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Nothing Lame For Me To Do

Regular readers know that however many foolish posts I may have during the week, I almost always have Lame Post Friday. This week, it is kind of a necessity, because I ain’t got much. All week pretty much all I have done is go to work and come home. Not much to blog about.

On the one hand, it is good to be gainfully employed. Furlough is not much fun. Being laid off is less so. I know I am blessed to have found a job as quickly as I did. So anybody gearing up for a round of Just-Be-Grateful-That can stand down.

That is one of my pet peeves, by the way. Sometimes one just wants to bitch. We do not want someone bleating at us, “Just be grateful you have a job” on the days your job sucks. Or “Just be grateful you have a car” when the damn thing breaks down or the defrost doesn’t work. “Just be grateful you have indoor plumbing” when you just spent the morning plunging the toilet. “Just be grateful you’re the murderer not the murderee” when you are trying to dispose of a body.

You see what I mean.

One thing I am always truly grateful for, without being reminded to be, is that people read my blog. Happy Friday, everyone.

Not Feeling Friday

This post is going to be quite lame, I’m afraid, but yet will probably not attain the carefree silliness of a true Friday Lame Post.  I have gone all day not feeling as if it is Friday.  I still feel that way.

Normally I have this feeling when I have to work on Saturday.  This week I do not.  I only get to sleep in till four tomorrow morning, but that is at least later than three (I can do that much math, at least).

Oh, but that brings up a pet peeve of mine.  You do not have to say “4 a.m. in the morning”  nor yet “tomorrow morning at 4 a.m.”  It is either “Four in the morning” or “4 a.m.”  You can say, “tomorrow morning at four”  or “tomorrow at 4 a.m.”  “a.m.” and “in the morning” mean THE EXACT SAME THING!  The weather people on YNN (now known as Time Warner Cable News, but I find that awkward and not a little self-serving) say it all the time (I could say “every morning in the a.m.” but I’m not sure everyone would get the sarcasm).

This being Lame Post Friday, I ought to be able to come up with some half-baked philosophy either explaining why some people feel obligated to repeat themselves, why it bothers me so much, or perhaps some new and improved outlook I could adopt so it would bother me less.   Hmmmm….. nothing is coming.  I did say I was not feeling Friday, didn’t I?

No matter.  I am over 200 words, and by my own self-imposed rules, that is enough for a post.  I hope you will all tune in tomorrow when I hope to be feeling Saturday.