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Historical Presents

Now that it’s after Christmas I can write about purchasing some of the few Christmas presents I bought this year.

Regular readers know I love the Herkimer County Historical Society. I knew they were open Saturdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it was not until the Saturday before Christmas I got a chance to stop by. I did not go into the museum part this time but confined my visit to the gift shop.

I saw a number of books I’d like to get for myself sometime, but of course that was not the purpose of the shopping trip. I did purchase a number of postcards for myself. I thought that was OK since I will ultimately send them to other people. I found a jigsaw puzzle of local historical places for my mother. She usually does puzzles of way more than 200 pieces, but I thought the local interest would outweigh that factor. I also got her a deck of Erie Canal playing cards. She likes playing cards from different places, as do I.

I got a coloring book about local history for my youngest niece. I think it would be fun if when she comes to visit, we go see some of the places she has colored. She has already seen Herkimer’s Historic Four Corners, but when she visits there is every chance we’ll walk our dogs that way again.

After I had completed that transaction I saw some postcards I had missed. After selecting some of those, I impulse bought a Herkimer Trivia game to put in Steven’s stocking.

The coloring book, puzzle and playing cards were successful gifts. Imagine my delight when I opened my own stocking and found that Steven had gotten me the very same deck of cards. He had also gotten me two books: Margaret Tugor: The Extraordinary Teacher, Principal, and Community Leader of Herkimer, New York by William Rosenfeld, which I had wanted, and Hidden History of the Mohawk Valley by Bob Cudmore. Steven told me he had taken the precaution of writing down the local history books I already own before making his own shopping expedition.

I’m very happy now. I can read my books and play solitaire with my cards till the next time I visit the historical society. To learn more about the Herkimer County Historical Society, you can visit their website at and you can Like them on Facebook.