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Wrist to Forehead Cinema?

Full disclosure:  I had some Mohawk Valley adventures on Saturday that I could have written about.  But I wanted to to a Sunday Cinema post so we started watching movies.  Unfortunately, we are only on the second movie of the day and I want to make my post before it gets any later (when one gets up for work at 3 a.m., it gets late early).

Tippi, watch out!

We started out with Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, one of our favorites.  I won’t say it is a cinematographic masterpiece, but it is highly entertaining with excellent effects, especially for the time.  I’ve named a character Annie in my next murder mystery, after Annie Hayworth, the school teacher, because she is such a door mat.

That awkward moment…

We debated quite a bit during The Birds as to what we would watch next. I always like to have a connection between movies.  I thought of going from The Birds to Birdcage, but I wanted something darker. I thought of The Postman Always Rings Twice, which kind of has a connection because it features Hume Cronyn, who was married to Jessica Tandy, who is in The Birds.  Come to think of it, on that basis, we could have gone to Rope, which in addition to being written by Cronyn, is another Hitchcock movie.  But we have seen Postman and Rope recently.  Moreover, I like to drink champagne when I watch Rope, and I was drinking Barefoot Pinot Noir.  At last we settled on Sudden Fear.  It does not connect with The Birds, but it is film noir, which goes nicely with pinot noir.  Joan Crawford, there could be no possible objection.

As we watched Sudden Fear, we realized our television was getting quieter and quieter.  Sometimes it does that and we do not know why.  It goes back to a normal volume when we look at regular TV, so now we are looking at Snapped, my usual Sunday treat.  If you are wondering about my headline, well, it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday for a number of reasons.  As you have seen, I had some heartburnings selecting our second feature.  Additionally, I am somewhat mortified in trying to have a Sunday Cinema post on only two features.  Well, you’ll have these things when you read a silly blog like mine.  I hope to write about my Mohawk Valley adventures in coming days.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.

I do loves me some Snapped.



Not Thursday, but Non-Sequitur!

I did not mention that this is a four day week for me.  My dear husband Steven and I are both taking a four day weekend to celebrate his birthday.  Or perhaps the anniversary of his 29th birthday. I mention no numbers, but does that really matter?  They say you are as young as you feel.  I personally feel about 200 some days.  And I know there are those who act about 12 on a regular basis (no offense to you actual 12-year-olds).

Be that as it may, we began our long weekend a day early by going out to dinner tonight.  We had a gift card (thanks, Mom and Dad!), and it was half price on certain bottles of wine.  Yes, I am posting after drinking my share of a bottle of Pinot Noir.  I have sipped and typed before.  I think it will work out again.

I had meant to write a nice, coherent blog post while on breaks at work today, perhaps about the Chilean wine tasting we went to at Valley Wine and Liquor last Friday.  Full disclosure:  I did not write during any of my breaks.  You see, when I was at the library last Saturday (did I mention that on my Scattered Saturday post?), I got out three books.  I had not started reading any of them yet and thought it behooved me to do so.  Additionally, I thought some folks as work might be intrigued to see me reading a book titled The Poisoner’s Handbook.

In fact, very few of them seem to have noticed.  On co-worker asked me why I was reading it, giving me the chance to say in a sweet tone of voice, “No reason.”   I suppose I should share the author and publisher of the book, since I mentioned it at all.  Well, I hope I don’t get into trouble with the publishing police, but I’m not doing that now.  I am calling this Non-Sequitur Thursday, and I am signing off to enjoy the rest of my day!  I hope to see you all tomorrow, when it will actually be Thursday but I intend to celebrate Lame Post Friday.  Stay tuned!