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Suddenly Supper

How about a new feature? Instead of Wrist to Forehead Sunday, I’ll have What’s for Supper Sunday. I’ll talk about what I cooked on Saturday. It worked last week, maybe it’ll work this week.

Unfortunately, it is not that exciting this week. I had thought to spend the afternoon lovingly creating my creamy potato soup, which Steven loves. It is labor intensive, and I was in a labor adverse mood. I thought I could throw something together at the last minute instead.

I actually did not wait until quite the last minute, which would have been after Steven got home. He worked till 6:30. I started moving about ten after six. I started, as I often do, by peeling and pressing garlic, then setting the timer for fifteen minutes. I had in mind to do something with some frozen, already cooked chicken breast tenders. Such a handy item to keep in the freezer.

I also had two avocados I thought I’d better do something with. I figured they had reached the mushy stage, so guacamole seemed a good bet. For another reason, that’s about all I know to do with avocados anyways. I did not have any green chiles, which my favorite recipe calls for, so I thought I’d just wing it.

I used garlic, dehydrated minced onion, lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce. It seemed a little bland, but I put it in the fridge to let the flavors blend.

In the meantime I had put the chicken in a frying pan and was heating it through. I took some tomato sauce out of the freezer and put it in a bowl of warm water to thaw. I’ve mentioned this sauce before: it comes with some pizza crust we sometimes buy but we absolutely never use it in the pizzas. Waste not, want not, I always say (among other things).

When the chicken was somewhat heated, I added the sauce, the rest of the crushed garlic, some fresh portabella mushrooms I happened to have and a can of pieces and stems along with the water in the can. I added some tap water too, because the sauce seemed a little thick. I added basil and oregano and covered it.

And that was about it. I kept lifting the lid to stir it around. Then I cooked some shells to put it over. It turned out pretty good.

The guacamole, however, was not one of my better efforts. We didn’t get into it last night, but I did taste it after it had set for a while. Still a little bland. I may add something more to it before we consume it, probably later today. I’ll let you know.

I had big plans for today’s dinner too, so you may have been in for another cooking post tomorrow. However, a sinus headache intervened. You’ll be happy to know that drugs, rest and coffee helped, so at least you will be spared another post detailing my pain. Only I don’t feel like cooking. Is that a wrist I feel against my forehead? Ah well, it is Sunday.