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At Least I Voted

I thought I would make my blog post now, before the movie-watching portion of the day but after the sweats on, bra off portion of the day.   Yes, there was a sweats off, bra on portion of my day, because I went to vote.  Regular readers may recall that I am still at home, trying to recover from what I thought was an extremely minor medical procedure.  I guess it was minor, and I am not nearly as tough as I thought I was.   Today, however, I knew I must be tough enough to make it to the polls.

In my favor is that Herkimer, where I live, is a small village.  My polling place is a mere two blocks from my house.  I have never encountered a line, whatever time of day I have gone to vote. I contrasted this, as I do every year, to a story I heard back when Iraq held its first elections after the fall of Saddam Hussein.  A grandmother was pushed in a wheelbarrow some large number of miles (I wish I could remember the number), so she could vote.  Pushed in a wheelbarrow! And you know they do not have good roads over there, if they had roads at all.

So there should be no problem for me, I knew.  I thought I also had to go to a doctor appointment, but they called and re-scheduled that this morning.  Something about emergency surgery.  You know how it is with doctors.

I originally had some wild thoughts of walking to vote.  I really, truly must begin getting exercise again.  I was advised not to directly after my procedure, and I certainly did not feel like moving at first.  But one can only spend so much time lying around, taking naps and wishing the pain medication worked better.  Oh dear, now it sounds like I’m whining again.  I suppose I am.

Anyways, Steven drove us the short distance, although we did not get the closest parking space possible, so I got a little more of a walk at least.  We greeted the poll workers we usually see there, including one nice man who always Steven “Doc,” because he remembers Steven playing Dr. Chumley in Ilion Little Theatre’s production of Harvey some years ago.  As usual there was no line.  We completed our civic duty and received our stickers.

Then I came home and wrote a blog post about it.  Not a brilliant blog post, I’m afraid, but I’m going to call it OK for a Tired Tuesday.


The Ballot of Steve and Cindy

Yes, I voted today. Would you believe the reason I didn’t write my blog post earlier today was that I was busy pondering my decisions on how to cast my ballot? Well, it’s not, but in fact I have not yet written my blog post for today. Full disclosure: I have one almost entirely written, but I want it to be good and anyways it’s too long to type in on a Tired Tuesday such as today.

Be that as it may, here is my voting tale.

Steven and I had several errands to run, so I suggested I get home, change my shoes and we go. Of course it didn’t work that way. For one reason, there was a pot of hot coffee when I arrived home. Naturally I had a cup. It is a rare example of total alignment of the universe that I LOVE the way my husband makes coffee. Surprisingly, it was not why I married him, but I sure do enjoy it now that I’m here.

It didn’t take long to be on our way. When we got to our polling place, a lady standing outside told us where the door to go in was. We already knew but thought it was nice of her to be helpful, so we thanked her as if it was new information. We had to walk by several doors with signs informing us that this was NOT the door. That always amuses me. I was exaggeratedly relieved when we found the correct door, clearly labeled.

Of course we went to the wrong table and the wrong book on the right table before they found where we were supposed to sign for our ballots. One of the poll workers remembers Steve from the play Harvey at Ilion Little Theatre, in which Steven played Dr. Chumley.

“Hi, Doc!” he said. He told another worker that Steven participates at plays in Ilion. I told him Steven might be in another play next year. I do hope Steven will audition for one.

At last we had cast our ballots, thus fulfilling our democratic duty. Steven asked for a sticker, but alas, they were out. We left to run our errands with a little frisson of virtue. Drug store, bank, grocery store, I liked voting best.