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Short Run, Tired Post

My plan was to go for a run so I could make a Running Commentary Post. I accomplished the first part of my plan. Can I manage the second?

My back was feeling pretty sore at work, and my attitude was not in very good shape either. I wondered about taking a walk instead, possibly with my Tablet to get more spring pictures. For one reason, it might improve my disposition. However, I opted for the run.

I put in a load of laundry, my favorite multi-task. Really my only multi-task, since most of the time I can barely task. It was a beautiful warm, sunny day. No question I could run in shorts and short sleeves. This would be great!

It was not great. My body did not want to run. I did my usual trick of telling myself I only had to keep it up for a short time. Twenty minutes, I thought. Fifteen in a pinch. One mile. At the rate I was running, I figured a mile would take me fifteen minutes.

As it happened, I did a mile in barely under 14 minutes. I continued to run till I reached 20 minutes. It never got fun, but it always feels somewhat good to persevere.

I’m afraid I have not persevered to the extent of writing a good blog post. You should hear some of the narration in my head as I go! Unfortunately I cannot remember any if it now. Of course, with that being the case, we’ll never know if it was really good narration. It could have been utter nonsense and I am flattering myself. I shall not waste any energy wondering.

In the meantime, I am over 250 words. I call that more than respectable for a Tired Tuesday Post. I hope to see you all again on Wuss-out Wednesday.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

I confess to some affection for a silly movie called Galaxy Quest. I won’t write about it today, but I flashed on it during this morning’s run, and I thought this line from it would be a good title for Saturday Running Commentary.

Full disclosure: I ran some hours ago. Usually I like to write my commentary soon after the run and shower (in case any of you thought I was being gross). Today not so much, but I’ll try to remember the highlights.

I was determined to run, since I ate chicken wings at Happy Hour last night and woke up quite fat. I don’t imagine the chicken wings alone are to blame, but they’ll be the handy scapegoat (ooh, I could have called this post, “Good-bye, Chicken Wings”). I first walked Tabby to the post office and went to the grocery store (I bought things to enhance the tossed salad I shall virtuously eat later). Yes, I had plenty of time to talk myself out of it, but I did not.

Sorry to be too personal, but one problem I’ve been having with my running these days is I need to purchase new sports bras. I had a boo-boo due to some chafing. I tried to cover it with a pad, which really needed some adhesive tape, although I figured the pressure of the sports bras (I wear two) would hold it OK. At least it is finally at the temperature where I don’t have to ponder short or long sleeves.

Off I went. And it didn’t feel too good. Once again, I felt that I was running slowly. No gazelle in my head today. That is where “Never give up, never surrender” came in. I didn’t give up.

I pondered Memorial Day. I was wearing my ARMY t-shirt in honor of the weekend. Of course people are all over Facebook telling us how to celebrate: it’s not barbecue day, thank a veteran, don’t thank a living veteran, remember a dead one. Oh, I don’t mean to get controversial and sorry if I offended anyone. But I thought in my head I might be honoring veterans who gave all by maintaining the fitness I learned in the army. I can’t say I learned to persevere in the army, because I knew that going in. But I honed my ability to persevere.

I ran in a different direction from the way I ran on Wednesday. I noticed a porch on a house that wasn’t there before (the porch, not the house), and the absence of a hole that had been in front of another house. These innovations may have been there for weeks, but I just now noticed them. I continue to hone my skills at observation.

I saw some dark purple tulips that I quite envied. We were up to three tulips this year. When we moved in, one yellow tulip bloomed. I keep forgetting to get more bulbs to put down, but I guess this one multiplied on its own. Must work on the yard soon.

When I walked Tabby earlier, I had an eye out for cans and bottles, but didn’t find any. Then I saw a guy carrying an almost full bag of them and guessed he had beaten me to it. He didn’t look very well off, so I guess I’m glad he got the nickels. I did find one can. As I ran, I saw a plastic bottle and briefly considered picking it up. Some people run with a water bottle in hand, so I wouldn’t look too foolish. But I decided against it. I’m carrying too much excess weight as it is.

The run lasted one minute longer than Wednesday’s. To increase my time by the recommended weekly 10 percent would be two minutes. Sunday is my usual increase day, so I think I’m doing OK. I’m glad I ran, although I’m wondering if the post about it is any great shakes. Oh well, with blogging as with running, I will not give up, I will not surrender!