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Half a Fest Is Better than None

With all my activities yesterday, I missed a new Mohawk Valley event that I hope will be held annually:  Herkimer’s Diamond Festival and Gem Show.

The festival ran for two days throughout the Village of Herkimer.  Three indoor locations hosted gem dealers while street vendors lined Main Street, Park Avenue and Meyers Park.  There were raffles, music, face painting, all kinds of good food… and we missed most of it.

This morning (Sunday) Steven suggested we walk down and see what was still going on.  We figured Sunday wouldn’t be as good as Saturday, but it should still be worth a walk. It was supposed to be hot and humid, which does not agree with me.  Then again, I can’t hide myself in the house with the shades down all summer.  Facebook told us things started at 11 a.m.,  so we started out right at 11, to beat the heat.

We didn’t beat much.  Still, there was shade under trees and sometimes a breeze blew.  We walked to Meyers Park, where a lady at the Information booth gave us a map to the Festival.  As I had suspected, things had condensed somewhat since Saturday. She explained that $5 admission would get us into all three locations.

“And of course the street vendors are great,” she said.

We decided to check out the street vendors.  I was glad I had just eaten breakfast as we walked by the food vendors.  I am trying to get back into healthy eating habits, with no notable success so far.  Street vendor food, while quite yummy, would not have helped me reach my weight-loss goals.

We sampled some tea, admired some gems, jewelry and clothes, and I tried a Pain Relief lotion (I didn’t mention that I had a most dreadful headache, because I did not want to complain) (oops).  I was soon overheated and happy to head home before too long.

I was glad we had made it down to at least partially partake of the festivities.  I hope next summer is a little less busy for me, so I can attend the entire Herkimer Diamond Festival  and Gem Show.  It will probably make a really good blog post.  However, for Wrist to Forehead Sunday, I’m afraid this will have to do.


Not My Usual Sunday Run

Pouring rain and cold outside, me coming down with a cold inside, but dammit, I wanted to run. When the rain let up, I set out.

My thermometer said it was in the 40s, but I thought it probably felt colder, what with the rain and wind. A wind warning had been issued for Oneida County, which is just a few miles down the road. I wore pants, a long sleeved t-shirt and a headband covering my ears. I was glad of all three, especially the t-shirt, whose sleeves were long and loose enough to cover my hands. Actually, I had to be careful or the cuffs started to flap in the breeze.

I had gone down German Street to Caroline when I last ran, six days ago (say it ain’t so!), so I turned right on German this time. I thought about it being Sunday, and how my previous Sunday Run included running by the high school, which is on the other end of German. Well, this would not be a usual Sunday run, I told myself.

I had thought to run almost to the end of German, but I hadn’t gone a block when I saw some people walking a dog ahead of me. It was not a small dog. I’m not afraid of dogs, especially when their people are right there, but this group seemed to take up a lot of space. I turned down Prospect Street.

That was OK. I could run to Meyers Park. It used to be a thing with me to always go through Meyers Park at some point in my run. Now I only sometimes hit it. It seemed to take a long time to make it all the way down Prospect. Well, you know my middle-aged shuffle.

Through the park and onto Park Avenue. Doesn’t Billy Joel mention Park Avenue in his song “Big Shot”? I thought the people who live on that street probably enjoy saying, “I live on Park Avenue,” in a hoity-toity tone of voice. Then I realized that if I ran all the way down Park Avenue, I would be practically at the high school. I could do my usual Sunday run in the opposite direction. Score!

It was grey and gloomy, but I didn’t mind that. When I thought it was starting to rain again, I wasn’t thrilled, but it didn’t amount to much. I admired some colored leaves still on trees. Fall isn’t quite over yet. My run was going pretty well, but I was tired by the time I reached the high school.

The few times I’ve been running lately have not included many hills, so the slight upslope to get out of the parking lot looked a little challenging (I did mention I was tired by then, right?). Don’t be silly, I told myself. That’s no hill. Back on German the continued gentle upslope made me feel even more tired. Then I reached a point where I knew it was all downhill. Not a real downslope, mind you, but aaaahhhhhh.

I had not thought to try to increase my run time, since I’ve been so inconsistent about getting out. However, due to where I had run, I found I had added the recommended ten percent to last week’s time. It started to rain again while Tabby and I walked my cool-down. I felt grateful that I had run. Now I contemplate the upcoming week, hoping it is not so long before I am out there again.