one reason, some people around here seem to feel the need to puritanically haul down all lights and decorations immediately their calendar turns to December 26. For another reason, some people turn their lights off at bedtime and might not turn them back on in the morning. Steven turns our lights off but we turn them back on in the morning till the sun comes up.

Regular readers may have noticed that I have not been running since November. I know, how dreadfully remiss of me. It was with some trepidation that I set out. However, a few steps down the street and I was thinking, “This is EASY! I can do this!” I quickly noticed some lights on houses on German Street, which made me feel even better.

I ran to the hill by Valley Health. Normally at my first run after a long pause I do not require hills of myself. However, I felt I should make an effort. As I ran by the hill up to Herkimer County Community College, the streetlights mocked me. It will be a while before I am ready to take that hill again, but I vowed to myself that it will happen (I’ll probably write a blog post about it).

I stopped feeling that running was easy by the time I reached to the top of the hill I did run. Now my legs felt like macaroni, breathing was less than fun, and I wanted to stop. However, I persevered. The Christmas tree I could see in the lobby of Valley Health cheered my up.

Back down the hill and into the residential streets, I began looking also for lights that would indicate other people were awake thus early on a Saturday. I saw a few. After all, it wasn’t four in the morning. Between 6:30 and 7 is a perfectly normal time to be up, even on a weekend. I saw several houses with Christmas lights on but no other lights. A couple of houses with lights but no Christmas lights. How depressing. One house had only the basement lights on. Probably a mad scientist’s laboratory. The flowered curtains were a dead giveaway.

There was just a little bit of light appearing in the sky as I approached the end of my run. I only require 20 minutes of myself when returning to running but thought I might possibly manage a little more this morning. My body had returned to the “I can rock this” stage, but I didn’t want to push too hard. After all, I do have the rest of the day to get through.

I ended up going for 24 minutes, which is how long I went the last time I ran. As Tabby walked my cool down with me the sky lightened even more. I admired the bare trees against the blue grey. When Steve, Tabby and I took a walk yesterday, I kept saying how much I love to walk. However, I don’t know if anything really feels as good to my legs as the cool down walk after a good run. So it looks as if I’ve kept that post-Christmas letdown at bay for a little longer.