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Lame It All!

Now look what I’ve done!

I deserved that.  First let me explain that something I like to do at work is to just walk up to somebody and say, “Now look what you’ve done!”  I rarely catch anybody doing anything,  but some people say things like, “Yes, I have done it, ” or even, ” Yeah I dooded it!”

So what have I done?  Well, it seems I have backed my way into a Friday Lame Post.   The evening progresses and I want to put in a cheesy horror movie before my husband Steven comes back in the room and suggests some feel-good movie.  I don’t have anything against feel-good movies, I even like some of them.  Only they don’t usually make me feel particularly good.  Blame it on my perverse nature.  I laugh when it rains and I’m glum during a feel-good flick.

Wow, that was a long paragraph for me.  Now I can’t think of what to put next.  Isn’t that just typical!

I had thought I would at least manage a Scattered Friday post,  although that would have laced alliteration.   I spent a good part of the day running around doing stuff (and an embarrassing portion of the day wondering what to do).  Now the thought of listing all that activity feels more tiring than actually doing it was.

Now I have spent over 200 words dithering over the fact that I have not posted and do not feel capable of making a post.  I am beginning to giggle at myself.  Happy Lame Friday, folks!


I Didn’t Even Mention the Fog

It cannot be denied that I am of a perverse disposition. I love bad weather. I drove to work this morning with the words, “I LOVE winter!” ringing in my head. It made me laugh, as did the weather itself, but I believe the sentiment has a legitimate basis.

Recently I came across the phrase, “the more sunshine, the less gumption.” I think it is true and not just a rationalization for those of us who live in a less salubrious climate (but don’t knock rationalization — oh, I’m sure I’ve covered that before). Winter is a challenge. And it can add interest to your morning.

Take this morning, for example. It is the first taste of winter in the Mohawk Valley, with snow in parts and cold temperatures for all. The newscasters on WKTV remarked that they had to scrape their cars. Well, they obviously go to work much earlier than I do. I was sure I would be fine.

When I got out to my vehicle… not so much. I wasn’t too worried, because I always leave extra early (so as to have time to write my blog post, among other reasons), but I could not find a scraper in my Trailblazer. I turned the defrost on full blast and went into the house.

“Scraper!” I called to Steven. “Where is a scraper?”

“In my car!” He grabbed his keys, which just goes to show what a nice husband he is. I could have gone to his car and found the scraper myself, leaving him to enjoy the warm house for as long as possible. I got my toque, which I had forgotten to put on earlier. Bonus!

The scraper was the one we inherited from my grandmother. It has a fur envelope around the handle. Another bonus.

In this short time the defrost had done its work. Not much scraping was required. I kept the scraper in my vehicle, thinking (a) Steven would probably not need one by the time he left for work and (b) he had time to find another one anyways.

So I drove to work feeling absurdly pleased about things. At work I asked my co-worker if she would like motivation to punch me in the face, then told her I like this weather. Luckily for me, she only indulged in a fake punch.

I indulged in a few choruses of “I Got My Love to Keep Me Warm,” and sat down to write my blog post (which you are reading).