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Treats Before Tricks

So, here it is, Halloween.  And it is Saturday, the day I usually dub Scattered Saturday, give you a brief summary of my gyrations for the day and hit Publish.  Sounds like a plan.

As I noted yesterday, I worked, from 5 to 11 a.m., not a heinous shift nor even a heinous job, although I would have liked to have slept in.  Oh well, you can’t have everything.  At least I went to bed early last night (after whining, anticipating, watching television and writing a blog post about it) (perhaps you read it).

After work, I really worked, getting our deck and backyard cleaned.  I dismantled my container garden then raked, raked, raked our back yard.  The back yard was carpeted with leaves.  I like having trees.  I like trees, I like shade. But what a lot of leaves!  However, there is no sense in repining at this point (ooh, there’s a thought: PINE trees!  No leaves!).   I see why people like those obnoxiously noisy leaf blowers.  I comforted myself with the thought that raking burns calories and applied myself with vigor.

I filled every leaf container we have.  That is four trash cans (one extra large) and one kitchen-sized waste basket.  I started to drag them out to the curb, since yard waste gets picked up Monday, then thought better of it.  After all, Halloween, pranksters… it could be a problem.

After my exertions I had a beer, as my dear old dad often does at the end of a good day’s work.  Full disclosure:  it was not the end of the day, it was about half past twelve.  But that beer tasted good.

When Steven got home, I got into the shower, informing him that we were going out for a late lunch.  He was quite agreeable.  We went to Sorrento’s in Ilion.  I had a Chicken Francaise sandwich while he had the special: a turkey slider with tomatoes, spinach and a balsamic fig sauce, mashed potatoes on the side.  Our waitress was quite adorably dressed as a clown in a tutu.

After lunch we went to Picker’s Dynasty, a re-sale shop I have been intrigued by but never gotten to.  We were just in time for their moving sale.  They will now concentrate on their space at the Mohawk Antiques Mall, another of my favorite stops.  I bought a biography of Zelda Fitzgerald.  Steven considered an album of “Music to Make Your Husband Happy,” but I guess he decided he was happy enough without it.

We are now home waiting till it is time to greet the trick or treaters, one of the highlights of my year.  I am enjoying a cup of coffee but do not rule out indulging in a little wine later.  I hope you are all having a marvelous Halloween, and I hope to see you on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.