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Fun at the Car Show

Saturday Steven and I attended an annual event we always try to make it to: the Elks Club Car Show in Myers Park in Herkimer, NY.

I was a little worried we would miss it this year, because Steven worked till three. Saturday morning when our schnoodle, Tabby, and I walked through the park on our way to the post office, they were getting things set up. I asked a lady how late the show ran. She said usually till four, depending on the judging. I said I thought we could make it. She said she looked forward to seeing us.

I brought it up to Steven when he came home for lunch. I had the inspiration that Tabby and I could walk down at three and Steven could meet us there on his way home from work. So that was our plan.

Tabby and I did not have long to wait for Steven. He luckily found a parking space. After his joyous reunion with Tabby, we walked up into the park.

After some debate we got a couple of hamburgers. It was a kind of a rough decision, because we had exactly enough cash between us for two burgers and one bottle of water. Also, I had already started cooking something for supper. However, I did want to support the Elks, and since there was no admission charge, this was a good way to do it. Also, the hamburgers were delicious.

This is a really nice car show, because it is not huge and intimidating. It did not take us long to stroll around and check out all the cars with no fear of missing something good. We admired a variety of vehicles of different years and styles. My favorites were the ones from the ’50s, with fins. I also especially like the pick-up trucks. We had seen the very old hearse from Enea Funeral Home, but that was fun to see again.

DJ Sal Stokes was entertaining with some tunes. He made a dedication to all the ladies: “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison. Steven did not disagree. He’s a smart man.

We enjoyed the car show very much. I’m hoping next year Steven has the day off so we can go earlier.