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I Print, I Type, It’s Wuss-out Wednesday!

I just can’t do it.   I’m sitting here in front of my laptop but typing into my tablet, one letter at a time with the stylus.   I can’t get the printer to work, and I think I made things worse by trying.

OK, back on the laptop (SUCH a relief to type with all ten fingers!).  I do not use the printer often enough, so I usually screw it up the first several tries.  Once I got it working, I realized I was almost out of paper. Yikes! I really think there is a partial ream hanging around somewhere, but I could not find it.  By virtue of searching for stuff I could print on the back of, I got everything I need printed.  A trip to Hummel’s Office Plus is in my near future (just to sneak in a shout-out to a local business).

All this by way of introduction to my usual Wuss-out Wednesday post.  Sorry, readers, but I’m afraid any number of lame posts will be forthcoming in the next month or so.  Then it will be all posts about Morning’s at Seven till May.  Still, even a lame post must be made, so here I sit, typing.

I spent most of my breaks at work trying to learn my lines for Morning’s at Seven.  Next I will have to worry about A Trivial Murder. Learning my lines, that is.  I’ve already written that one.  Other than that, all time must be spent on Murder by the Book, the one I will soon complete writing (as soon as I figure out who did it) (only your really organized writers know these things before they start, you know).

For anyone tuning in late,  A Trivial Murder is an interactive dinner theatre to be presented to benefit the Herkimer County Historical Society at The Travel Lodge in Little Falls on March 23 (Yikes, that’s soon!).  Murder by the Book, also an interactive dinner theatre, will be at the Morning Star Church in Ilion on April 6. I wrote both murder mysteries. Morning’s at Seven by Paul Osborn is a full-length regular play I am in at Ilion Little Theatre, to be presented the last weekend in April and first weekend in May.  On the third weekend in May, I will have a nice, quiet nervous breakdown.




Post Play Postmortem

I’m going to call this a Middle-aged Musings Monday, but it is really  one of those whiny posts about how I am just too tired to compose a real post.  Perhaps we could call it a Blogger’s Sick Day, because I am suffering from some sinus-y, headache-y virus or something.  Or from being too old to keep up with myself.  At least Post-Play Letdown has not kicked in yet, so I have something going for me.

Yesterday was the closing performance of Splitting Issues at Ilion Little Theatre.  Things went very well.  The audiences loved us, we loved each other, and a good time was had by all.  We had our cast party at Applebee’s in Herkimer after we struck the set (which was luckily not an extensive one).  Now before you start shaking your head or your finger (or your booty) at me, I did NOT have any wine, nor yet a Margarita, Sangria, or this really cool looking drink with an upside down beer that one member of our group had.  I am temporarily off alcohol.  Several people noticed I was not imbibing.  Could it be I am becoming known for my love of adult beverages? SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!

Be that as it may, we had a nice dinner with lots of laughs and conversation.  It was really quite a delightful cast. I hope to work with all of them again.  Maybe in a play where I can have scenes with other people beside Steven.  Not that I did not thoroughly enjoy being in the scene with my dearest husband.  Obviously I DID.  He’s a great actor!  Lots of fun to work with!  Yes, he usually reads my blog, why do you ask?

Oh dear, I think I have just talked myself into Post-Play Letdown.  Well, one must endure these things as the almost inevitable aftermath of a wonderful experience.  As I like to say, sometimes you just have to feel that way until you don’t feel that way any more.  Alas, that is probably the case with my sinus condition a well.  I hope to see you all on Tired Tuesday, when I hope not to be too tired.



More Writing about Not Writing

Writing continues to elude me.  Could I just be lazy?  I must admit the possibility.  However, I did my best.  I did not bring a play to read or a puzzle book or even a couple of cryptograms cut out of the newspaper (it’s the Times Telegram and they call it the Cryptoquote, if you’d prefer I was more specific).  I only had my notebook and own meager brain with which to entertain myself on breaks.

Perhaps if I would have made the attempt, started to work on blog post, article or play, the words would have flowed.  Or I might have sat staring at a blank page, feeling stupid (I do NOT need any remarks about how that might be a most appropriate feeling) (you know who you are).  I went another way and started writing a letter to my sister.  Hey, at least I was writing! (Say, would that be a good title for today’s post?)

While I worked I tried to think about my banana play.  Full disclosure:  I had to keep leading my mind back to it.  All these dumb things kept popping into my head!  Mostly memories, including several old grudges I really need to let go of.  I considered making a few of those folks characters in the play or some future play or novel, then killing them off.  How satisfying would that be?  Perhaps I could try it and let you know.

In the meantime, after giving myself a stern talking-to about forgiveness and letting go of crap, I thought some more about the characters I have so far (NONE based on any people I actually know) and what might happen to them next.  I came up with a few ideas.  I’m thinking it would be a good idea to stop rambling on in this blog post and see if I can write anything down.  Then perhaps I could start working today on tomorrow’s blog post.  I used to do that all the time, when my hours were different and my bedtime later.

As for today, let’s call it another Tired Tuesday.  Those of us who were fortunate enough to enjoy a three day weekend know how tiring they can be.  Those of you who worked all weekend can bask in feelings of superiority and make whatever snide comments you like. If you make them in the comment section of this post, I will answer you politely.  I shall hope to see you all on Wednesday, when I may or may not Wuss-out (a little suspense adds spice to the blog).


A Cup of Soup and Back to Bed

It is my five year blogiversary and I am taking a blogger’s sick day.  The irony is not lost on me.

I really don’t know what’s wrong with me.  Yes, I had wine o’clock last evening, but I didn’t go too crazy.  A few glasses with my husband, a nice dinner, some true crime television and an early bedtime.  When I woke up with a headache, I thought, “Oh well, maybe a glass too many.  I’ll have some coffee, take some aspirin, everything’ll be great.”  It was not.  The headache has gotten so bad all I can do is be in pain, and I’m having dreadful nausea.  Sorry to complain about my ills; so tiresome of me.

I have spent most of the day in bed, except for one rather interesting interlude at Ilion Little Theatre Club.  A group of us read an original play written by a local musician.  I really like it.   The plan is to present a staged reading of it at the Club’s September meeting with an eye to possibly producing it for real in December.  I’d better get going on my own play.  I’m not saying mine will be good enough to be produced, but it would be nice if I actually finished something.

Oh dear, I am just blathering on, aren’t I?  (I always think that should be “Amn’t I?”  “Am I not?” sounds too precious.)  I just hate to make a post of under 200 words.  But I see I’m over now.  Thank heaven.  As always, I’ll try for a better post tomorrow and thank you for participating.


I Write, I Wuss

OK, I’m tired of typing that in.  I have not finished the post I mentioned yesterday, about the cheesy movie we saw, but I thought I would type in what I had and see if I couldn’t draw a conclusion.  I certainly get long-winded about these movies.  So now I’m stuck trying to come up with a Wuss-out Wednesday post.

Earlier I had thought to write a cooking post about what I made yesterday for dinner.  But when I was thinking about it, I realized that all my recipes are depressingly similar.  Put onions on the stove in some oil.  Crush garlic and set the timer for 15 minutes.  Add other stuff.  Eat.  Yum.  Not a bad recipe, really, but how often can I use it as a blog post?  How many times have I used it?  It is way too much trouble for me to check, so let’s count that as a rhetorical question.

I did do some writing while at work.  I began writing the banana play (I have a new working title now, but I don’t want to share it, because I’m afraid of its being stolen).  And I made up a new writing rule for myself: Don’t take breaks when working on a project.  I’ve attempted to implement this rule with novels.  I see now that it works with plays as well.

You see, I started working on the play (that is, started on yet another idea for that play) last week.  Monday through Friday I thought about it, and I got quite a few notes written.  Then the weekend came and I got a little busy.  So I didn’t work on it.  Sue me.  I thought I could jump right back into it.  Turns out not so much.  I spent Monday and Tuesday thinking about the play but felt somehow… outside of it.  I couldn’t get into it.  I made a couple of notes but felt ultimately stalled.

Today I looked over my notes some more and still felt stalled.  My problem was that I wanted to outline the whole play before I started writing.  I have never been able to do that, but since I have a problem with finishing things, I thought it would be a good thing to try.  I was not successful.  However, when I decided to just begin writing the first scene… it seemed to work.

So I have a page or two of Act I Scene 1.  I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing.  In the meantime, I guess this is the best I can manage for a blog post today.  Happy Wednesday, everyone.


But Is It Post Ironic?

It is the damnedest thing that one day you can take a daytime cold medicine and it takes the edge off your symptoms and it doesn’t particularly dope you up, then the next day you take the same damn medicine and you are high as a kite for the rest of the day. Only it’s not as much fun as, for example, the drugs all the college kids were doing in the ’70s (to be exact, I was in high school in the ’70s, and I did not do drugs, but I’ve heard).

I wasn’t really as high as a kite. I’m quite sure I was not a danger to myself or others, at least, no more so than I normally am.  I guess “high as a a kite” was a poor characterization, as well as one of those cliches we writers are supposed to avoid like the plague.  I should say “like the proverbial plague.”  I have mentioned in the past that one can transform a cliche into a hip, post-ironic turn of phrase with the addition of the word “proverbial.”   I don’t know if that is true or not, but if you call me on it, I will accuse you of being neither hip nor post-ironic.

As many readers have by now guessed, today is Wuss-out Wednesday.  I spent the morning feeling sorry that I went home early on Friday.  Who knew I was going to feel even worse today?  I suppose I could have guessed it.  I bet some of you did.  As the morning wore on, I did not feel so horribly horrible, so that was all right.  However, I had no wherewithal with which to write a blog post.

Now I am trying to type in something, anything, while I wait for Steven to get home from work.  We have rehearsal again tonight.  I hope my brain returns in sufficient force that I will be able to act like a director (get it?  We’ll be in the theatre for a play rehearsal.  I will ACT like the director, a little play within the play) (or maybe a play on words) (OK, no more cold medicine for me).


How About Edward G. Robinson?

I don’t want to say I’m feeling old (at least, no older than I actually am) (in dog years) (just kidding!), but recently I have felt somewhat… dated.

It started at the read-through for Leading Ladies.  I told one of the actors who will portray a man dressed as a woman that when he was a woman, I wanted Rosalind Russell.

“He doesn’t know who Rosalind Russell is,” Steven told me.

What’s this?  A drama person who hasn’t seen Auntie Mame?  Say it ain’t so!  Of course it is so.  Luckily the actor understood what I wanted from the gesture I made when I said it.  However, I felt a point had been made about generations and different frames of reference.

I don’t want to telegraph any jokes, in case this is read by people who might come see the play (Come see the play!), but there is a reference to a Marlon Brando imitation.  I thought to myself,  “I’ll have to tell the actor involved that it is not Marlon Brando in The Godfather but Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire or On The Waterfront.”  Then I remembered that The Godfather was in the ’70s, not a recent movie this young person was likely to have seen.  (Full disclosure:  I haven’t seen The Godfather either; I just know Marlon Brando was in it and he was a lot older than he was in the other two movies.)

Anyways, I don’t know why it’s a Marlon Brando imitation anyways.  I think James Cagney or Humphrey Bogart would be better.  And I don’t mean James Cagney in Yankee Doodle Dandy or Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca (yes, I’ve seen both those movies).

Yes, I can direct a play without resorting to references to old movies.  And, no, I did not see these movies first run at the theatre.  Any other questions?